"We shouldn't be doing this." I panted.

"Why not?" Jim breathed against my neck. "Don't tell me you changed your mind?"

I moaned. "Hell no. I'm just saying that you just got released from sickbay. I'd hate for you to have to go back so soon."

"I'm not worried. You patched me up and let me out. I never doubt your skills."

My laugh turned into a groan as his mouth trailed down my bare chest. "I don't doubt my skills. But someone I know has a penchant for turning even the most innocuous situation into a matter of life and death."

Jim turned his baby blues on me. "Ok, if you can still think of words like 'innocuous', then I'm not doing something right."

Smartass kid I thought, as I pulled his mouth back onto mine. I couldn't stop running my hands over his body. The heat of his skin seeped through my palms. My hands drifted over every inch of his chest. His back. His shoulders. Yes, I had seen his skin before. On numerous occasions. Due to injury, blood, gore, slime (from that planet M2484 that Jim still has yet to explain to me) or during the dreaded physical that I had to track him down for every year.

But I have never touched his skin for the joy of it before. Looking at the freckles that trailed over his chest and the warmth that seemed to radiate off of him was amazing. If I wasn't hard before, I was now. Not that I wasn't hard before.

As soon as I said he could leave sick bay, Jim grabbed me and dragged me to his quarters and promptly left me sitting on his couch while he showered. I will never understand how his mind works.

I was sitting brooding over what we should say after our revelation yesterday, and had a good speech prepared damnit. And then every mental process I had derailed when he came out of the bathroom with water dripping from his hair. Wearing just a towel. A tiny white towel wrapped dangerously low on his hips.

He crawled his way onto my lap, and well, back to the present. Back to his mouth trailing from mine, alternating between kisses, nips and licks everywhere he could reach. His hips were flush with mine now, his legs spread on either side of me and the towel was just about to fall off of him.

His hips rocked into mine creating the most exquisite friction. I wasn't sure how long I would last listening to the little moans he was giving off. I could feel the pre-cum leaking out of my cock and knew that languorously worshiping Jim's body would have to wait for another day. I need him.

I slipped the towel from him and ran my hands over his hips and ass. His cock was jutting straight at me, the head covered in pre-cum. His entire body shuddered and stilled when I started to stroke him.

"Bonesy. I won't last if you keep that up."

Yeah, I couldn't resist my smirk at that. Conveniently forgetting I had the same thought not 5 minutes prior and he hadn't even wrapped that strong hand of his around my cock yet.

He took my hand off his cock and placed it on his ass. Taking the hint, I ran my hand over him before trailing to his tiny little pucker. And stopped dead in my tracks. Just about came. Squeaked in a manly fashion.

"Darlin' you are a tease. When did you put that in?"

He smirked against my lips. "Shower."

"Oh. Right."

I wrapped my fingers around the ring attached to the toy he had inserted. Each small tug I gave made Jim's cock twitch and more fluid lead out of the head. His fingers were frantic as they opened my uniform pants and pulled my cock out. He pressed a hard kiss to my lips and crawled beside me to kneel on the couch. From this angle, the ring poking out of his ass was even more erotic. Especially when he turned his head to stare at me while I shucked the rest of my clothing to the floor.

I ran one hand over his back while the other started to pull at the ring.

"Jesus Jim."

I was pulling the biggest set of anal beads out of his ass that I had ever seen. Frankly I don't know how he managed to get them in without me hearing. But I was hearing him now. When the last bead popped out, I ran my finger around the stretched muscle, smoothing the lube over it and back into it.

"Now. Can't wait." Jim passed me lube from under the couch.

After I was slick, I placed the head of my cock at his hole and pushed in. He practically sucked my cock into him. When I bottomed out, I gave him a minute to adjust and then set up a rhythm.

He felt better than I had ever imagined. Jim was moaning and wreathing beneath me and that just made me want to fuck him harder. I was so turned on, I couldn't see straight and apparently neither could Jim.

Especially when I hit his prostate. Watching him arch his back and throw his head up got me so much harder. Every muscle in his back was tense. "Bonesy." He panted. "Close. So close."

"Cum Jim."

His hand started to stroke so fast. His cries as he came forced my own orgasm from me. His walls rippling around me milking every drop I had to give.

Jim pulled away from me and flopped down on his back and pulling me down with him. Both of us were winded, but Jim still ran steady hands over my sweaty back.

"See? Brilliant idea."

"Uh huh. Don't let it go to your head kid."

We lay there in silence, drifting in our own thoughts and feeling our heartbeats settle.

"Bones." Jim whispered. "I've always loved you."

I lifted my head to peer into his eyes. "I love you too. Always will."

I kissed him again. Feeling his body pressed against mine was heaven. Something I would never be able to get enough of.


He raced me there and hogged the water. Oh well. Least he would keep me on my toes.