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Here is the second chapter of this Mini-fic.

For those new to my work, to minimize confusion, I like to use the upfront author's notes as 'teachable moments', unless they are spoilers, to clarify things that may not be common knowledge for the audience of this fic.

Du Pont: The du Pont Company is responsible for the development of many things especially in the chemical industry. One of these product is Lycra (which is in Spandex). The du Pont family came to the US from France, their vast wealth originating from the development of gunpowder.




Disclaimer: I do not own Young Justice or the Teen Titans. Starfire was created in 1980 by Marv Wolfman and George Perez (the most awesome team in comic book history in my humble opinion) for the landmark comic book series, The New Teen Titans, for DC Comics.


A Kiss is Just a Kiss


A kiss is just a kiss... that's what he'd heard.

One night Robin finds out that no, a kiss isn't just a kiss at all.


Chapter 2



I suit up in seconds or nanoseconds as per usual.

It seems like it's not twenty minutes and I'm there.

And So. Is. She.

As Dick Grayson, I've seen a lot. Including a lot of gorgeous women. I'm blessed, I'll admit it. I've even seen a naked or nearly naked woman – or dear Lord naked or nearly naked women as in the plural there of – emerge from Bruce's bedroom. Yeah, Bruce forgets to mention the 'young ward' at times. Not always a hit with the ladies. Or, conversely – is versely a word? – note to self, check that one too... ahem, as I was saying, or conversely, Bruce having me as a 'young ward' can be a hit with the ladies.

Sometimes I'm just a pawn in his game, but it can have its perks.

But I digress, it's given me more than an opportunity or two to check out some, shall we say, certain assets (and titsets – which I know is totally not a word) in the flesh.

As Robin, well duh, I've seen a lot too. Aaaand that also includes gorgeous women – powered, superpowered, heroes, villains, aliens, and the like. A special thing about these special ladies: you might have noticed if you've ever seen the news: nearly every damn one of them in skin tight Spandex.

Thank you Monsieur du Pont!

But I'd never seen anything as beautiful as that girl was in the woods that night by the stream. Not that I got the whole picture at first. I couldn't imagine what she's doing there, by herself in the woods. It's pretty secluded.

Does she really have that on? Maybe I took a bunch of pain pills and I'm hallucinating or dreaming, but I want this to be real. She had on a lavender bikini, more or less, well no – I'm right – thankfully, it's less.

It's rockin' sorta like Princess Leia metal slave bikini but So. Much. Better.

Streamlined. Functional. Yeah...

I'm not a voyeur – um, much... well, as much as any other teenage boy is allowed – but I have to watch before I'd let her know I'm there. If there are any of those hideous Gordanians or other Vegans I better warn her. But who is this girl, alone in the woods? Is she safe? Where is she staying? There's no car anywhere.

She really, really shouldn't be dressed like that, well, that is sexist to say but... and she completely carries it off. Plus, she has no reason to think anyone would be here, right?

God, I am such a lecherous voyeur and I am going to leave... and stop watching... as soon as I know she's safe.

Yup. Keeping her safe. Part of my job. I'm certain it's in the handbook. It has to be. Prevent crime. Not just stop it, right? Offense, not just defense. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. God she's hot. Seriously she's young, but I am too, so that's cool, right? I should not perv, but...

I heard her stumble.

"X'hal, n'eun Koriand'r gu'tal sunjoc!"

Well, that wasn't English... and then she floated up into the air. I guess she just might not be entirely human.

Another great moment in detective-hood, Dick.

I manage to step on a pine cone and her hand starts to show a green light that illuminates the area. She looks around and sees me, and slightly dims her light.

"Hello?" I croak out. Smooth.

She's gorgeous. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. I can care less where she's from. God, red hair. Her skin, an orange cast to it, but it's smooth, normal skin... not like sprayed-on tan but coppery, deep tan. Niiiice body... I already knew that from her silhouette but... was I seriously still checking her out? Yeah, guilty as charged, and I had to stop staring. And smiling, that might look stupid, but at least I wasn't standing there with my mouth open. Or am I? I had to double check. Yup. Good there at least.

It occurred to me that she might be one of those aliens from Vega that the Green Lanterns were concerned about... and it also occurred to me if she killed me I wouldn't care. She was that beautiful.

I was still mulling it over when came toward me, back to walking now, normally, just like any other person. She was smiling, looking me over, perhaps checking me out?

There was something predatory about her smile. Like I was her prey (hence my use of the word predatory) and she was coming to get me and there was not a thing I could do. Or wanted to do.

Smiling down on me.

Coming to get me.

I didn't stop smiling back as she approached.

Nope. I did not care in the least.

It was like one of those letters to Penthouse Forum: The stunningly attractive woman, barely dressed, walks over to me and looks into my eyes – well, my mask – and smiles and gently kisses me...

God it was a thrill. She hummed (purred, maybe?) in delight (or what I hoped was delight to her kind). I am a guy, I want to please my lady. Very nice. Go me!

The kiss seemed to go on for ten minutes yet when it's over it's like she barely kissed me at all.

When she is finished kissing me, she gave me the loveliest, sweetest, brightest, most innocent smile. The deep woods, darkened from the night seem to glow a bit.

And here's the kicker, instead of that language she spoke before, she said, "Hello, my name is Koriand'r of the planet Tamaran. In your language, my name is Starfire. Please, what is your name?"

I was a bit stunned as to what had transpired and she continued to look expectantly at me when I realized I'd yet to answer. "My name is Robin." Hey, I didn't squeak that one out. Much. Yikes...

Her smiled somehow brightened even more. "I am pleased to meet you Robin."

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well. Um, Starfire, how do you know English?"

"I learned it through lip contact."

"You learned English by kissing me?"

"Yes," she cocked her head to one side and considered, and then nodded, "and Romany, and French and Mandarin, some Russian... all languages of this planet, yes?"

"Yes. Wow, that's amazing!" I'm not sure what possessed me, but I reached forward and rightly grasped both her shoulders. Her skin was soft and warm and... yeah, soft and warm.

I left go and blushed. Let out a real manly "heh heh", my hand running over the back of my neck to ease the prickle of the heat there. Did blushes mean anything on her planet?

She giggled. It was the sweetest, most wonderful sound I've ever heard. Oh she captivated me. It made me, I don't know, happy, I guess. Yup, happy. I wanted to spend my entire life listening to her. What an odd thought. But she captivated me, there was something about her... wow, just...wow.

And that was just the beginning of a very interesting night.

To be continued...

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Addition Note:

I've adapted elements of Starfire from the New Teen Titans Comics (v1 1980-1988 and v2 1984-1996) rather than just from the Teen Titans animated series and its accompanying comic book Teen Titans GO! In the New Teen Titans, Starfire is not ferocious; she actual chooses Robin because she thinks he's attractive and especially loves his short pants. Oh, and she gets that predatory grin on her face before the kiss. It was also canon that kissing was kissing on Tamaran in the NTT comics, not just for language transfer, so Starfire was very interested in kissing Robin again.