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They say that in order to truly appreciate what someone means to you, you must first lose them.

I suppose that's why I'm understand exactly how much the Cu-, they meant to me. I suppose that's why I allow the cold December air to seep into my room ever night when I leave my window open. Hoping, that maybe, just maybe, someone would miss me enough to come back to check on me.

Not that there'd be much to check on. I allotted myself a month to sulk, and then I attempted to snap out of my haze. Attempted is the operative word since I still have days where I don't feel like moving, speaking, or eating. Thankfully, those days are few and far between, now at least.

I heard the mailman's truck coming, and decided to greet him at the mailbox. "Hello, Mr. Brown," I said, smiling brightly as I took the mail from him.

"Hello yourself Ms. Bella. I'm glad you're feeling better." He said, his old, calloused hand cradling my cheek for a second. "You're quite popular today, I see. Express mail, and some flowers. You lucky girl." I frowned for a second, turning to walk back into the house when I saw this huge bouquet of my favorite flowers.

Instead of only being slightly confused, I was now totally confused. Holding the front door open with a foot, I maneuvered the arrangement inside while not dropping anything or tripping. I placed my bounty on the table and reached for the card attached to the flowers.

My Dear Sweet Sister,

Never doubt my love for you… forever.

Love: Alice

Tears clouded my vision, and I read the last line. Oh, Alice. My heart clenched at the thought of her name. I couldn't believe she did this for me – the flowers alone would have cost a small fortune. Shaking my head, I reattached the note to the holder and reached for the pile of letters on the table.

All of the mail was for me? What in the world? I asked myself. My eyebrows receded into my hairline as I read the first acceptance letter. Amarillo College, Austin College, Central Texas College, Coastal Bend College, Midwestern State University, Navarro College, North Central Texas College, Mountain View College, South Texas College, Texas A&M University, Texas College, University of Dallas, U. Houston, West Texas A&M, SamHou State U… "Alice, what did you do now?" I muttered to myself as I opened letter after letter.

Finally, at the bottom of the seemingly endless pile was a standard size envelope, addressed to me in the calligraphy known to belong to Alice.

"Well, here we go again…" I said to myself as I opened this last one.

Dearest Sister,

If you are reading this letter, it means my forever has been cut short. Words cannot express my utter remorse in regards to my behavior last fall. I should never have left you, and I will repent that decision until the end of time. Seems I wasn't as forward thinking as I thought; even with my gift I still was unable to see this coming. For that I apologize again. Not to fear, I took care of everything. You'll find that every college you apply to in Texas will be only too happy to accept you into whatever major you choose. Please, don't argue and just go – for me? I'm not too selfish to say it's my last wish for you… because I have many more of those. My brother is stupid; we've known this for years. Please don't let his mistake ruin your life. The sun will rise, the grass will grow green, it might rain, but trust me Bella. Life will begin again. This is your second chance. Embrace it.

I sent them to you… trust them – I do.


Ps: Don't forget to live


My tears might not have been enough to drown me, but it sure felt like it. I curled up under a blanket, still crying, still clutching her letter like it was a lifeline. I don't know how long I just sat there, until I heard a knock at the door.

Grumbling to myself, I opened the door a crack to see whom it was, and immediately flung all my body weight against it to slam it.

"Bella, we bring news. It's of vital importance, please open the door. We aren't going to hurt you." A rumbling voice with a slight French accent softly said through the door.

"For some reason, I don't believe you. The last time I saw you, your coven leader was trying to eat me."

I heard a sharp inhale of breath. "Bella, please. Let us in. We swear nothing will happen." In the dark recesses of my mind, I remembered Alice's cryptic message from her letter. Alice, Seriously? I cursed in my head. Deciding I could trust Alice, I cautiously opened the door to see the golden eyes and familiar faces of Victoria and Laurent.

Wait, golden eyes?

I think they noticed me staring… but then again, my jaw was kind of hung open and I was lightheaded.

Victoria slowly stepped closer to the doorway, gently embracing my shoulders in an embrace. "Bella, I'm so sorry about what happened. James is…unrelenting. Please let us in and we'll talk about it more?" Her last request was a question.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "Come in then. You don't have to worry about noise. Charlie moved to La Push to live with Sue."

After we sat down, I curled up under my blanket once more, like it would save me if they snapped. I cleared my throat and said, "Please, do continue. What was it you were saying about James?"

It was now their turns to look uncomfortable. "You see, Bella, that's why were here. James has an ability to clone himself. The Cullens killed one of his copies in Phoenix…not the real one. Bella, he contacted us a week ago. He wants to continue the hunt."

This time, I really did pass out.