A/N: apologies for the delay, but here's some more to the story…. For future reference: unless otherwise specified the POV is Bella's.

After I got their attention, I herded them into the living room. I assumed the position of the mediator…and the interrogator if needed. As soon as I finished the thought, I grinned mentally.

I turned around to my visitors. "I'm going to need some help. V, could you and Rosalie move the couches into a U-shape? Jasper, my phone is charging on the side table in my room, please get it for me. Emmett, can you get a chair from the kitchen for me and set it between the couches please?"

See, this is why I love vampires. Not a minute passed from when I asked for the aforementioned tasks to be done, and I was staring at the finished products. Chuckling to myself, I assumed the single chair to act my part. "You may sit. But this is going to go my way. Are we clear?" I received murmurs of agreement as seats were taken.

"This is how this is going to work. One at a time we will discuss current events. There will not be talking over each other. There will not be pandemonium. There will be order. First, Victoria will take the floor, followed by Rose, Laurent, Emmett and finally Jasper. Victoria, proceed." I said, quickly finding the app I needed and opening it.

"Bella, you already know why Laurent and I found you. James contacted us both and wants to continue the hunt. We arrived at the house and found the note from Alice and came to find you. You've been gracious enough to allow us to stay in your house and look after you in case of an attack." V said, leaning into Laurent for support.

Rose hissed. "You sure you didn't just come back to kill her for him?" Emmett tightened his arm around her waist.

He intervened. "Rose baby, I'm sure if that were true we wouldn't have found her in the first place."

Jasper, ever the strategist, took his turn interjecting. "You sure about that Emmett? It would be all apart of a plan."

I sighed, massaging the bridge of my nose. This was not going to go as well as I hoped. "You'll get your turn to voice your opinions. Let her finish." Just as I thought, I was ignored. Victoria and Laurent were hissing to the Cullens and the Cullens were hissing back. Seeing that I had no choice. I activated the app on my droid.

I smirked as the shrill sound of an air horn brought their argument to a halt. Instead, they were attempting to cover their ears. "Bella please. That sound." Is all Laurent was able to get out.

I grinned. "Guess now you'll actually go about this the way I want, eh?" Oh yes, I do believe that's one for the human.

"I will not say this again. You will each get a turn to say your piece. I really don't care who doesn't like who or anything on that level of immaturity. You are all over 100 years – some, older – you will act like it. Now, Victoria, please finish."

She caught my eye and smiled. "The little one was kind enough to offer us her house, even though Alice had enough foresight to take care of that too. We've spent the last few weeks remodeling the old mansion, and we're getting ready to move in there. There hasn't been much of a rush, because we've been able to stay here."

I caught her eye and she nodded, wordlessly telling me she was done. I nodded to Rose, and she began. "Well, about a week ago I received an automated email from Alice saying that I needed to collect Em and myself, revive Jasper and get the hell to Forks. In case you were wondering, that was a direct quote. She said we were needed here and to hunt in Mt. Rainer. So we did, and here we are."

When no one else spoke up, I assumed this was all they were going to say. "Since we have the basics covered, lets open the discussion to the floor. Who wants to go first?"

When everyone started buzz talking again, I sighed, opening my favorite app and sounding it off. Again, I got their attention and thankfully, they stayed quiet. Praise God.

"Didn't we already discuss the immaturity? Please, do not make me do it again. Clearly, Alice knew things we didn't. Lets not bet against her – not now. The way I see it, we're working together. Now, I'm going to bed. V and Laurent, please finish your hunt. I think I'm well accounted for here.