AHHH I love this couple sooooo much! I never thought I would be writing a story with them though. Huh, funny how things work out... Anyway, this is going to be a classic grow-up-together-and-fall-in-love type of story because they're just so cute!

Ahem, just so you know both Terra and Aqua are about 8 years old in this first chapter. I'll tell you guys when they change ages. Multiple pairing and characters will show up so stay tuned!


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"I'm home!"

A young Terra stuck his head out of the doorway that led to the living room where he was doing his homework.

"Welcome home, Mom. You're a little later than usual. Where were you?"

Terra followed his mother into their conjoined kitchen and living room area. His mother placed the grocery bags that she had been hauling onto their counter in the kitchen.

"Hm? Don't tell me you were lonely." She said with a smirk as she began pulling contents out of the plastic supermarket bags.

Terra blushed a little, "N-no! I'm too old to be lonely anymore." He helped his mother with putting the groceries in their respective places. When they were done his mother slipped her apron over her head and began tying it around her back.

"Well I'll have you know that I has late because I was having a wonderful conversation with the man and woman who just moved in next door."

Terra perked up. "They just moved in? Is that why there was a big truck out front?" He walked over to the bar that separated the kitchen and dining room and sat on one of the high stools. He swung his legs back and forth as he watched his mother move about the kitchen, preparing for dinner.

"Mhmm," She hummed as she nodded. "They're very nice people so if you ever get the chance be sure to say hello and properly introduce yourself."

With a quick roll of the eyes, Terra jumped off the high stool and began walking back to the living room to continue with his homework. "Yes mother."

"Oh and Terra," his mother called out to him as he reached the doorway, "They have kid too. Your age."

The children were chattering loudly as their teacher walked in. "Okay, okay! Settle down everyone!" All the children quickly moved back to their seats as Terra continued to doodle in his notebook.

"I have a new friend for you all." The class was buzzing again and Terra felt someone nudging his right arm. He turned his head to face one of his best friends, Axel.

"Hear that? New kid. Think he's gonna be cool?" Terra smiled at the red head. "Hopefully."

The door to the classroom opened and the class fell silent. Slowly, a small girl stepped out and when she noticed all the children's eyes on her she nearly ran to hide behind the teacher.

Terra's face fell. Great it's a girl.

Said girl began to hide her face in the teacher's pants. "Everyone, this is Aqua. She's new around here so she really needs a friend to show her around. Please be nice." The teacher pushed Aqua away from her hiding spot she she was front and center.

"N-nice to meet you," She managed to squeak out. She kept her head down as the teacher instructed her to her seat across the room from Terra.

"Ha. Did you see that? She's not gonna last around here." Terra nodded slightly to his friend's comment. He stared at Aqua as she made it to her seat. As she sat down, head still hung low, he noticed her release a heavy sigh. Just when he was going to look away he noticed something in her hand. She was clutching it tightly. Terra didn't know what it was exactly but it was blue and shaped like a star.

It was pretty.

As Terra walked out into the schoolyard to find his friends for lunch, he noticed Aqua sitting at the edge to the playground. She was alone and in her lap was a large book. Terra raised an eyebrow questioningly and thought about going over to ask her about it until he felt an arm sling over his shoulders.

"Hey there. What'cha doing staring at the new girl?" Terra rolled his eyes

"I wasn't staring Axel."

"Really cause to me it really seemed like you were."

"Yeah well-" Terra was cut off as the felt another arm sling over his shoulders. He was surrounded.

"Maybe he likes her," came a teasing voice. Terra ducked out from underneath his friends' grasps and turned around to face them. "Lay off Zack. I wasn't staring and I don't like her." Terra crossed his arms in front of his chest. Axel and Zack exchanged glances then started laughing.

Terra could feel a blush rising. "W-what are you guys laughing at?"

"If you weren't staring then why are you so embarrassed?" Zack asked with a smirk as Axel continued to laugh.

Terra growled as his friends mocked him. "Why don't you go play with Aerith, Zack!" He countered. Zack immediately sobered up as Axel began laughing so hard that he fell onto the grass beneath him.

"I don't play with Aerith!" Zack said as he shoved Terra a little. Terra shoved him back and suddenly the boys were in a wrestling match, Axel somehow finding a way into the match as well.

The three boys lay on their backs after the match, breathing heavily and sweating. They looked at each other and began laughing. Terra sat up, "I'm going to go get some water." Axel and Zack both gave him a weak wave as he got to his feet.

Terra glanced over to where Aqua was sitting, half expecting her to be gone. Instead his blue eyes met hers. Terra's breath caught and he found himself staring at her, making no movements at all. They stayed like that for a few more moments until Aqua quickly cast her eyes back down to her book. She shut it with a thud and before Terra could call out to her, surprising himself with that fact that he indeed wanted to call out to her, she was gone.

"Hey I thought you were going to get some water."

On Terra's route home he always passed the city library. He was never one to care about books, much less visit the library but his friend that sat in front of him in class asked him to return a book, knowing fully well that Terra always passed the building.

Stupid Cloud. Return your own stuff.

Terra sighed as the opened the door and was promptly greeted by an elderly librarian.

"Looking for something in particular?" The woman asked.

"No just dropping a book off for a friend." Terra replied as he handed the woman said book.

"Oh my. What a good friend! You should take a look around since your here. You'll never know what you'll find at a library."

Terra resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Books, duh.

As he turned to leave, a flash of blue caught his eye. Terra turned back towards where he saw the blue hair. He found her. She was sitting alone at a large table with her book, the same one she had during lunch earlier that day. Terra found himself walking toward the girl and before he knew what he was doing he was standing right next to her.

"Hey." Terra mentally slapped himself. What on earth was he doing? She's a girl.

Aqua jumped in her seat as she spun to face the person who was addressing her. Blue met blue for the second time that day and Terra could feel his checks heating up. Why?

"U-uh... hi?" She replied softly.

"You're... uh... in my class." Terra, who suddenly found himself not being able to speak normally, said.

Aqua scrunched her eyebrows together, obviously trying to recall if the spiky haired boy was indeed in her class.

"Don't worry if you can't remember. It's not like we talked or anything." Although he said that, Terra couldn't help but feel a little sting of pain when he realized she didn't remember him. If she doesn't remember me then she doesn't remember what happened at lunch. He felt his checks heat up again. Wait, it's not like anything did happen.

"Oh!" Terra was snapped out of his thoughts and his eyes were back on her face. "You're one of those boys that were wrestling on the grass."

"Terra." Aqua raised an eyebrow. "My name is Terra." He said as he took a deep breath in.

Aqua gave him a small smile, "Nice to meet you Terra."

He flushed and looked away from the blue haired girl. He was having trouble looking at her straight in the face. But her smiles are pretty.

Terra coughed into his hand and took a seat next to Aqua. "W-what are you reading?" He asked, still not looking at her.

Aqua's eyes lit up as she turned back to her book. "Fairy tales!"

"Huh? Fairy tales? Aren't those for little kids?" Terra asked, finally looking at Aqua again.

She puffed out her checks in a manner that almost made Terra laugh. "What's wrong with reading fairy tales?"

Terra rolled his eyes. "They're just so... so... girly."

"No they're not!"

"Uh, yeah. They are."

"Didn't you have a fairytale that you liked when you were younger?"

Terra froze, "Uhhh..." Aqua stared at him. "Don't tell me you never heard a fairytale before."

The brunet flushed. "Wh-what of it?" he asked as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and turned in his seat so his back was facing Aqua.

The girl's eyes widened. Never heard a fairytale. Her eyes drifted to her book. "Well then let me read you one."

"Huh?" Terra turned back around and saw Aqua quickly flipping through pages. She stopped and held up her book for Terra to see. "How about this one?"

He looked at the decorated page. It was a night scene with a large castle in the background and a clock tower that read midnight. At the bottom of the page was a carriage shaped like a pumpkin and a girl in a large white dress.

Terra raised an eyebrow at Aqua. "It's the story of Cinderella." She pointed to the girl in the white dress, "See that's her."

"Seems boring."

"But it isn't!" Aqua retorted, "The story is about a really nice girl who has a really mean stepmother and stepsisters. Cinderella get invited to a ball but can't go because they ruined her dress."

"It looks fine to me." Terra said as he pointed to the picture.

Aqua shook her head. "When Cinderella was crying after her dress was ruined her fairy godmother appeared! She cast a spell that made a pumpkin into a carriage and gave Cinderella a beautiful dress. So she goes to the ball and dances with the prince."

Aqua sighed dreamily and Terra gave a small huff.

"But the spell wore off at midnight and Cinderella ran away, leaving behind one glass slipper. The next day, the prince goes around the kingdom, having all the girls try on the shoe. Finally Cinderella tried it on, and it fit perfectly. So, she and the Prince live happily ever after."

Aqua sighed again and put the book down.

"Like I said: girly." Terra said. Aqua shot him a glare


"Yeah-huh! That girl doesn't even do anything! She just has a spell cast on her and poof! She's happy!"

"No! Cinderella believes in her dreams! That's why the fairy god mother appears!"

Terra chuckled, "Believe? That's it?"

"Believing is harder than it sounds." Terra then noticed how Aqua's tone turned serious. He watched as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the same blue star that she was holding earlier that day. Aqua looked down at the small star and a smile crept onto her face. "It takes a lot of strength of heart to believe in your dreams. True strength like that is hard to come by but is always there."

Terra stared at her, transfixed by the soft expression she was making. She looked up Terra and his face heated up. "So if you're just going to make of these stories you can leave," Aqua stuck her nose up in the air and turned back to her book.

Irritated, for no particular reason, Terra stood up. "Fine then!"

Aqua began flipping through her book and a certain page caught Terra's eye.

"Wait, go back!" Aqua froze, unsure what to do. Terra leaned over her and began going through the pages himself until he reached the page he wanted.

It was another fully decorated page. A large purple and black dragon dominated the page and green flames surrounded it. At the bottom there was a lone man, armed with a sword and shield. At the top right corner was a drawing of a beautiful who looked fast asleep.

Terra's eyes wandered the page and Aqua giggled.

"W-what?" he asked.

"So you do like fairy tales."

Terra blushed, for what seemed like the umpteenth time that day. "Well this page just looked cool. You know, with the dragon and all..."

"This is the story of Sleeping Beauty."

The brunet sat back down and listened to Aqua's summary of the story.

"... And so with the power of true love Prince Phillip woke Princess Aurora up with a kiss. He broke the spell and they lived happily ever after."

Scrunching his face in disgust, Terra said, "It was cool until it got all mushy. I mean, true love? Really?"

"I'm sure it exists." Aqua said as she closed her book.

"Psh, who needs it?"

"Everyone! My mommy says that everyone has someone that is their one true love and that one day you'll be able to meet."

"Doubt it." Terra replied as he stood up and picked up his backpack.

"It's true! Mommy says that even one day I'll be able to find my true love." Aqua said as she put her book away and grabbed her backpack as well.

Terra felt annoyed all of a sudden, "What? You want a prince or something?" He began walking out of the library and Aqua had to hurry after him.

"A prince would be nice..."

Irked, Terra sped up and both children walked through the front doors and began making their way down the large stone steps in front of the building.

"True love doesn't exist and you'll probably never find a prince."

Aqua pouted and ran ahead so she was standing directly in front of the annoyed boy. She put her hands on her hips, "I bet I will!"

Terra raised an eyebrow and gave her a smirk, "Really?"

"Yeah! I'll find a prince and live happily ever after! Then we'll see who's laughing!" She turned around in a huff and began marching away angrily. Terra stood there dumbstruck, not really sure how to react.

"F-Fine! Go ahead and try! But when you don't find a prince or true love, don't come crying to me!" He yelled after her. He knew she heard him because she stopped for a moment then resumed her angry march.

Terra ran his fingers through his hair, not really knowing why he was so angry. As he continued his walk home, cursing the library, Cloud, fairy tales, and anything else he could pin the blame on for his foul mood, one thought rose to mind:

I actually wouldn't mind that much if she came crying to me.

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