Hey there!

So I decided to do this so help kill some writers block.

I got the idea from persephonesweasley's Rane themed drabbles and flightofdeathfrench's Jogan themed drabbles. They're fantastic and better than mine so read them.I haven't finished either of them because if you know me, you know I don't have that much time to read anything :( So if one of mine is too similar to their's I apologize.

That being said, I won't be going in order or with any real theme. These are going to be for just about every ship I sail and the chapters will be titled appropriately so you can skip it if it isn't your cup of tea.

Most of the time, though not always, the couples will be established. And because I am me, there will probably be angst as well.

Enjoy :)

Fairy Tale

"Wow," Shane said, completely stunned. He would never fail to be amazed at how easily Reed seemed to be able to capture such beauty on a blank page or canvas. Watching Reed paint was like watching one of his dreams.

"You know," Shane said, tilting his head from where he stood beside his boyfriend. "Your painting reminds me of a Disney movie. See there," Shane pointed, his finger so close to the paint he nearly smudged it. "That's like the princess."

Reed glanced at him skeptically. "Shane, that's just a blob of pink." He laughed a little. "Don't tell me you've finally got an appreciation for fine art. Or are you saying that this is some sort of fairy tale just because princesses wear pink?"

Shane squinted at the painting. He had no idea what made him think of Disney, he just did. "I don't know," he said slowly. "Probably the latter though."

Laughing again, Reed said, "Well, I do like your insinuation that paintings can be like beautiful fairy tales."

Shane glanced at the shorter boy lovingly, complete admiration in his eyes. "Well, yeah but I think that you can put even the most beautiful fairy tales to shame." He smiled when Reed's cheeks turned a bright red color. And they only got redder. "And being with you is even better than a fairy tale."