A One Act Play of

Cookie Monster and Veggie Monster:

A Lesson of Balance on Sesame Street


CookieMonster – A grammatically challenged blue monster who only eats cookies.

VeggieMonster – A grammatically challenged green monster who only eats vegetables.

PrairieDawn – An 8 year old girl who is smart and often the voice of reason on Sesame Street.

OscartheGrouch – an all-around jerk who lives in a trash can.

The sun came up and it is another beautiful day on Sesame Street. Veggie Monster is roaming around and is glad to see a friendly place. Prairie Dawn sees the new monster and approaches him.

Prairie: Hi, my name is Prairie Dawn. Welcome to Sesame Street. What is your name?

Veggie: Me veggie monster. Me never seen this place. Look very nice.

Prairie: Hi Veggie Monster. You will like it here. We have so many monsters that live here. Everyone gets along with each other.

Oscar: Oh can it Prairie!

Prairie: Well, everyone is nice except Oscar the Grouch.

Veggie: Hello Oscar, me Veggie Monster. Me like your fur.

Oscar: Hey green boy – watch it. You can't eat me, I would taste yucky.

Veggie: Me no want to eat you, me only eat vegetables. Me hungry, got any vegetables? Me need snack, been walking long time.

Prairie: Say, You sound alot like Cookie Monster.

Veggie: Who cookie monster?

Prairie: He is a blue monster and he only eats cookies, like you only eat veggies.

Veggie: Cookie? What cookie?

Cookie Monster walks up to the group. He has just eaten a huge handful of cookies and is wiping the crumbs from his mouth and neck.

Oscar: Oh great! Tweedle Dee and has met his Tweedle Dum.

Cookie: (num, num, num, num) What you say Oscar?

Oscar: Cookie Monster, meet Veggie Monster. Heh-Heh, this should be good.

Cookie: Me glad to meet you. What your name again?

Veggie: Me Veggie Monster. What on face?

Cookie: Coooooooookies! Yum Yum—Me love cookies!

Veggie: Cookies? What cookies?

Cookie: Don't know cookies? Me no understand. What you eat?

Veggie: I eat veggies. Yum Yum—Me love veggies!

They stare at each other in a confused way and scratch their heads simultaneously.

Oscar: OK Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, all you both eat is ONE thing! One thing! You both are weirdos.

Cookie: Only cookies for me. What you eat Oscar?

Oscar: Everything! Hello?—I live in a trash can. I eat whatever people throw away. Geez!

Veggie: Only veggies for me. Never eat nothing else.

Prairie: Actually Cookie Monster and Veggie Monster, there are many different types of food and both of you should be eating a little of all of them. A variety of foods can give your body the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to grow up healthy and strong.

Both of you should be eating different types of food.

Oscar: Yeah—what she said! Someone threw this apple away, do you want a bite?

Cookie: Not sure. I never try apple? It good? No chocolate chips...hmmmmm.

Veggie: It red, not green. Hmmmmmmm.

Oscar: Oh try it already—both of you! Geez!

Cookie Monster and Veggie Monster both take a bite of the apple.

Cookie: (munch, munch, munch) Hmmmm, not bad. It crunchy.

Veggie: (munch, munch, munch) Me think so too. Me like this apple.

Cookie Monster and Veggie Monster smile and go off together to search for other types of food they have not tried yet.

Cookie: Me have problem with pronouns too.

Veggie: Me always been challenged by pronouns...