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Chapter one

On a rough path outside a simple fishing village stood a lone graveyard. Many graves littered the area, but on this day a lone traveler went to one particular grave. This man was dressed in a black kimono, with a symbol of what looked like a red dragon foot with three toes on the back. The man wore straw sandals with sock on his feet. In his right he carried a bouquet of flowers. His face was obscured by a conical straw hat. As he entered the graveyard, he looked around until he found the grave he was looking for. When he walked up to the grave, he removed the straw hat and went down on his knees, laying the bouquet in front of the grave. When the man had removed the straw hat, it revealed that he had blonde hair, which looked as if it was slicked back and ended in a ponytail, his face looked rough, his eyes were a shade of blue, and the only thing that was a distinguishing feature were three lines on both sides of his cheeks, looking more like his whisker marks. However, over time those whisker marks had started to fade, until they were barely noticeable.

"It's been a while sensei," he said to the gravestone. "It's been three years since you died and I've been able to take over the clan."

He sat there for a while before he thought of something else to say. "It's kind of funny, not being allied to the village and all, but I think I'll manage. Recently some of the ninja villages have been trying to recruit me, especially Konoha. They had the gall to threaten me, who I told them if they did, they would regret it. I also threw them out of the village." He smiled at that memory. After a while, he prayed and got up. "I have to go now, thank you for listening Saki-sensei."

As he started to walk away, he started to think. He thought about who he used to be. Before he had been forced out of the village, he had a dream to become the Hokage, and get everyone's respect. However, after his last mission, a lot of things changed and made him realize something. One of those things he realized was that as long as he was in the village, he would never be respected. As long as he, Uzumaki Naruto was in the service of Konoha, he would've been used as the village's tool, to be used and thrown away when he outlived his purpose. He knew that they would never elect him as Hokage, much less promote him. He had found that out shortly after he'd been thrown out of the village. That had been about ten years ago.

It was supposed to be a simple mission. Assemble a team of shinobi, mainly Genin and one Chunin, and bring Sasuke, who decided to go to Orochimaru for more power, back by any means necessary. However, they had hit a couple of snags. Mainly, the team they fought against was Orochimaru's bodyguards, who had advanced versions of the Curse Seal. Despite being outclassed and outmatched, the retrieval team was able to defeat and kill Orochimaru's men. When Naruto went and fought Sasuke, the Uchiha had revealed that he too had gained the second form of the Curse Seal. At first, Sasuke was able to beat back Naruto and nearly kill him, but with a little help from the Kyuubi, Naruto was able to subdue the rogue Uchiha. After the battle, Naruto had expected everything to go back to normal.

However, he had spoken too soon. Someone had let it out that Naruto used the Kyuubi's chakra in order to bring back the Uchiha, causing many problems to surface. When the villagers heard that, all of a sudden, people started to turn their hatred towards him. Most of the Rookie 12 started to distance themselves from him, with the only exceptions of Hinata Hyuuga and Shino Aburame. However, he wasn't expecting the betrayal coming from the one he thought he could trust.

He had been called up to the council chambers in Konoha. At first, it was a simple confirmation of what had happened during the mission. They asked about the injuries that Sasuke had gotten. Sasuke Uchiha had received a couple of bruises, a sprained ankle, and the only serious injury was a broken wrist. Naruto had received two chidori sized holes through his chest, one near his heart. If it wasn't for the Kyuubi, Naruto would've died. Naruto thought it would've ended there.

Of course, again he was sadly mistaken.

Flashback start

"I am to be banished?" Naruto couldn't believe his ears. After all the times he put his life on the line, they repaid him like this?

In front of him, Tsunade and the elders frowned. "If you listen for a minute Naruto, you'll see that this isn't bad as you think," Tsunade told him as if she was speaking to a toddler. "You won't be banished for the rest of your life."

"Oh I see, so explain to me how this banishment won't have me gone for the rest of my life." Tsunade could see that Naruto was very unhappy. She was unhappy when the council had come up with the solution to their problems. Eventually, she was able to have them agree on one solution: Naruto would be banished, but he would be led to one of the Senju mansions located in Fire Country. Naruto would be placed under house arrest, where he would have several seals placed on him in order to monitor him. The Collar Seal that would be placed around his neck would make him unable to leave the mansion without alerting the guard that would be placed there. Also, Naruto would be forbidden to use ninjutsu, seal up his chakra so he wouldn't be able to use it, have Jiraiya seal up the Kyuubi's chakra, and have him stay in the mansion for three years, after which he would be brought back to the village. As for those that knew Naruto, she would tell them that Naruto was on a training trip with Jiraiya, who in actuality would be spying on the Akatsuki.

When she had explained that to Naruto, the boy had snapped and yelled out that he wasn't going to be some prisoner bending backwards to the whims of the village. Despite her pleads for him to do as he was told, Naruto marched out of the council chambers.

Flashback end

Naruto remembered that day well. He remembered walking out of the village, going anywhere but the village. Since he was banished, he technically wasn't a citizen of the village anymore. Besides, what was Tsunade going to do, arrest him? But what he didn't know back then was that by leaving, his life would be changed forever.

As he walked back toward the compound, he thought about his teacher Oroku Saki. To many others, Oroku Saki was a simple nobleman who had set up shop in Wave country. However, that wasn't the complete truth. While it was true about the nobleman part, the truth was far more sinister. The whole truth was that Oroku Saki was the head of an ancient clan of soldiers known as the Foot. The Foot Clan was said to be led by a man known as the Shredder, a powerful warlord that was said to trace his lineage all the way back to the time of the Sage of Six Paths. Other rumors stated that any underworld element had connections to the Shredder, and that the Shredder had spies everywhere. When he heard those rumors, Naruto had to laugh. While it was true that the Foot had spies, they weren't in every village. As for the man supporting every criminal element, that was a lie.

As Naruto entered the mansion grounds, he could see the Foot clan outside either practicing their moves or standing guard. The Foot clan was made up of ninja that had either resigned their village, missing ninja that weren't of importance, or were ninja that never joined a village in the first place. Naruto had to admit that these ninja were the best. From what he had seen since taking over from Saki, they were pretty strong, even the normal Foot ninja. Saki had told him that the basic Foot ninja was as strong as AnBu, and the blond could tell he wasn't lying. They were strong and were what ninja were supposed to be. The basic Foot ninja wore all black with the Foot clan symbol, a grey vest with a belt wrapped around the waist, grey gloves with armor around the arms, and grey boots with armor around the legs. Naruto bowed to them when they saw him and bowed. "Hello my Foot," he said with a smile on his face. "Has there been anything that I should know about?"

One of the foot ninja stepped up and bowed to him. "My lord, you have a visitor. He says it's important that you talk to him."

"I see," Naruto said to the single ninja. "All of you, back to what you were doing. I'll see what this visitor wants.

At those words the Foot resumed what they were doing. Naruto went up to the door of the mansion and opened it. The inside of the mansion looked well off, with paintings of many battles and various people. The ones Naruto liked were the portraits of the Shredders that had been in power from long ago. The Shredder before Naruto had worn what looked like a demonic version of the Shredder armor that he wore, only with more red and black. Naruto smiled to himself. If those from Konoha could see him now, they would be surprised. They would probably be jealous of him.

Naruto shook his head. It was too late for both him and Konoha to try and get along. If they found out, they would probably try to force him back into the village. It was best not to dwell on the past.

As he entered the meeting chamber, he saw the person sitting cross legged on the floor. He smiled at this. This particular person was a spy of his, and pretty useful as well. After all, who would've thought that Kabuto Yakushi had loyalty to the Shredder? Kabuto had been Sasori's subordinate, who had been one of the Foot's spies. When Orochimaru had supposedly 'broken' the programming that Kabuto gave him, what the snake didn't know was that Kabuto was never under any programming. In the end, the only loyalty Kabuto had was to the Shredder and the Foot.

"Hello Kabuto," Naruto said as he waited for the silver haired man to bow, and bowed back when the man did. "They say that you have something important for me to hear."

Kabuto smirked to himself. Who would've known that Naruto, the boy who everyone thought was the dead last, was the leader of the Foot clan? When he revealed himself to Naruto, it took Saki holding him back so that he could explain himself. After Naruto had calmed down, Kabuto had told him that he was never on Orochimaru's side to begin with. Kabuto hated the snakelike man himself. But he was a spy, and he couldn't break his cover.

However, over the years, Orochimaru's immortality jutsu had stopped working. Nowadays, it would take a year for the body to break down. To say Orochimaru was unhappy was an understatement. The man had started to rant and rave about how it was 'Naruto's' fault that he couldn't be able to get the power he thought was rightfully his. How it was his fault that the Uchiha was out of his reach. To be honest, Kabuto was getting sick of the man whining about how his immortality was out of his reach.

"Naruto-sama, it's about Orochimaru. He's getting weaker every day. The man won't stop ranting and raving about how he's going to kill you. And frankly, I've wondered how he has been surviving as of now. I've told him that the jutsu wasn't a permanent thing. Now, his soul is breaking the body down at a quicker rate."

Naruto looked bored. That was it? He came all the way here just so he could hear how the Sannin's health was faring? Then it hit him. Naruto's bored look turned into a smirk. "So, you're saying that he's weak?"

Kabuto smiled right back at him. "I think you got it. Now, I was thinking…"

"Say no more Kabuto," Naruto said, his smirk erupting into a full blown grin. "After all, we both agree on one thing. It's time we took care of the snake."

"What are you going to do, my lord?"

"I'm going to gather up the troops and get ready for war. Meanwhile, you go back and gather up those inside the village who hate Orochimaru as well. We'll be able to eliminate him in one felt swoop."

Bowing, Kabuto left the meeting room. Naruto smiled as he left as well and went to his personal armory. No one entered this room but Naruto himself. Anyone who did would be immediately killed, for this room was where Naruto kept his armor and weapons that he wanted to use. Naruto quickly undressed and put on the black outfit that the Foot usually wore, except that it had no mask. He then started to put on the armor. First the chest plate, then the shoulder plates, which had triangular spikes coming out of it. He then put on the bottom half of the uniform, and then started to put on the greaves of the armor, which had the same triangular spikes coming out of it. He then put on the gauntlets with the triangular spikes, and finally, he grabbed the helmet and put it on. The helmet was grey along with the rest of the armor, with a headpiece that looked like the Foot insignia. When he was done, instead of Uzumaki Naruto standing there was a fearsome looking samurai. The gauntlet on his left had a two pronged claw built into it. Naruto snapped his fingers and retrieved a belt that had the Foot insignia on its side and tied it on. He retrieved a katana that had prongs on the hilt and tied it onto his waist.

"Finally," Naruto said, his voice muffled by the mouthpiece of the armor. "It's time to show everyone what happens when you mess with the Shredder."

Konoha, Hokage's office

Tsunade sighed as she looked at the ninjas in front of her. The only person who was missing was Sasuke, and he was taking his sweet time coming up here.

The Fifth sighed as she started to think. It had been ten years since anyone had seen Naruto. He was supposed to have been gone for three years. However, he never came back. When Naruto had left the village in a rage, she had sent some AnBu after him. They were supposed to bring him to the mansion so his exile would begin. What she didn't expect was that of the five she sent after him, only one came back alive. The man had been bleeding real badly from the wounds he sustained, and with little strength he had, he told the council that Naruto had been taken away by a demon in armor who wielded lightning that erupted from his sword. Along with this man were two ninja that wore black and had what looked like a dragon's foot on their chests. Without any jutsu, they had killed the AnBu and took Naruto. Of course, Tsunade dismissed it as a story. After all, who would have the nerve to blatantly attack Konoha just to retrieve a barely powerful Jinchuuriki?

At first, Tsunade wanted Naruto to be trained sufficiently. However, she later changed her mind after she had taken office. She discovered that Naruto had been given access to the Fox's chakra. While this was normally not a bad thing, when Naruto retrieved Sasuke on his last mission, the Uchiha had let it slip that Naruto had used some sort of malicious chakra to beat him. At those words, Tsunade knew there was going to be a problem. A few days later, the council had called her to a meeting, wanting Naruto's execution. However, Tsunade had pointed out that execution was the last thing they should do. If they killed Naruto, they Kyuubi would reform and attack Konoha once again. And this time, there would be no Uzumaki to seal the Kyuubi into, since the Uzumaki were the only ones to be able to restrain the Kyuubi. She was finally able to convince them to do the next best thing: banishment for three years. They agreed, but under some specific conditions. First was that Naruto was to have his chakra sealed up for up to three years. Second, Naruto was to be imprisoned inside a safe house inside Fire Country. That way, the boy wouldn't run off and join up with another village. Third, when he got back, he was to receive a minimum amount of training and would not be expected to go up a rank. Finally, when the Akatsuki threat was over, they were to choose three women who would be loyal to the village to bear Naruto's children. Then when Naruto suffered an 'accident', the Kyuubi would be split in three parts and sealed within the three children. Tsunade had no choice but to agree to those terms.

Of course, that went to hell when Naruto disappeared. At first, Tsunade wasn't worried. After all, she could have Jiraiya reverse summon the brat, and everything would be okay. After all, not even Naruto was stupid enough to cancel his summoning contract, was he? Speaking of Jiraiya, he was against the village's plans for Naruto. He argued against the village for using him. However, Tsunade wouldn't hear of it. When three years had passed, she called Jiraiya back to the village and has him summon Naruto. He summoned Fukasaku and asked him to get Naruto, but what the Toad Elder told the Hokage and the council shocked all of them.

"Naruto has canceled his contract with the Toads," he had said, the smirk on his face never fading. "At first, I tried to convince him not to. However, from what I was told had convinced me instead. You were going to imprison him? And seal his chakra? If you wanted to push him away, you could've done something that was a lot worse. Alas, I am afraid that my faith in the village has been misplaced. Jiraiya, I will not cancel the contract between us, but as of today, the Toads will not help Konoha. If you summon us to fight for Konoha, you will never be able to summon us ever again."

After that, Fukasaku disappeared. The council had been furious, and tried to order Jiraiya to summon the Toads again, but the Toad Sage refused and left the village. He still came around now and then, but he never stayed for long. But if Tsunade thought the Toads not helping the village was bad enough, then along came something worse.

Akatsuki found out that Naruto was gone. To say that their leader was unhappy would be lying. He was furious when he found out the Jinchuuriki was gone. Because of this, he attacked the village with his partner Konan. Even with Konoha outnumbering the invaders, the ninja never stood a chance. Pein revealed his Six Paths of Pain and used them to attack the village. He was able to beat back each and every ninja that came after him. Asuma, who had barely made it out alive during the battle against Hidan and Kakazu was cut down while trying to protect his wife Kurenai. Most of the Hyuuga that had went against him were all crushed, with the eyes taken out and destroyed to rub salt into the wound. Danzo, who had attacked Pein in order to look good in front of the village put up a great fight, as did his ROOT, but he was cut down as well. Finally confronting Tsunade, Pein demanded to know what had happened to Naruto. When Tsunade told him that she didn't know, Pein had looked angry and disappeared. She thought that Pein had run off, until he used a jutsu to completely destroy the village. When battle was over, Konoha was a crater. Even to this day, repairs had been slow going.

As for the allies they once had, the only ally they had was Suna. Wave had been the first to cancel their trade contract and declared them to be enemies to Konoha. One by one, villages that Naruto had helped, from Spring to Vegetable and Waterfall canceled their contracts. Even Nadeshiko, an unknown village to all but Jiraiya had refused to do business with Konoha. Suna had been about to, but by rescuing their Kazekage, who was Gaara, from the Akatsuki, they were able to salvage that contract. Gaara had agreed that if Naruto showed up in their village or anywhere in Wind Country, he would be immediately turned over to Konoha. All Gaara wanted was Temari to be one of Naruto's wives. Tsunade agreed to that condition.

As she was thinking, Sasuke threw open the door and walked in like he owned the place. Tsunade glared at his nerve to show up late. The Uchiha smirked at her in response. See that everyone was here, Tsunade sat up straight in her chair. "Alright, now that everyone's here, I have a mission for you. It seems that there are rumors that Orochimaru has been weakened. Those rumors say that his immortality jutsu is starting to wear off quicker than before. At this point in time, it would be safe for us to strike. This is your mission: You are to kill Orochimaru. After he is dead, anything that can be of use to us is to be retrieved and turned over to Konoha. Any ninja or prisoner that Orochimaru has is to be taken back to this village. If they refuse, then use any means necessary to bring them back."

Just then, one of the Jounin there raised his hand. "This is so troublesome," Shikamaru Nara, the man who raised his hand complained. "Why are we doing this mission when we should be searching for Naruto? And another thing, what if those prisoners are from another village? They'll raise a fuss and complain to someone who'll listen, and those people might go to the Daimyo and he'll have our asses for this."

Tsunade sighed. Of all the people that had been against Naruto's banishment, the Daimyo was one of them. The Daimyo had asked why Konoha had thrown Naruto out of the village, and was very unhappy when he found out that the boy wasn't going to be coming back. As of now, the Lord of Fire Country was looking for a reason to have Tsunade removed. "Don't worry, he won't know if we can keep it hidden. This is a Black Ops mission. As for Naruto, I have another team looking for him. They'll find him, especially with Kiba on their team."

At those words, the team sighed. Kiba had been against Naruto's banishment, and the lack of punishment Sasuke had received. He went as far as denouncing the Uchiha clan, a move that didn't win him any friends. Surprisingly, the Hyuuga had stood by the Inuzuka's decision on denouncing the Uchiha and their head of the clan, Hiashi had been among those who wanted the Uchiha punished. As for the mission, the team knew what Black Ops meant. Black Ops missions were ninja missions that were highly secretive and off the radar. The missions were also illegal, and knew that if the mission failed, then they could expect no help from Konoha. Black Ops missions ranged from kidnapping promising shinobi from minor village, assassinations of noblemen in various countries, having two countries fight each other thanks to them, and so on and so forth. It was because of this that Tsunade composed a team containing Shino Aburame, Neji Hyuuga, Rock Lee, Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akimichi, and Sasuke Uchiha. Shikamaru had been elected leader of the mission. Kiba was going to be picked, but he made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the Uchiha.

"Is that all," when no one said anything, Tsunade nodded. "Just remember, it'll take the whole day to get to Otogakure. Remember your orders. Now go!" With those words, the team went out to prepare for the mission and leave. After they were gone, Tsunade opened a drawer in her desk and pulled out her booze.

"Looks like its break time. And I know what that means." And with those words, the Hokage kicked back and drank.


Inside the village, it was chaos. Buildings were burning, ninjas screamed in pain as they were attacked, all in all it was pandemonium. It had been as peaceful as it could be in Otogakure, the next thing anyone knew, explosion erupted and all of a sudden, they had been set up upon by ninjas.

True to his word, Kabuto had gathered up those who had been taken captive by Orochimaru and hated him and asked if they wanted to help a friend of his in defeating the Snake Sannin. Unsurprisingly, they all agreed. With Naruto's Foot attacking on one side and Kabuto's rebels attacking the other side, it would be a matter of time before Orochimaru's village ceased to exist.

In the midst of it all, Orochimaru was running as fast as he could. The Sannin cursed the attackers for striking his village when he was at his weakest. His current body was wearing down real fast, and he was in no condition to fight. Besides, they were only pawns, he had no use for them. If they lost, it was their fault for being killed. After all, he could easily replace them.

As he kept running, failed to see the one who ordered the attack on him until a bolt of lightning struck the ground in front of him. Dodging to the side, he narrowed his eyes at the attacker. Standing on a ledge in the clearing where he was attacked stood a man decked out in samurai armor. The distinguishing feature of the armor was that it was decorated with triangular points. In his right hand looked like katana, but the hilt confused him.

Looking down at him, the samurai leapt down towards the ground. Landing in a crouch, the samurai stood up and glared at him.

Orochimaru glared right back at him. "You have some nerve attacking the greatest of all the Sannin. Surrender and I might let you live."

The armored man snorted. "That is a lie. Besides, the Shredder bows to no man, especially to one as arrogant and egotistical as you are."

At those words, Orochimaru grew angry. He drew his sword and pointed it at the Shredder. "How dare you talk to me like that! I am Orochimaru, the Snake Sannin! I will become a god!" With those words, Orochimaru swung his blade, and the battle began. At first, the Shredder parried his blows with what looked like a bored look on his face. However, the samurai started to deal out blows as well. The weird thing was that every time the sword was swung, lightning shot out, and even if he moved away, if the sword was swung the blade would produce shockwaves that would still hit him. Orochimaru finally had enough. He was the strongest, wasn't he? And if he was the strongest, then why should he be on the defensive? Letting out a battle cry, he charged and swung his blade downward, intending to deliver a devastating blow, but the Shredder merely blocked it with his blade. When the two crossed swords, massive amounts of lightning chakra erupted from the sword and started hitting both the walls and the floor. Eventually, the Shredder got bored and simply kneed the Sannin, and when he was reeling from the blow, slashed at him with the sword, creating a huge gash.

Orochimaru fell to the ground with a thud. The Sannin was beaten, no doubt about it. He knew that the man was going to make him suffer. Either that, or he would be killed quickly. He then heard footsteps. He turned his head in front of him, and behind the Shredder was Kabuto. Orochimaru smirked. He hadn't lost after all. In the end, Orochimaru would come out on top.

"Kabuto," he managed to spit out before coughing up blood. "Help your master! Cut him down!" However, Kabuto walked up to Orochimaru and kneeled down towards his face. For what seemed like a minute, no one said anything. Then, Kabuto plunged a knife in his back, killing him instantly. Orochimaru's last thoughts before he died were why Kabuto betrayed him.

Kabuto got up and turned towards the Shredder with a grin. "Well, that was easy," he said with a grin. "Now what do we do now, Shredder-sama?"

The Shredder looked towards another doorway that was in front of him. "What we do now is burn the place down. But before that, we ask our guests to come out from their hiding place."

For a moment, there was silence, then six people walked out, looking embarrassed at being caught. "How did he know we were there?" Were the thought that went through Shikamaru's head.

"It looks like you are from Konoha, are you not," the samurai replied. "I have no quarrel with you today. Leave this place immediately."

Shikamaru narrowed his eyes. "I'm afraid we cannot do that. We were sent on a mission to eliminate Orochimaru and take anyone or anything of value back to Konoha. Since Orochimaru is dead, it looks like we don't have to do that part. I'm afraid I should be asking you to leave. And leave Orochimaru's sword where it is. As of right now, everything and everyone in Sound is now property of Konoha."

At those words, the Shredder let out a cold laugh. Kabuto only smirked as he watched his lord laugh. After he stopped laughing, the Shredder glared at them. "I thank you for telling me a wonderful joke." At those words, the Konoha team tensed. "So you want this sword, don't you? The Kusanagi belongs to you is what you are saying?" As he said those words he picked the blade up and swung it around a few times. Finally, he grabbed the blade with his left hand and bent the blade as hard as he could. To everyone's surprise, the blade shattered.

"So it was a fake," the Shredder said. "Since I have no use for a fake Kusanagi, you can have it. And while you're at it, get out of here before I decide to kill all of you."

At first, no one said anything. Then Sasuke charged forward, screaming at the top of his lungs. The Shredder shook his head and stabbed his sword into the ground. When the Uchiha got close to him, he delivered a punch to his gut, send both him and the sword flying.

Neji immediately activated the Byakugan. "Impossible," he muttered, "I can't see his chakra paths. It's like the armor is blocking my sight." Shikamaru used his clan's jutsu successfully, capturing their foe's shadow. "Kagemane no Jutsu is successful." He smirked as he said those words. However, the Shredder calmly moved his hand, and to Shikamaru's surprise, his hand moved as well. The Shredder then drove his own his towards his chest plate, hitting his protected stomach. Shikamaru immediately doubled over in pain, gasping for air. Chouji yelled out, "You bastard, take this! Partial-" he didn't get to finish his sentence before a fist was driven into his gut. However, there was no one there. But when he looked closer, he could see some strange ripples in the air in front of him. The ripples eventually revealed a ninja covered in what appeared to be blue chakra armored appeared in front of him. The armored ninja also wore what looked like black gauntlets and greaves, a black face plate, black shoulder pads, and a black belt. On his back was a katana. These ninja were known as Foot Tech Ninjas, soldiers using stealth technology said to be developed by Spring Country.

After being knocked down, Sasuke glared at the Shredder, but then he saw the man's sword. Smirking to himself, he yelled out, "Since you broke the Kusanagi, it's only fair if I take your sword as payment!" And with those words, he lunged towards the sword and grabbed its handle. What happened next was either karma or stupidity on the Uchiha's part. As soon as he touched it, he was suddenly hit with a strong burst of electricity. What Sasuke didn't was that the sword was known as the Sword of Tengu. Said to be crafted by tengu blacksmiths, legend said that the sword killed its creators. It also said those who were not worthy were punished by the sword's divine storm. Unfortunately for Sasuke, he was not worthy, and was being electrocuted. He cried out in pain, the Shredder meanwhile was watching him almost as if he was bored. After what seemed to be a minute, Sasuke was pulled off of the sword. The Shredder then drove his fist into Sasuke's chest and was sent back to the ground.

Rock Lee couldn't believe it. Sasuke Uchiha had been beaten, and it looked like their enemy hadn't broken a sweat. Just then, more of what looked like chakra armor wearing ninjas appeared. After they appeared, ninja's wearing a black uniform with a dragon's foot on front started to pour out, blocking any escape route they could've taken.

"By all rights, I should kill you," the Shredder said, pulling his sword from out of the ground. "However, I'm in a merciful mood. I want you six to leave Otogakure and go back to your village. As of right now, Otogakure has been conquered by me. Go to your leader and tell her that if she messes with the Foot Clan, then rest assured that the Shredder will strike her down!" And with those words, the Konoha shinobi picked up Sasuke and left, the Foot ninja, moving out of the way so the could leave.

After he was sure they had left, Naruto removed his helmet. He was covered in sweat, a result of wearing the armor. Kabuto turned to him. "Looks like you made some new enemies," he said with a chuckle.

Naruto shook his head. "No," he said with a firm voice, "they are not new enemies. They've been my enemies since I've been thrown out of the village."

"What do we do now, Naruto-sama?" Kabuto asked.

"Now, we prepare ourselves. The Shredder has made himself known to the Elemental Nations. Now that we have shown ourselves, every village will either want to hire us, or destroy us. We shall show these villages that we will never back down. That is our way!" At those words, the Foot let out a cheer. Amidst it all, Kabuto couldn't keep the smile off his face. Maybe this new leader wouldn't be so bad after all.


Well, it looks like Naruto has issued a challenge to any and all who want to challenge him. How will this affect Konoha? Will Konoha find out who he is? Will Naruto reveal even more of his secrets? Tune in next time to find out.