This is my first time writing fanfiction, I know there will be holes and such so please don't go too harsh on me. I hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1, The Game

Sarah wandered through the crowd of people, cautiously eyeing the masked participants of the Goblin Festival. This is like something out of a Renaissance painting... She thought. Everyone was laughing and dancing, carrying on like it was Mardi Gras. Jesters spitting fire and beautiful men and women lost in their own illusions. Wow, the city's really out done itself, this fair is great!

As she walked through the fog of masks a grave feeling began to sink over her; this was familiar, as if she had done it before. No one noticed the little man in purple and yellow tights scamper across the stage. He stood as tall as he could with his chest puffed out at the centerfold. The lights of the street dimmed as red party lanterns cast a spot light on the little man. Everyone turned from their activities with slight curiosity.

"And now, it is time to begin the Game." the strange man announced. he peered around the room as if he was about to unveil some huge secret. He clasped his hands together and hunkered down a bit, a sly sneer spread across his lips. "It is time for the King of the Goblin Festival to chose a consort. One of you lovely maidens will have the honor of being presented with the King during the final celebrations." His eyes darted throughout the crowd as if searching for something. "The Game begins with a dance, all participants with be masked. The King will be among you, though you will not know it. As you rotate he will chose those he wishes to proceed to the next round." He then gave a theatrical bow as the lights started to glow brighter and a non-present symphony started to play.

Sarah unknowingly found herself in the middle of the dance floor. She looked around frantically for an escape when she noticed that the women were no longer dressed in cheap medieval garments, but were adorned it extravagant gowns and donned fabulously horrifying masks. Suddenly everyone was paired up, in an instant she was whisked away by a shadowy figure with no face. She was passed from shadow to shadow, not paying much attention; something was odd, she thought.

After what seemed like only a few minutes the dance ended as the crowd looked towards the stage. The dwarf held a white envelope in his hand, he stood a moment and read. he then looked upon the crowd and beckoned giggling women from within. As Sarah watched, she could have sworn he was pointing to her.

The rest of the crowd backed away, leaving Sarah exposed. What? Why would he chose me? I wasn't being charming or seductive...I was just dragging along to the beat. These women are practically throwing themselves at him! She thought for a brief moment before the man spoke again.

"Those of you before me have been chosen, lucky you." He said with a smirk. "The second round will be as follows-" Sarah noticed his eyebrow twitch. " A number of masked men will present themselves before you. They will act as they may, and it is up to you to chose the right response. Once again the King will be among you, and he will chose those who he" His attempt to hide his chuckling did not go unnoticed. What? What was she supposed to do? Whore it up for some stranger or come off as a prude bitch? What kind of game was this! Sarah wasn't about to take any more of this, she turned to exit when she noticed the crowd was so dense a rat couldn't fit through.

Sarah watched as men started to walk towards a selected female, some were gentlemanly, others were pigs, and others yet, didn't even have a chance. She observed the different reactions from the women, some were so eager to be chosen they threw themselves at their courter, others tried to play hard to get. She hardly noticed the man who had approached her. He was tall, with broad shoulders and radiated an aura that said he meant business. he wore beautiful black and blue velvet garments, with glittering jewels and lace.

"You look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?" Sarah asked quizzically. There was something so familiar about all this, maybe in a dream perhaps. " You meet men in such attire often?" He asked sarcastically.

"You'd be surprised." She replied with a light laugh.

"Such a pretty laugh, pity I can't see it." His head cocked slightly.

"Excuse me? Wha-?" She said as her hands reached for her face and felt the cold ceramic of the mask that now covered most of her face. Whatthefuck?.. She though, trying to maintain her composer she straightened herself and brushed at her dress. Dress? What the hell is going on? I was wearing jeans a minute ago! "I'm sure you would, but first I must ask- what kind of grin lies beneath your mask?" She said in a seductive pure.

" A mischievous one." He said as he leaned in towards her. " Now, tell me, how much do you desire to win this contest?" If they weren't wearing masks their faces would be touching.

" Not enough to throw myself at you." She thought that was a good comeback, a good way to keep the conversation on a steady pace. What she didn't think was that he would reach out and take off her mask.

The mysterious stranger reached up ever so slightly, and gasped the edges of her mask. What beauty lies underneath? He wondered, there was something so comforting about her, so...familiar. He watched the mask slowly reveal the face beneath. the first thing he saw was the flutter of her eyes, those big green eyes. His heart stopped, and he chocked back a gasp. His hand frozen for a split second, Sarah mistook this as a signal to reciprocate. She slowly reach up with both hands and slid the mask from her mysterious suitor. The moment they saw each other all time was on edge. Jareth's face grew hot as he gazed upon Sarah for the first time in five years. Oh how she had grown, he remembered giving his heart to a lovely, yet ignorant girl. The being that stood before him now had the ferocity to make entire kingdoms crumble. So many things were happening in that instant. He felt anger and rage at her, he felt sorrow and resentment. But more than anything he felt a bursting wave of scorching passion that it threatened to consume him. he stood for an awkward moment, trying to wrangle in his unruly emotions.

Jareth was not the only one lost in a daze. Sarah stood before the man who she had feared, admired, detested and desired. If there was ever a time to get an emotional punch of the face, this was one of them. Her eyes were as wide as they could be as she took in the sight of him; he was exactly as she remembered, except this time she viewed him through a woman's eyes. He was tall and lean, his wild blonde hair framed his angled face perfectly, his ravenous mismatched eyes held so much emotion she thought he might shoot lasers at her.

She opened her mouth to say something and couldn't find the words. Realizing she must look like an utter fool, she shook herself from her daze and said, "W-What are you doing h-here?" She didn't noticed she leaned into him, but Jareth did. He raised his hand to caress her cheek tilting her face towards his, giving her a weak smile.

"It's been a long time, Sarah." The touch of his gloved hand upon her skin was enough to make her melt, she leaned in a bit closer and took in his smell. He smells like peaches, and snickered at the thought. She looked up at him once more, but now his smile waned. She started to grow confused, the world seemed dark, her thoughts were racing and all she could she was him. She wanted him, she needed to be closer to him, but she couldn't. She was frantic, desperate, as though she'd go mad without his touch.

Sarah woke up dazed and confused, in a little bed, in the corner of a dusty room where the ceiling was so low it was hard to stand up in. She heard a rustling from another room, she got up ready for a fight when a friendly face walked through the door.

"Ah, Sarah, glad to see you're up." Hoggle exclaimed through the doorway.