"You'll be on in a minute cal" said the TV presenter behind me.

I turned around to see the technical crew beckoning me onto the stage. As I walked out I was met with a massive round of cheers from the in studio audience.

"20 seconds" said the TV presenter as I sat down.

The lights dimmed and the TV shows theme music started playing.

"And are here with special guest Callum Ormond. Welcome back to Hindsight"

said the TV presenter smiling at the audience. He turned to me.

"Well Callum apparently you have finished writing your book?" he asked me.

"Yes I have" I replied shortly.

I had been pulled away from saying goodbye to Boges who was leaving to go to work at NASA for the holidays.

"I hear it shows someone who helped you along the way when you were, well, not popular?"

Yeah I thought. When I was 15 I had been framed for shooting my Uncle and putting my sister in a coma. I had been forced on the run for a year and was in hiding from not just the cops but the crims too. This was because I had to uncover a family secret which could make people very rich and powerful. The criminals all wanted to uncover it and they would stop at nothing to do it. They would even kill me. I was brought back to reality by another round of cheer. I looked up and saw Winter Frey walking onto the stage with a dazzling smile on her face. My eyes flicked down to Winter's wrist where I knew she had a tattoo that reminded her of her parents. To my horror I saw a small inscription around her wrist. There was an awkward moment when our eyes met but she quickly moved on and took her seat.

"and we will be back after this ad break!" said the TV presenter enthusiastically.

Winter and I hadn't spoken much since we had our fight about me writing my book, so it was awkward when I grabbed her hand and pulled her off the stage.

"What's this?" I asked her angrily pulling her hand up and looking at her wrist.

"and why weren't you at the airport this morning?"

On her wrist was written. In memory of my guardian and saviour, Vulkan Sligo. Where her bird tattoo was there was just a small burn. It had been her reminder of her parents who had been murdered by Vulkan Sligo. I looked at her. By this point she was crying.

"This man came to my house and made me do that. He says he is Sligo's son and is here to avenge his father." She told me. "His name is Joshua"