Sam and I went down to the front door and opened it. Standing there were my sister, her boyfriend Jake and Sam's wife Sally. We welcomed them in and Sam pulled Sally off to one side. When he came back he told me that he had let her know about what we had told Kim and Ryan. Gabbi and Jake went outside to the sundeck with Sally while Sam and I went back up to Kim's room.

"Come swim with us" said Sam enthusiastically.

Kim and Ryan both got up and walked out the room towards the stairs. I walked out and up the other way calling Sam with me. I continued to a rarely used set of stairs that went up onto the third level of my house. When we got up there Sam stopped and stared. All over the walls were wanted pictures of me when I was young. There were also documents that I had when I was on the run. In the corner of the room was a glass case. Inside it were a few items that were extremely important to me. First there was the Guardian Angel Pin that was given to me by Repro, there was also my backpack, mobile phone, and track detonator bombs. Around the walls were my father's drawings. On the far wall was a picture that Boges had taken when we had found the Ormond Singularity. It showed me, Boges and Winter grinning madly at our find.

"Wow" exclaimed Sam.

"Should we bring Kim and Ryan up here later?" I asked him

"Yeah, we should" he replied looking around at the pictures on the wall.

There were pictures Winter drew of the Jewel and there were Winter's altered drawings that she had copied from my dad's drawings. They were to use as bargaining power to get Gabbi back when she was abducted. I wanted to get out of there so I went down the stairs and Sam followed me.

"You two are like little kids!" shouted Sally from the sun deck.

Sam jumped out the pool and ran over to her. He picked her up and ran over the pool with her flailing in his arms. My boys, Nicholas and Steven, jumped up and tried to push Sam in. Sam put Sally down and she quickly retreated back to her chair. Sam turned around to deal with his other problem. He picked each boy up by back of their rash vest and threw them in. They screamed as they resurfaced and Steven yelled,

"Declare war!"

The boys grabbed their water pistols and started shooting Sam. Sam pretended to die and fell into the water splashing the boys as well as Kim.

"YOU WET MY HAIR" she screamed before turning back to her conversation with Ryan. I swam over to her and picked her up.

"STOP DAD" she yelled kicking and punching me.

I dipped her hair in the water and then felt some little arms on my back. I put Kim down and turned around.

"Uncle Cal throw me?" asked Britney.

I picked her up and threw her across the pool into the middle of the raging fight between Sam and the boys. I quickly swam over to them and grabbed Steven. Sam saw what I was doing and grabbed Nicholas. We threw them over to the other side of the pool in a strategic place so that the splash hit Kim. She stormed out of the pool area and into the house. Ryan followed her.

Later that day we were sitting down having lunch when Gabbi said that she had something to tell us. She looked at Jake and smiled.

"We are getting married!" she said.