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The world started spinning terribly. The mastermind behind this was none other then Otakiku. He had planned everything from the start, even before they stepped into the room. It was a feat worthy of Light Yagami's praise.

"Heh, just as planned," he said.

He swiftly ducked, just as Arthur flailed wildly and started falling on Alfred. Alfred looked at Arthur with a confused face as Arthur stood up, groaned, and walked away.

Otakiku pointed at Arthur and said "YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STAY THERE AND NOT STAND UP!"

Grabbing something sharp, Arthur snarled back. "WHAT'S IT TO YOU, YOU BLOODY WANKER. WHO ARE YOU TO ORDER ME AROUND?"

"Do not shout at me," Otakiku drew out a long sword, glared at Arthur and pointed it at his neck.

The world continued shaking, rendering both men unable to stay on their feet. Arthur was looking right into Kiku's eyes as the long sword reached his neck. At the same time, the 'Trololololol' song started to play in the background. The tune of "Trolololol~ Trolololol~" rang throughout the room.

Just then, a gunshot was heard and Otakiku fell onto the ground, Alfred was behind Arthur, with a revolver in hand.

"Heh, that was easy, I didn't even have to waste bullets." Alfred grinned at the body slumped on the floor.

Glaring at Alfred, Otakiku warned him not to fool around.

"I-I don't need you to protect me, git," Arthur scowled ferociously, pushing Alfred aside only to point his sword at the fallen Otakiku.

"This was not the expected outcome," Otakiku said in a slightly weak manner. The background music of 'Trolololol' continued to play as someone by the name of Trollapan was singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up' outside of the room. As soon as that happened, the world gradually stopped spinning and it rested to a stop.

"So answer me, how on earth could we get out of here and WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS WITH THE UNNEEDED BACKGROUND MUSIC!" Arthur exclaimed, annoyed yet confused at the same time.

The music changed from something dramatic and befitting an action movie to a slow, moody tune, which would not be out of place in The Phantom of the Opera. As well as organ music playing dramatically in the background.

Alfred looked around the room confused, trying to find the source of the music. "Being the hero, I shall save England's ears and try to end the dramatic un-heroic music!" He exclaimed with his usual pose of heroic-ness.

"Shut up, I don't need your bloody help!" Arthur turned to shout at Alfred.

Meanwhile, Trollapan was outside of the room, and he was singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up' with different lyrics. "GONNA TROLL THE PERSON WHO CHANGED THE MUSIC, GONNA TROLL THEM ALL, GONNA TROLL EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD," he sang, slightly frustrated.

"But I'm the hero and it's my job to get you out of here, isn't it~?" Alfred grinned, his arms around Arthur.

Arthur scowled and shrugged off the arm around him. "Stop fooling around, we've got to get out of here... somehow." When he heard someone outside the room singing, Arthur stiffened. "Someone... someone else's here," he muttered shakily.

Picking himself up, Otakiku dusted his shirt and pants and dragged his sword to the front of the door. "Who's there," he asked tartly.

"Don't lurk around and reveal yourself to the hero!" Alfred brandished his gun as he shouted loudly.