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Ten year old Uzumaki Naruto frowned as he gazed into the crimson pupils of his tenant, the Kyuubi gazed back with amusement and interest clear in its eyes.

Today was the tenth of October, the tenth anniversary of the demons sealing as well as Naruto's birthday. As with his birthdays before, Naruto had been hunted down by a mob of angry -and drunk; very, very drunk- villagers and beaten brutally. Unlike his last beatings however the boy had awoken somewhere other than the hospital, his mind-scape.

It hadn't taken him long to discover the Kyuubi and its cage, at first the boy had been terrified when faced with the terror that was the Kyuubi no Kitsune but after a few minutes the demon had managed to calm the frightened child and explain how and why it was within his mind.

Naruto now stood in thought while the demon sat waiting.

"I see." Naruto murmured after a few minutes. "So I'm not actually a demon like all the villagers seem to believe, I'm just the prison."

"Correct." Kyuubi replied grinning at the much smaller child. "You're much smarter than you look human."

Of course Kyuubi -having lived in Naruto's body for ten years- knew how smart the boy truly was. While the boy normally acted like a fool in public and was the dead last of his class, he was actually quite intelligent and perceptive. Naruto had long ago realized that the villagers would hate him more if he did well in class so he had chosen to hide behind the persona of a fool, a mask he had intended to keep until he was a ninja and out of the deathly grip of the council.

Naruto chose to ignore the comment. "So the villagers all know about you being sealed in me?" He asked after a few seconds.

"Only the adults," Kyuubi replied with a wide grin. "The old Kage made it illegal for anyone to speak of the sealing to the younger generation."

Naruto scowled when he heard the demon mention the Sandaime Hokage, oh how he despised that man.

The Sandaime was absolutely worthless in his eyes, he was almost as bad as the rest of the village. Sure, the man had always been kind to him and seemed to truly care for him but he was so useless and ineffective at the same time. Sarutobi would always, always, arrive just after his beatings; far too late to do anything other than take him to the hospital and even that was pointless since Kyuubi would heal the wounds anyways. Also rather than punish the attackers Sarutobi would simply allow the council to walk all over him and set them free, the man had no backbone whatsoever. The last straw for him though was when the old man would come to him and actually ask for him, an innocent child who had done nothing wrong, to forgive them of their sins. After the fifth time Naruto had stopped caring about the old man and what he had to say, Sarutobi had become just another villager to him.

"Of course he did." Naruto sneered in distaste and annoyance. "This just proves what I've always known, the people of this village are idiots."

Kyuubi chuckled at the child's words. "Oh don't worry kid, you'll soon learn that all humans are idiots."

Naruto smirked slightly before looking back to the demon. "So what now?" He asked

"Now?" Kyuubi's grin widened. "Now we make a deal."

Naruto eyed the demon skeptically. "What sort of deal?"

"A trade." Kyuubi replied. "I want my freedom, in exchange I'll give you the power to achieve whatever goals you may have."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Free you? Why should I? How do I know you won't just kill me once you're free?."

"Much much smarter than you look." The demon stated with a smirk. "I'll give you my word not to kill you after I've been set free, a demons word is like a binding contract; if I break it, bad things happen, painful things." Kyuubi actually shuddered as its eyes glazed over, a moment later in eyes snapped back to the child before it. "Besides most of my power has been drained over the years thanks to this blasted seal; after I give you this power, I'll need to sleep for at least a few hundred years to regain what I've lost."

Naruto stood in thought as he weighed the pros and cons of the deal. On one hand he would have the power to defend himself from the villagers and become a powerful ninja someday, on the other hand he...hmm there didn't seem to be any cons to the deal.

With a smirk that matched the Kyuubi's he replied. "What sort of power?"

Kyuubi grinned.

"The power of a Kitsune." The demon replied.

Seeing the confused look on the young boys face Kyuubi continued.

"My chakra has been flowing through you since just hours after your birth, it's been healing you, strengthening you and changing you." The demon explained. "The more you use my power the more Kitsune like you become, in form at least. What I intend to do is use that chakra and give you the abilities of a true Kitsune."

"Abilities of a Kitsune?" Naruto asked with a confused expression. What sort of abilities did Kitsunes have? There weren't many books in the village on such creatures, most likely due to the Kyuubi's attack a decade ago.

"Oh yes, you see Kitsunes may be known as tricksters and pranksters but we have some incredibly powerful abilities, as the oldest and most powerful Kitsune alive I will grant you a few of these abilities." Kyuubi explained. "If you agree that is."

"Alright, we have a deal." Naruto grinned with glee. "Now what are they?" He asked joyfully.

Kyuubi smiled darkly before replying. "The first is the Kitsune-bi(Foxfire), it will allow you to easily summon up a ball of fire without using any of those silly hand seals you humans invented; the more chakra you pour into the technique the bigger and hotter the flames."

Naruto's grin widened at this.

'Ha! Take that Sasuke-teme, my fireball will be loads better than yours.' He chuckled imagining the look on a certain Uchiha's face when he, the Dobe, managed to create a fireball with no hand seals.

His rivalry with Uchiha Sasuke was the one thing he allowed to bleed through to his idiot persona, since day one he had disliked the gloomy Uchiha and vice-versa. Over the years their mutual dislike had turned into a sort of rivalry between the two since they were usually paired together in Taijutsu class. Although Sasuke would always win their little fights Naruto was sure they were quite evenly matched, unfortunately he could never use his full power due to his persona.

Unaware of its vessels thoughts Kyuubi continued on.

"This ability also has the added effect of making you immune to most flames, only the hottest of fires will be able to harm you," The demon spoke as crimson chakra surrounded it and rushed at the boy. "Now hold still."

"Huh?" Naruto asked dumbstruck before the chakra latched onto him and he started to scream. From his head to his toes his entire body was aflame with pain, it felt like he was being slowly burnt alive.

As fast as it had come the pain vanished and Naruto groaned. He had collapsed to his knees during the ordeal but with the pain gone now he was able to stand, if somewhat shakily.

"Shit." He cursed as phantom pains raced through his form "You didn't tell me it would hurt so much."

"You didn't ask." The demon answered "Had enough?" It asked with a smirk.

Naruto growled and shook his head no.

"Good, now to use the Kitsune-bi simply mold chakra in either one of your hands or your mouth while thinking of flames."

Kyuubi had barely finished speaking before a large ball of orange fire sprung to life in the boy's right hand, the ball was three times the size of Naruto's head and radiated with heat.

Naruto was taken by surprise by the size of the fireball and jumped in shock causing the Kitsune-bi to fall into the water below him, the fireball went out as soon as it hit the water but not before causing a cloud of steam to cover most of the room.

"Heh heh." The blond grinned sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head.

Kyuubi sighed and Naruto was sure he saw one of its eyes twitch but that could have been from the steam.

"You'll need more practice but once you've mastered the technique you'll be able to easily control the size and intensity of the flames." The demon stated evenly.

Naruto nodded in reply.

Sarutobi Hiruzen, Sandaime Hokage, sat with a worried expression on his face as he looked over the body of young Uzumaki Naruto, the vessel of the Kyuubi and his adopted grandson.

Like many times before he had arrived far too late to save Naruto from the mob of angry villagers and could do nothing more than bring the injured child to the hospital, where he then had to threaten the staff just to get a room for the boy.

'Oh Minato, if you knew the life your child would face would you still have saved this village?' He pondered sadly.

Looking over the boys form Sarutobi frowned as he noticed that Naruto was still unconscious, not asleep just unconscious. Usually after one of these attacks the boy would heal in under half an hour, thanks to his tenant, and awaken five minutes after.

It had been two hours since Naruto had healed.

Sarutobi couldn't help but feel worried for the boy, what was keeping him unconscious?

His reply came in the form of crimson chakra that exploded from the seal and surrounded the boy. He heard the door slam open as his two ANBU guards entered the room but the Kage was already moving.

The Sandaime was at Naruto's side in an instant with one hand glowing with the multicolored flames of the Gogyo Fuin while the other held the child's shirt up so he could see the seal.

Strangely enough the Kyuubi's chakra vanished a moment later with no change in the Shiki Fuin.

'What just happened? What is the demon doing?' Sarutobi wondered as the evil feeling of the Kyuubi's chakra soon faded from the room.

"Wolf, gather your squad and retrieve Jiraiya, inform him that it is of the utmost importance." Sarutobi ordered as his eyes gazed over the seal.

The wolf masked ANBU nodded and vanished with a poof.

"Bird get me a med-nin, I want to know what's happening." Sarutobi continued.

The second ANBU nodded before vanishing as well.

'What are you up to in there Kyuubi.' Sarutobi pondered with a frown.

"What's next?" Naruto asked as the steam from his Kitsune-bi cleared and he could see Kyuubi clearly.

"Next is the Kitsune's natural affinity for illusions, normally this would allow you to cast illusions so elaborate that they can hardly be distinguished from reality but thanks to this blasted seal you have far too much chakra and not enough control to cast even the most basic of illusions."

Naruto frowned slightly.

"That's why I decided to cheat and created this." Kyuubi continued, grinning madly.

There was a flash of red light from Naruto's right hand and when it cleared he noticed that he now wore an elaborate ring on his pointer finger.

The ring was made completely out of silver with a pair of foxes engraved onto it, both foxes were facing each other while their bodies curved along the ring until their tails touched and wrapped around each other. Each fox had one visible eye and within each eye was a small, beautifully carved ruby that seemed to pulse with his heart beat.

Kyuubi grinned as it saw the look of awe, wonder and curiosity on the boys face.

"Simply channel chakra into the eyes of the ring and they will release a flash of red light." The demon explained.

Naruto looked up with a confused expression. "A flash of light? What good is that?"

Kyuubi's grin widened.

"The ring allows you to cast illusions over a persons five senses, the light is simply the first stage. After seeing the light just once a person will fall into a sort of hypnotic state allowing you to easily control what they see, hear, smell, taste and feel. The illusions are so powerful that one would need as much chakra as a seven-tailed Biju or a very powerful Dojutsu to pierce through them and even with a Dojutsu the other four senses would still be affected. "

Naruto looked down at the ring with a new level of awe.

"As long as you have that ring you'll be able to cast illusions as powerful as mine, a nine-tailed Kitsune." Kyuubi finished with a prideful tone "However the illusions wear off once you stop giving the ring chakra so be careful."

Naruto nodded distractedly while he continued to stare at the small ring, the small ring that held so much power.

"Well? What's happening?" Sarutobi asked as the med-nin stepped away from the boy.

"I don't know Hokage-sama." The man said after a moment looking down on Naruto distastefully. "Something has changed in the de-boy though."

"What's happened?" Sarutobi asked with a slight frown at the mans tone.

"Before the 'event' the boy had only wind natured chakra." The med-nin began. "However he now has a secondary element of fire, sir."

Sarutobi stared at him with wide eyes. "Wind and fire? How is that possible? Wind and fire are opposing elements, it should be impossible to have both at the same time without a Kekkai Genkai."

The med-nin flipped through some pages on a clipboard before replying.

"There seems to be an increase in the amount of demonic chakra flowing through it-his body, this leads me to believe it has some thing to do with the.."

"Kyuubi." Sarutobi cut in. "But why would the demon do something like this? Why give Naruto another chakra element?"

"In my opinion sir this is just further proof that the demon may be gaining its freedom, perhaps he should be disp-"

The spike of killer intent from the Sandaime cut the man off as Sarutobi glared at him.

"Thank you Doctor, that will be all." Sarutobi ground out.

The med-nin quickly fled the room. Neither man noticed the small ring that had appeared on the boys hand.

"Now for the last, and in my opinion best, ability of the Kitsune clan." Kyuubi announced with a wide grin.

Naruto looked up from the ring on his finger with slight shock, after all how does one top nearly unbreakable illusions?

"All Kitsune's after a certain age gain the ability to shape shift, an ability you already have from me." Kyuubi continued.

Naruto's eyes widened slightly. "I can shape shift?" He asked in confusion.

Kyuubi snorted. "Of course, didn't you notice with that Orioke no Jutsu of yours?" The demon asked with a raised brow.

"But that's just a Henge." Naruto countered.

"Henge's aren't solid brat, a Henge is an illusionary technique." Kyuubi replied. "You can't cast illusions because of your lack of chakra control, so if you can't use Henge and your transformations are solid what does this mean?"

"I can shape shift." Naruto whispered.

Kyuubi nodded. "Of course its not true shape shifting, all you're really doing is surrounding yourself in chakra and making it solid; useful but flawed. It is similar to the technique I use to heal your wounds."

"Huh? I thought you just, I dunno, healed them."

"Nope, Kitsunes aren't healers. All I do is cover your wounds in my chakra and shift it into real skin, muscle and blood, it only seems like your healing because the seal slows down how fast my chakra can work." Kyuubi replied. "Without the seal interfering all your wounds could have been 'healed' in an instant."

Naruto nodded with a look of awe on his face.

"However, since you already have the ability to shape shift using your chakra as a medium I'm going to enhance it further." Kyuubi continued.

Naruto's eyes widened.

"I'll give you the true shape shifting of an elder Kitsune allowing you to control your form on a genetic level, simply put you'll be able to take any shape and form; you'll even be able to change the composition of your body." Kyuubi explained.

"Be careful though brat, your cells will devour chakra in order to shift and maintain the form, the bigger you get the more chakra you'll use up." Kyuubi warned before grinning. "But considering the fact that you'll be getting at least six tails of my chakra from this seal, you should be able to take some really big forms."

Naruto's eyes grew impossibly wide as he realized the implications of this power, with the amount of chakra he had now he could possibly become the size of a small building. How huge could he get with six tails of the Kyuubi's chakra added to his?

"Brace yourself brat, this one is going to hurt." Kyuubi stated with a gleam in its eye. "Its going to hurt, a lot."

With that said the crimson chakra of the Kitsune lord washed over him and Naruto's world exploded with pain.

Sarutobi grimaced as the aura of crimson chakra surrounded the blond haired boy once more, he could see the obvious signs of pain on the child's face and it saddened him that he could do nothing to help Naruto. He had attempted the Gogyo Fuin moments ago but the seal had just dissipated moments after it was applied, whatever was going on he was powerless to stop it.

Thankfully he had placed barrier seals on the walls after the first spike of Kyuubi chakra, heaven forbid the council gets a whiff of this. One spike of demonic chakra could be played off as the demon healing its host but two spikes? There was no way he could talk his way out of that.

Besides the annoying vultures that made up the elder and civilian councils had probably already received word of the med-nin's assessment after the first spike. They would most likely be calling a council meeting soon to deal with the issue, after all Naruto having more demonic chakra flowing through him was a cause for concern.

Sarutobi sighed as he retook his seat, Naruto had calmed down after a few seconds and the demonic chakra was slowly dissipating.

'Naruto,' Sarutobi thought with another sigh. 'I hope Jiraiya arrives soon, before its too late.'


As the pain faded Naruto grit his teeth and held in a groan, he was on his knees once more but this time his entire frame was shaking from phantom pains.

"You alright brat?" Kyuubi asked in an amused tone.

"Yeah, just peachy." Naruto grunted as he stood shakily.

"Good, now come let me out of here, the sooner I'm gone from this sty the better." The demon growled.

Naruto muttered something under his breath but slowly stalked up to the large doors of the demons cage. He grabbed hold of the seal before looking up into the excited eyes of the demon.

"Don't forget to swear the oath." The boy stated with a glare.

Kyuubi growled before rolling its eyes. "I, Kyuubi of the Kitsune clan, do hereby swear not to harm Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto; providing he releases me from the seal that keeps me imprisoned."

There was a rush of power as wind swirled around the two before everything returned to normal.

"There happy?" Kyuubi asked.

Naruto simply stared at the demon in shock.

"N-namikaze?" The boy stuttered out. "A-as in the Y-yondaime H-hokage, N-namikaze M-minato?"

The demon rolled its eyes. "Of course brat. He was your father after all. How did you not figure that out? How many other people in this village have blond hair and blue eyes?." Kyuubi asked in a mocking tone.

Naruto hung his head as a frown crossed his face.

'The Yondaime was my father? He sealed the Kyuubi in me? He ruined my LIFE!' The boy seethed. 'And Sarutobi! He obviously knew, he is the Hokage after all. He lied straight to my face! That wrinkly old bastard!'

"Oi brat, let me out already!" Kyuubi shouted ignorant to its vessels mood.

Without even a glance up Naruto ripped the seal off in one quick movement. Turning on his heel the blond stomped away from the cage, leaving the giddy demon behind.

Kyuubi stared after Naruto with a worried expression before it shrugged and grinned.

"Sweet sweet freedom, thank kami-sama the boy was willing to listen to reason." The demon chuckled as it stepped out of the cage that had contained it for the last decade.

With a swish of its mighty tails the demon tore a hole in the fabric of space and stepped through, leaving the mortal world behind.

The second the Kyuubi was gone a torrent of glowing blue chakra exploded from within the cage and proceeded to flow through the corridors of Naruto's mind. As the wave of chakra passed by the grimy red walls of the sewer cleared to reveal pristine white walls with large blue pipes lining them, the darkened water cleared and faded away leaving Naruto's mind to now look like a maze of white walls rather than the disgusting sewer it once was.

Outside his mind Naruto open his eyes and immediately hissed as he was blinded by the bright, white roof of the hospital room.

'Too bright!' The child cursed.

As soon as the thought passed through his mind Naruto felt a twinge in his eyes and everything in the room darkened.

'At least I know the shape shifting is working.' He thought as he brought his hands up to rub the spots out of his eyes.

"Naruto?" A voice said from beside him and Naruto turned to see the source.

His eyes narrowed as he sent his most hate filled glare at the source.

"Sarutobi." The boy ground out, the words laced with so much malice that the Sandaime flinched. "You and I have much to talk about."

Sarutobi gulped.

Sarutobi looked up when he felt Naruto's chakra spike, not the Kyuubi's chakra but Naruto's this time.

'His chakra, its getting...bigger?' The old man thought with wide eyes.

Sure enough he could sense Naruto's chakra levels rising higher and higher. The boy had always had plenty of chakra for someone his age but this? This was ridiculous.

At ten years old Naruto had already had the chakra reserves of a high level Chunin but now as he lay in bed with his eyes shut his chakra level was rising higher.

Special Jonin.

Sarutobi leapt to his feet and began examining the boy, nothing seemed to be amiss.


The boy was simply laying comfortably, Sarutobi reached for his shirt once more to examine the seal.

Elite Jonin.

The seal was gone, the SEAL was GONE! What the hell?

ANBU Commander.

Sarutobi backed up a step in shock, where had the seal gone? What was happening?


Was the Kyuubi escaping? Should he call for the ANBU? Could they defeat the demon if it possessed Naruto's body?


No, this wasn't Kyuubi. The chakra felt completely human, it felt like Naruto.

Sarutobi collapsed in his seat as the amount of chakra within Naruto's body reached a level even he could not comprehend, no human had ever possessed so much chakra. Only a fellow Jinchuriki tapping into their demon would come close to the boy, what had happened to Naruto?

Sarutobi was drawn from his thoughts by a hiss, he looked up to see Naruto rubbing his eyes.

'His eyes are still blue.' Sarutobi noticed immediately 'Then its not the Kyuubi, what has happened to Naruto? What happened to the seal?'

"Naruto?" Sarutobi asked after a moment, he was sure it was still the boy in there but what if the demon had found some way to possess the boy?

Naruto turned to look at him and Sarutobi almost flinched at the pure unbridled hate in the boys eyes.


The tone used caused him to flinch.

"You and I have much to talk about."

Sarutobi gulped.