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With the council meeting concluded, Naruto quickly made his way out of the Hokage tower and began the long trek to the Namikaze estates. Finding the clan compound would be an easy task since almost everyone in the village knew about it, it had belonged to one of the most powerful shinobi in the last century after all.

He arrived at the compound without being noticed at all but that may have been because it was quite late in the night, only shinobi on patrol would be out and about at this time of night. With a simple swipe of his blood on the compounds gates, he was easily granted access as the large silver gates, with a stylized letter N in the middle, swung open.

'Now, how do I lock this place down.' Naruto pondered with a frown. 'I don't need foolish and repentant villagers bothering me in the morning.'

Locking up the compound had been far easier than he expected since someone had left instructions on the other side of the gate; it had only taken a drop of his blood on a hidden seal behind the stylized letter N affixed to the gates.

With the compound locked down Naruto turned to view his new home. He had been provided some information on both his clans by the Sandaime during their talk in the hospital and although not much was known about both clans, it was enough for the young orphan.

The Namikaze clan had been a small clan that had gotten their start by helping found the village along with the Uchiha and Senju clans. They had no blood lines or special traits -except for their bright blond hair, and sparkling blue eyes- but were well known for their battle prowess, skills and genius. Sadly the last few members of the clan had been killed off during both the third shinobi war and the Kyuubi attack, leaving Naruto as the sole member of the Namikaze clan.

The Uzumaki clan however was a large clan that had been based in Whirlpool country, they were well known for their skills in Kenjutsu as well as Fuinjutsu. His mother, Uzumaki Kushina, had fled to Konoha when her village, Uzushiogakure, had been destroyed during the third shinobi war by the combined forces of Iwa, Kiri and Kumo. Due to a distant relation to the Senju clan, the Uzumaki clan was already a well established clan in Konoha allowing Kushina to gain asylum under clan laws. Many other Uzumaki could have survived the invasion and destruction of Uzu but as far as anyone in Konoha knew, Naruto was also the last living member of the clan.

Naruto whistled as his eyes took in his new home and he couldn't hide the grin on his face as he explored the compound.

The Namikaze estate was a small compound located between the Senju and Uchiha clan compounds. The compound held five small homes, each with enough room for a small family of five, a bathhouse and a training ground. The entire compound was arranged in the form of a large box with the gate and walls at the bottom, two homes on each side, and the last home and bathhouse at the top. In the center of the box was the training ground while there were miles of open space on the outside in case more buildings were ever needed.

Although the compound was small in comparison to those of the Uchiha and Hyuuga clans there was still enough room for several dozen more buildings, leaving him with plenty of space to both train and build upon.

While all the houses were built in the same style, (that of a Japanese home with sliding paper doors, tatami mats, etc.) The one built next to the bathhouse had a much darker roof, designating it as the home of the clan head.

Inside said home Naruto found exactly what he was looking for, his parents belongings.

In the dining area of the home he found five small scrolls on the table with his name on them, unrolling them revealed a large storage seal drawn on each one with a small label beneath. The scrolls were labeled Documents, Finance, Clan, Minato, and lastly Kushina. They were obviously the scrolls Sarutobi had mentioned.

With a deep breath Naruto unrolled the first scroll and channeled some chakra into the seal, with a poof of smoke the contents of the scroll was revealed.

Contained within the first scroll was a pile of documents belonging to the Namikaze clan, namely birth certificates, a family tree -which showed a small connection between the Namikaze clan and Hyuuga clan-, and a book of clan laws.

While he had already read the book on clan laws after it was assigned in the academy, there was only so much he could remember on a subject that had not affected him at the time. Smiling softly he tucked the small book into his pocket for later use, it would be a good idea to memorize the laws that now applied to him.

The other documents however were sealed up and set to the side. As an orphan, growing up, he had always been interested in his family and whether they still lived.

Now he knew the answer, no.

While he could have some very, very distant relatives inside the village it just wasn't the same, he was the last of the Namikaze and there was no changing that. As for the Uzumaki, any survivors of the attack would be too far gone for him to contact, the odds of him ever meeting another Uzumaki were quite low.

Unsealing the second scroll Naruto raised an eyebrow as a stack of sheets popped out, each with a storage seal on top and a small caption at the bottom. Grabbing the first three he read the caption at the bottom and felt his eyes widen, each sheet of paper contained several thousand ryo.

The second scroll had contained all the money belonging to both his parents as well as their respective clans.

The Namikaze, although a small clan had been quite rich as a whole, they had made plenty of money from high paying missions as well as the fortune given to the three clans by the Daimyo when the hidden village was first created.

The Uzumaki clan on the other hand had kept most of their fortune in Uzu but due to their relation to the Senju they had also kept a small fortune in Konoha for emergency uses. Being accomplished seal masters, the Uzumaki clan had made quite the fortune from their many jobs and contracts.

His parents had also made quite a lot of money during their time as shinobi, ANBU made quite a lot from the S-class missions they undertook while the Hokage received a large monthly bonus from the Daimyo.

All in all he was now one of the richest people in the village, the amount of money sealed within these sheets could easily last him several lifetimes.

After a few minutes just staring as the fortune sealed before him Naruto had finally decided to move onto the third scroll. Unsealing it he smirked slightly when two larger scrolls popped out, his clan scrolls.

The first was a large dark-green scroll with the Uzumaki clan symbol on the side, a whirlpool similar to those on Konoha flak jackets. The scroll was a copy of the main scroll in Uzu that had been kept safe in Konoha, it was at least a few decades out of date but held plenty of valuable information.

Unrolling the scroll his eyes widened and his mind boggled at the valuable information this one scroll contained.

Stored within the large scroll was the Uzumaki clan's secrets on Fuinjutsu, there was enough information stored within to help one become a seal master in a short number of years. Considering the fact that his parents had been dating since a young age, Naruto was sure this scroll had helped his father in becoming the genius seal master he became.

Also contained within the clan scroll was a list of C to A rank Suiton jutsu as well as the Kenjutsu style of the Uzumaki clan. Because they lived on an island nation with plenty of water, nearly all members of the clan were born with an affinity for Suiton jutsu. The Uzumaki clan had a variety of clan techniques based on the Suiton element, since they were known to have large chakra capacities most jutsu of the Uzumaki clan were quite chakra intensive.

The Kenjutsu style of the Uzumaki clan was known as the Uzumaki Hane (Whirling Blade), it involved a lot of spinning, ducking, dodging and counter attacking. Because the many spins and turns allowed one to cover all sides, the style was quite devastating against multiple opponents. Although best with multiple opponents it was also quite effective in single combat since the opponent lost their line of sight with the blade during the spins and turns.

It was an effectively powerful style largely based on speed, balance and skill.

Naruto grinned widely when he finished skimming the scroll, the information contained within the Uzumaki clan scroll put him much closer to his goal.

'I'll become a powerful sword user and seal master thanks to this scroll.' The boy thought with a grin. 'With this I can make my ancestors proud and make the Uzumaki famous once again.'

With his conviction in his dream strengthened Naruto turned to the second scroll.

This one was much smaller than the first and silver in color with the symbol of the Namikaze clan on the side, a circle with a set of curving lines within; depending on how he viewed the symbol it would appear as either a wave of water or a gust of wind.

Unrolling the scroll he noticed that it held less information than the Uzumaki scroll, a small note at the top explained why. The Namikaze clan as a whole held very few techniques of their own, mainly because the clan disapproved of specialization in one area. Each member of the clan was raised to hold varied skills in various areas, a practice that passed on to many in the village and one Naruto agreed with; with his father being a master of Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu he could see the benefits of mastering many areas of study.

Although they avoided overspecialization and reliance in one skill, the Namikaze clan was well known for their excellent Taijutsu and Futon Ninjutsu. Most members of the clan were born with an affinity for Futon jutsu, allowing the clan to invent a few powerful Futon techniques.

Since they believed in every member walking their own path the clan scroll only contained the most powerful of the clans Futon jutsu, two A-ranks and a single S-rank. The rest of the scroll was dedicated to the Namikaze clans basic Taijutsu style.

The style was known as the Sasu Hachidori (Hummingbirds sting), it was a style based equally on speed, power and flexibility. The style was said to be quite weak in comparison to many others but it was made so that a master of the style would be able to adjust it and create an entirely new and personal style.

Naruto was quite glad to see the information contained within the scroll, Sarutobi had already informed him of the change in his chakra element with wind as a primary and fire as a secondary. With his high affinity for Katon jutsu he would find it quite difficult to use many of the jutsu on the Uzumaki scroll, however thanks to his inherited affinity for Futon jutsu and outrageous chakra reserves he would be able to use the powerful Futon jutsu of the Namikaze clan with ease.

The Taijutsu style of the clan was also perfect for him since he found the academy style to be far too stiff and uncomfortable, with this new style he would be able to create his own style that would work better for him than any other style.

With a wide grin on his face Naruto set both scrolls to the side for further perusal at a later time.

Grabbing the fourth scroll Naruto smiled softly as he read the label, Minato. This scroll held his fathers belongings, well those that had survived the battle with the Kyuubi.

According to Sarutobi, during his time as Hokage the Yondaime had only kept a change of clothes at the Hokage mansion while the rest was stored within a safe house on the outskirts of the village, a safe house that had been destroyed during the Kyuubi attack. The clothes had been basic Jonin shinobi gear and had been given to the Yondaime's last surviving student, Kakashi, everything else was stored within this scroll.

With a deep breath Naruto applied some chakra to the scroll and unsealed its contents, a small smile spread on his face as his eyes watered slightly. There wasn't much in the scroll but the fact it had belonged to his father and hero was enough.

The first item he saw was a small photo of a blond haired man and a red haired woman, his parents. They looked quite young in the photo and his father was dressed only in Jonin gear meaning he wasn't Hokage yet. Naruto held the photo for several minutes simply smiling as he got his first look and the two people that had brought him into the world and given their lives to protect him.

'I promise mom, dad, I'll work hard and become a ninja you can both be proud of.' The teen thought tucking the photo into the pages of his clan rule book.

He picked up the next item which was a small scroll with the label 'For my Son or Daughter' on the side, unrolling the scroll Naruto smiled slightly at the information within. At the top of the scroll was a list of reference material for the child to look for in the topics of Taijutsu and Fuinjutsu, the Namikaze clan scroll was placed for Taijutsu while a sealing guide -written by the Yondaime himself- was listed for Fuinjutsu.

The rest of the scroll held a compilation of Jutsu ranging from the weak E rank Ninjutsu of the academy to some B rank chunin level Ninjutsu, as well as several different types of chakra control exercises. Apparently his father had prepared a scroll of jutsu for any future child he may have had. Sadly from the look of things he had never gotten the chance to finish the list.

The next and final item in the scroll was a small scroll with a swirling design on the surface, attached to the side of the scroll were a pair of tri-pronged kunai. The blond felt his jaw drop and his eyes widen as he read the three words on the side of the scroll.

Rasengan and Hiraishin.

Naruto simply gaped for several seconds as he stared at the small scroll, his mind trying to comprehend the possibilities held within this small scroll. Within moments he felt a chuckle escape him, then another and another, in a matter of seconds he had broken down and was laughing hysterically.

He had expected to have a few things from his parents but not something like this, if he could master these two techniques he truly would be one of the most powerful ninja alive.

'Oh this is fucking great!' The blond thought finally calming down. 'This is the best birthday ever.'

Lightly placing his fathers items to the side Naruto grinned widely as he unsealed his mothers items. Like his father, his mother had only a few salvageable items at the Hokage manor, mostly some clothing, scrolls, weapons, tools and personal items.

The weapons and tools, basic kunai, swords and senbon, had been donated to the ninja forces while the clothing and personal effects had gone to a close friend of his mother's, someone who's very name made him seethe with rage, Senju Tsunade.

Only three items were left to be inherited by Kushina's child and Naruto couldn't keep the glee out of his eyes as he beheld the three items.

The first two items were scrolls his mother had kept for any child she may have birthed. The first scroll held a copy of the Uzumaki clans Kenjutsu style and a few C-B rank Suiton Ninjutsu. The second scroll however was a list of Medical techniques taught to entry level med-nin, apparently his mother had been injured more than enough times as a child to realize the importance of medical techniques.

Naruto grinned as he placed the two scrolls to the side and turned his attention to the last item, an item that -to him- was equal in greatness with the Hiraishin and Rasengan scroll from his father.

It was an item that had made his mother the famous and feared kunoichi she had been, an item that went by many names but there was one that many shinobi would easily recognize; the Beniha no Uzu (Crimson Blade of Whirlpool).

The Beniha was one of three legendary weapons created by the master blacksmith, Tatsuko Nashari. Each weapon was said to be nigh indestructible and the best of their kind, they would never dull or rust and it was said that they could cut/break through any obstacle that stood in their path. Unlike the seven swords of the hidden mist or the Kusanagi of the hidden grass, the three weapons of Tatsuko had no special abilities to set them apart from regular weapons, they simply relied on their expert craftsmanship and their wielder's skill to gain their fame. The other two weapons, Uchiha Madara's battle fan/sickle and Senju Hashirama's pole staff, were both lost long ago; most likely in the epic battle that had formed the Valley of the End.

The final weapon, the Beniha, was given to his mother by its previous wielder when she fled whirlpool. She had used the blade well over the years and had created a reputation feared by all her foes.

This weapon, this legendary blade, was now his.

'I'll take good care of your sword mom, the Beniha will strike fear into the hearts of my foes like it once did yours.' Naruto thought picking up the sword.

It was a simple katana with a simple black clothed hilt and a swirl like hand guard but there was one discrepancy that revealed its true identity to all, the blade. The blade of the sword, unlike most katana's and swords, was blood red in color and gleamed with malevolent intent. It was rumored that the sword had been created using the blood of a demon or that it would drink the blood of those it slew, forever coloring it.

No one knew why the blade was such a color but many agreed that the Beniha was a truly fearsome weapon.

With his weapons and scrolls in hand Naruto made his way to the compounds training ground, although it was quite late at nights he was still well rested from the hospital.

There was always a week long vacation after the Kyuubi festival meaning he had one week to train as much as possible. After this one week he would have nine months to train and prepare, in nine months he would take the academy test.

His father, a true prodigy, had entered and graduated form the academy at the age of ten, gained the rank of chunin at eleven and jonin at twelve. Naruto had decided he would do the same or better, he would show the world his strength.

With his eyes burning with determination Naruto unrolled his various scrolls and began his training.

-Three days later-

Naruto gasped as he collapsed to the ground, his breathing was hard and sweat drenched his form.

For the last three days he had been training as much as he could, getting little sleep unless he passed out from exhaustion. Some of his training he had taken to with ease, others however were much harder.

The first topic he had decided to train was the Kitsune abilities from Kyuubi, one was easy enough but the other two however...well let's just say he had hit some road blocks.

The Genjutsu ring from the Kyuubi was an easy one for him to master, all he had to do was channel chakra to the ruby eyes to activate the first stage. The second stage had been much harder since he had to constantly channel chakra into the ring to keep the illusions active but after a few hours of practice he had gotten it down, he now had a portion of his chakra allocated to constantly channeling chakra into the ring. While this took up three percent of his overall chakra he had found that the amount of chakra needed for the illusions was extremely low so with improved chakra control he would be able to allocate a lower percentage of his power to it.

His Kitsune-Bi was a whole other matter. Due to the influx of chakra from the Kyuubi and his horrid control, the technique was twice as hard to master now. The smallest fireball he could create was the size of large horse and burned so hot that it had set all the grass in a two meter radius aflame. With his Kitsune-bi being nearly uncontrollable Naruto had decided that chakra control would be the most important skill for him to master.

Lastly was his ability to change forms, while the ability had plenty of perks and nearly no limits (like being able to go from a small rock to a large bear in less than a second) he had found that the limits it did have were the hardest to overcome. While he could make his flesh look like stone or water, he could not actually change it into stone or water. To use his shifting ability he had to visualize and understand what exactly he was changing into, something he found difficult to do.

When using the normal henge one had to simply visualize the form they wanted to take and allow the jutsu to do the work but for him to actually shift, inside and out, he would require intimate knowledge of the form and consistency he wished to take; without the knowledge he would be limited to the consistency of human flesh, no matter the size of his chosen form.

Luckily for him however he had found a simple solution to this problem, a medical Ninjutsu. Contained in his mothers medical scroll was a low rank diagnostic jutsu that could work on both living beings and inanimate objects, the jutsu was mostly used to scan a body and look for any problems but with the right application it could also provide a scan of the subjects make-up. Using this jutsu he could scan people, animals and objects instantly and learn their physical make-up before shifting into it, he could even use it to on a bloodline user and learn how to replicate the bloodline in his own body.

Sadly this jutsu required high amounts of control, less than most medical Ninjutsu but more than he had. If he wanted to use his shifting ability to its full potential he would need to, like with his Kitsune-bi, increase his chakra control. He would need years and years of intense chakra control exercises to increase his control to the proper level.

He didn't have years, he had nine months.

Naruto was interrupted from his training by a slight tingle at the back of his mind, a feeling he had felt many times over the last few days. The tingle was the blood seal on the gates warning him of a presence attempting to enter.

For the last two days he had been constantly bothered by both civilians and shinobi trying to spot the 'Yondaimes legacy' or the 'Kyuubi's destoryer' a few had called out to him trying to apologize or mention how they had never believed him to be a demon but Naruto would ignore them and continue his training. While some still came by from time to time, he had been mostly left alone today.

Sighing to himself Naruto turned to the gate and cocked an eyebrow when he saw his visitor. It was the bandaged old man from the meeting three days ago, Shimura Danzo.

After taking a moment to order his thoughts and place a blank look on his face Naruto calmly walked over to the gates, he locked eyes with the older man's single eye before speaking.

"Greetings elder Danzo, how may I help you today?" He asked.

Danzo simply examined him for several moments before the old mans lips quirked upwards slightly.

"Greetings Namikaze-san." The man replied "From this day forth I am to be your sensei until you graduate from the academy."

Naruto quirked an eyebrow at this, he had read and heard many things about this man. The last he'd heard Danzo was commander of the ANBU black ops department, ROOT, a department few in the village knew about. The only reason he even knew anything about ROOT was from 'glancing' at the documents on the Hokages desk when he had been there to pick up his monthly stipend.

The man had been very powerful shinobi in his youth, he had rivaled the Sandaime in power and had been one of the candidates for the position of Sandaime Hokage. Danzo was also a very good instructor, able to produce Jonin and ANBU level shinobi in a few short years.

Why would such a man want to instruct him?

"I was under the impression that the Hokage forbid you from instructing me." Naruto replied in an even tone.

Danzo smirked slightly before replying.

"Hiruzen and I have come to an understanding of sorts, you are destined to be a powerful shinobi Namikaze and it is in my best interests to assist you in achieving that destiny as soon as possibly." The man explained.


"You must let me train the boy Hiruzen." Danzo growled as he stood before his one time rival.

"I already told you Danzo, I refuse to let you turn Naruto into one of your emotion less puppets." Sarutobi growled in reply.

Danzo smirked at his rivals familiar argument.

"But I don't have to, do I?" The bandanged man asked with a chuckle. "You saw the boy in the meeting, he already has the proper emotional conditioning."

Sarutobi couldn't help but agree with his old comrade, Naruto was more like a ROOT member than a regular child.

"Besides the boy needs training to control his large reserves, if you wait too long he will never achieve the control needed to reach his full potential." Danzo spoke, appealing to the other mans attachment to the boy.

Sarutobi frowned. "And why must you be the one to train him? I have plenty of other shinobi that could teach him the control required."

Danzo nodded in acceptance but his smirk remained in place.

"True but how many of them could truly make the boy the strongest shinobi the village has ever spawned? Look at your Sannin, the boy has far more potential than all three of them put together and only you or I can help him reach that potential."

"And why should I believe that you'll help him reach this 'potential'? I know how your ROOT are trained, you purposefully keep them at Jonin level in case they ever rebel." Sarutobi replied with narrowed eyes.

Danzo rolled his eyes in annoyance, Sarutobi had already made his decision and he was simply grasping at straws now.

"There is a difference between the boy and my ROOT," Danzo began. "They are expendable, the boy is not. Namikaze is a leader not a follower, the boy has the makings of a powerful leader, on2 that will make sure Konoha remains the most powerful of the hidden villages; I want to train him to make sure he does as such."

Both elder men stared at each other before Sarutobi finally sighed and hung his head.

"Very well, you may tutor Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto until he graduates from the academy." Sarutobi replied in an official tone. "At that time he will be placed with a Jonin instructor and you may continue training him as long as his Jonin-sensei agrees."

Danzo smirked but bowed respectfully nonetheless, it wouldn't do to give his rival a reason to change his mind.

"Do you require anything else?" Sarutobi asked when the other man remained in the room.

"Yes actually, the boy will require years and years of training to even gain some control over his large reserves." Danzo began "We dont have that long to wait, as such I request the Kage Busnhin scroll in order to accelerate his training."

Sarutobi's eyes widened and he frowned. "You know the dangers of that particular Jutsu, are you sure this is wise?"

Danzo nodded without hesitation. "He easily fits the chakra requirements so there is no risk there, as for the mental strain; I'll inform him of the dangers and make sure he knows to disperse them at an interval."

Sarutobi sighed once more. "Very well, you may teach him the Kage Bunshin, you may as well teach him its deviations as well, with his chakra capacity he is one of the few that can put them to good use."

"Hai Hokag-sama." The other man replied with a smirk.

"Is that so?" The young boy replied with a raised brow. "And what makes you think I require your assistance?"

Danzo smirked and remained silent for a few moments before replying. "You have more chakra than shinobi twice your age and the genes of two of the greatest shinobi produced by this village, I have heard of your dream from Hiruzen and if you wish to reach your full potential then you will require proper instruction."

The man took a moment to let the words sink in before continuing. "You may be able to reach your goal without my assistance but that will take decades of hard work, with my help that time could be cut down to just a year or two."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock but his mask was quickly placed in position earning a small smirk of approval from the older man.

"And how exactly do you expect to sum up decades of work in a few short years?" He asked with another raised brow.

Danzo nodded and pulled out a small black scroll. "I have here a special clone jutsu that will allow you to train at more than ten times the regular speed, with this Jutsu you could gain months worth of training in a single day."

Naruto eyed the scroll greedily as he thought over his options, he would prefer to keep his skills secret but perhaps Danzo's assistance was a better option.

With his mind made up Naruto swiped some blood on the gates and unlocked them.

"Very well, please come in Danzo-sensei." The boy stated in an even tone.

With a small nod the older man entered the compound.

And so began Naruto's training and hist first step to greatness