Hey people I got this idea from the story I just read; A tail of two Jinchuriki. I thought it -was adorable so I wanted to make my own version. =D Give my story a chance please.

Team Jinchuriki of the Village Hidden in the Darkness

Chapter 1: This is reality.


A young blond boy was running for his life once again. Naruto Uzumaki. He was the village Jinchuriki, and he knew it.

Well, he just found out.

You see, while he was being cornered in an ally way by a few villagers with rusty weapons threatening to punish him, he heard someone say 'YouDemonNineTailedFox' The smart boy soon put two and two together, the hatred, the abuse, the loneliness, that was all he could handle, he then began to cry. He was so distraught. While the villagers closed in on him he was able to slip out through a tall mans legs and run away.

He has been running ever since.

'That's why they hate me. Well we'll see if I really am a demon' He chuckled evilly. He then made a dash to the red light district's brothel where he has been living for the past three years since he was kicked out of the orphanage when he was three years old.

"I'm gunna run away!" Naruto said with conviction. He could do this because the only people he would be leaving behind would be the old man Hokage and the Ichiraku Ramen Stand owner Teuchi and his daughter Ayame. Oh, and the Hyuga girl he met in the park a few days ago. She was really nice. He knew that he would never forget her. He knew, simply because her scent was memorized into his brain, lavender and vanilla bean.

He could do this, yes he could. It would be easy, simply because he would be coming back; ready to kick some ass and take some names.


A young red head was walking around his desert village, clutching a teddy bear to his chest; the six year old boy was all alone. He had no one to befriend him.

He saw a group of kids playing ball. He decided to watch from a distance and as it seemed the universe was out to mock him once again as the ball rolled towards him and touched the tip of his toes. The red head looked at the ball for a second then to the kids then back to the ball at the tip of his toes then back to the kids. The kids had a mixture of fear and hatred in their eyes. The boy leaned over to pick up the ball and return it to the kids' then leave; however, just as he touched the ball all the kids whined. He picked the ball up and went to return it to the girl closest to him.

"Stay away you monster" She cried as he took a singular step towards he. She ran away crying for her mother and father grabbing the hand of the girl standing next to her. The girl who was being dragged had short green hair and brown eyes; she was looking back at the red head with sadness within those brown eyes which confused the young red head to no end. "Hurry Meesa! Or he will kill you!" He then watched to two girls disappear around the street corner.

"Nice job Demon, you ruined our game" a boy a little older than him said as he threw a stone at the red head. Just as it seemed the stone would hit the boy with the teddy bear a clump of sand rose and blocked it, the stone falling to the ground softly.

The older boy screamed, "He's going to kill us all! Run!" The boy and the rest of the kids ran away leaving the red head all alone with no one but his teddy bear.

The boy sighed as he dropped the ball then squeezed his teddy bear to his chest. He kicked the ball then walked back the way he came.

Thinking of what it would be like to have a friend he could have and to play with. The boy didn't care how many friends. He wished for only one so that he could be best friends; a wish that will soon be answered.

Unknown to the boy his father, the Kazekage, was watching him from his perch in the Kazekage tower. He was silent for a second, as if contemplating. He then motioned for the ninja behind him, "Send me my brother, Yashamaru, it is about time Gaara is dead."

Unknown to Gaara, the red head, the only person he trusted in his life was about to betray him.


Naruto was just about to slip through the gate when he heard someone behind him. He jumped at the sound. It was the Hokage; he was looking down at Naruto with a frown stretched over his wrinkled face.

"I hoped that this day would never come Naruto."

"Well I can't live here Oji-san I have a better chance of staying alive out there all by myself" Naruto gestured towards the gate behind him.

"I know," the Hokage sighed, "here, please do be safe, and come back. Don't make me worry too much Naruto."

"It's okay Oji-san I will be fine" Naruto said as he took the envelope from the aging leader. He opened it to see some money in it.

"Also, take this" the Hokage said as he held out his hand which held a blanket. It was a little big, enough for two people by the looks of it. And it looked comfy too.

"You be safe," He said again in a stricter tone to the little blond, "now go before we are both caught" Hiruzen smiled a small smile and ruffled the boy's messy hair as the little boy said his good-bye and gave him a hug then slipped through the gap in the gate. He turned to the Hokage one last time, "Domo arigato Oji-san" He smiled, bowed deeply, and then ran off.

The Hokage just looked at the fleeing sight of Naruto. The boy was right, he can't survive here now. When he is older though, that will be a different story.

*Back in Suna*

"Hello Gaara," Yashamaru, Gaara's uncle greeted as he walked into Gaara's bedroom.

"Hello, Uncle" Gaara said with a pure smile.

"Now let's play."

Gaara smiled as he looked out to the moon, 'at least I have one person who loves me.'

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