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Team Jinchuriki: Village Hidden in the Darkness

Chapter 2: Is this fate?

*Few hours away from Konoha*

Naruto was nestling at the nook in the base of a tree, wrapped up in the blanket the Hokage gave him. He looked out and up to the moon, wondering if he will ever find a true friend, a best friend.

His wondering stopped as he soon drifted into a deep slumber.




The little blond lifted his head out of the water he was surprised to be laying in, even more surprised when he found he was completely dry.

"Where am I?" He asked aloud to no one in particular. He stumbled a bit through the un-wet water which still made zero sense to him. "Hello?"

"You are in my jailing quarter's youngling" A booming, yet still feminine voice sounded from the darkness.

When Naruto finally looked into the direction of the voice he was again surprised to see a large barred gate with a seal on the center. Then he was scared out of his mind when he saw two gigantic red eyes looking down at him. Then a malicious smile spread across the beast's face showing its fangs.

"H-hello ma'am, please don't be mad at me or hurt me, I'm just lost. W- Where am I? What's a jailing quarter? Am I dead? Did I die?" Naruto then began to get teary eyed.

"Youngling do not fret, I am the Great and Beautiful Kyuubi and you young lad, are in your own mind. You are not dead" The fox smiled when the boy relaxed, "You do not fear me youngling?"

"Yes I'm scared but you aren't hurtin' me so it's okay." Naruto said while he walked up to the bars.

"InterestingYoungling where are you going to go to? Seeing as you ran away from Konoha." The large Vixen asked.

It took Naruto a minute to answer, "I donno." He then looked sad.

Kyuubi thought for a second, 'Ah-Ha! Youngling, you will go to Suna. There is an oldfriend of mine living there." Kyuubi paused for a moment, "I know that he is sealed away, youngling when you get to Suna you must look for someone with black rings around their eyes."

"Why do they have rings round their eyes? Oh-no where they hurt?" Naruto asked scared.

Kyuubi chuckled a bit, "No-no youngling, the person will be sleep deprivedit means they will be very sleepy.You see my friends name is Shukaku.He is the one-tailed, crazy Tanuki. And he always tries to escape when his host falls asleep.'

"Okay Okassan" Naruto smiled.

Kyuubi was taken aback by this, yet smiled, "Good Youngling."

"How do I wake up?" Naruto asked confused.

"Just think hard about waking up" Kyuubi smiled to the small boy before her cage.

"Okay, Good bye Okassan" Naruto then disappeared from the dingy sewer.

"I will be seeing you my youngling."

Kyuubi sighed as she curled up in the cold sewer on the concrete floor. She must ask the Youngling to change the scenery or at least give he a nice bedding to lay on.


"Why? Why did you do that Yashamaru?" Gaara sobbed into his draped shirt.

"I am sorr-sorry Gaara. It was an order from the Kazekage" Yashamura coughed up blood. "He ordered me to kill you Gaara."

"No-no-no" Gaara sobbed more.

"I am s-sorry G-Gaara I love y-y-y-you." Yashamaru let out his last breath of air and blood.

"NO!" Gaara yelled in denial, "YASHAMARU!" Gaara then fell to his knees. Crying, he no longer could stay awake. Gaara…fell asleep.


At the Kazekage tower the fourth stood looking out the window. Soon his eyes widened as he saw a mass of sand rise over the horizon. Soon followed by a maniacal laughter.

"Yashamaru! You failure!"

Back with Gaara

"Ah hahaha I'm freeeeee!" The sand Tanuki took form, "Free as can beeeeeee."

Gaara was at the top of its head sleeping.

There were people running for their lives, screaming, the panic, Shukaku laughed some more, "flee humans! Run away!"

Soon the fourth Kazekage was seen in his battle gear. He jumped from roof top to roof top towards the beast. The biju attempted to turn around because he knew how this was going to end. The leader human had magic dust that when sprinkled on him will lock him again inside his vessel. And it was quite difficult to miss his giant form so he already knew what was going to happen.

"No please you vulgar human, don't do it."

The Kazekage smiled at the Tanuki's pleading form.

Soon Shukaku was wrapped in the magic dust.

Soon he was back inside Gaara.

Gaara awoke went back to his room and picked up his teddy bear, went to his window and sat down watching the moon in silence.

I want a friend please. He then squeezed his teddy bear.

*With Naruto*

Naruto awoke to the sound of people talking.

He quickly got up in surprise and listened to the voices.

"But he is just a child, we can't let him stay here, he could be killed."

"We're on are way to Suna. I doubt that's where he'd be headin' Mogoni."

"But Hoshi!"

"Hello?" Naruto said as sweetly and innocently as possible, "I'm going to Suna."

Mogoni smiled triumphantly with his hands on his hips but was then hit in the back of his head with Hoshi's cane, "Damn whipper-snapper! Wipe that smug smile off yer face!" Hoshi demanded.

Mogoni did just that as he nursed the bruise on his head.

Naruto sees the perfect time to kiss ass to better help his chances of getting on the old mans good side he turned his attention towards Mogoni, "Excuse me, but you really should respect your elders."

Mogoni looked at the child with disbelief, "But-''

"He is absolutely correct youngin'! Learn some manners! I am 67 years old. Yer 19!"

Mogoni then mumbled that he was 23.

"What was that?" The old man yelled out.

"N-Nothing." Mogoni waved his hands defensively over his head.

"Sir?" Naruto walked up to the older man and said in the most innocent way he could muster, "Please can I come with you? I'm scared and I donno how to get to Suna."

The older man seemed to be contemplating the request. He put a wrinkled hand on his bearded chin, "Boy where you from? Don't you need ta get on home?"

"I ran away, the people kept hurting me." Naruto said with a small frown.

The old man frowned at that answer, "Well wadda bout your parents? They've gotta be worryin' about you."

"My parents died the day I was born, I'm an orphan." Naruto's frown deepened as his brow furrowed.

The old man frowned he was about to say some thing else when Naruto interrupted him, "Please sir," Naruto began to cry, "I have nobody in Konaha, I have to meet with someone really important to me in Suna, please, I'll pay you sir, I-I will do anything just please help me get to Suna."

The old man then began to cry and so did the younger one, Mogoni. The older man then swung his cane hitting Mogoni in the face. "Okay boy let's just get you to Suna."

Naruto then smiled and wiped away his tears, "Thank you very much."

They then got onto a cart being pulled by a fat, gray mule with a white muzzle.

"By the way," Mogoni started, " My name is Mogoni, and this old man here is Hoshi."

Mogoni then got hit in the head with Hoshi's cane nearly knocking Mogoni out of the cart.

Naruto just giggled, he liked these two. He felt content being with them.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm gunna be the greatest ninja to ever live!"


There was a knock at Gaara's door, "Enter."

Then Gaara's two older sibilings walked through, Konkoro and Temari.

"Hey Gaara, we heard what happened to Yashamaru" Konkuro said bitterly.

"Yeah did you really kill him?" Temari asked sadly, still not processing the thought that their Uncle is dead.

"It-it was an accident." Gaara let a tear slide down his face.

"NO GAARA! You did it on purpose! You really are a monster! I never wanted to believe my own brother was a monster but now I have no choice." Konkuro yelled.

Temari just cried.

"Please leave me." Gaara asked as he was still looking out the window.

"Yeah whatever Gaara!" Konkuro scoffed as he walked out the room, "Temari!"

Temari, "Turned to follow her brother, "I'm sorry Gaara you're just too dangerous." She said defeated as she shut the door.

Gaara silently cried as he grasped his teddy bear to his chest.

"Please Kami send me a friend."


"We will be arriving to Suna in one hour Naruto" Hoshi said to the blond boy next to him, "We will be staying for one night then leaving in the dawn. If you wish to accompany us to the village of snow youngin' come before dawn tomorrow."

"I hope I can find my friend, If I do can my friend come with me?" Naruto asked with a glimmer of hope.

"Hm. I really don't have any objections."

"YES! Did you hear that Mogoni?" Naruto yelled.

Mogoni just picked at his ear so he could hear again.

Naruto just sat very energetically in his seat. He was finally going to make a friend, someone just like him.

A little over an hour later the three arrived at the gates of Suna.

A few minutes later it was still early morning but the streets were abuzz. Naruto looked around as he got off the cart.

"Remember before dawn tomorrow at the gates." Hoshi called out to the boy. Naruto lifted his hand to say good bye.


He felt even more alone than ever before. He now has no one; he only had his teddy bear.

Gaara walked around the village until he saw a group of kids playing, then he saw him. The blond boy. He was sure he had never seen him before. Gaara had decided to just watch him.


Naruto was just minding his own business when a ball rolled towards him just barely touching his toes. He looked up for a second and saw some kids looking at him expectantly.

Naruto picked up the ball and went over to the kids, "Here you go."

The kids were smiling at him and then a green haired boy asked, "You wanna play?"

Naruto was shocked, he had never been asked to play before. He smiled and accepted their offer. The elusive person he was looking for would be found in time; time coming very fast though.

Ten minutes into their playing the ball rolled farther away from the kids. They were about to run to the ball but stopped. Naruto looked back at the kids; he recognized the look in their eyes. In their eyes were a mixture of hatred and fear. At first he had thought that they were looking at him but he followed there sight and saw in the shadows a little boy. The boy was clutching onto a brown stuffed bear in one arm and was looking down at the ball.


The universe once again mocking him he slowly reached for the ball. He then stopped and looked up at the kids. Everyone was giving him the look. But, when he locked gazes with the blond there was an understanding within them. Gaara saw his own eyes in the blond. When the blond walked over to Gaara he began to panic. He took a few steps back, the shadows engulfing him.

The blond stopped in front of the ball, he looked back to the kids.

"Hurry up or he will kill you." One kid yelled to him.

"Don't let him touch you he's a monster."

"You'll die!"

"Yeah he's a Demon."

Naruto scowled at the kids and kicked the ball over to them, "Go ahead and take it, if monsters and demons can't play then that means I can't play with you." Naruto then paused and looked at the confused kids, then said in a voice laced with Kyuubi's chakra, "Got it mortals?"

All of the kids then left screaming. Naruto smirked; he was starting to like this affect he could bring onto people.

He then turned hi attention back to the kid in the shadows, "Hello, You wouldn't happen to have rings around your eyes because your sleepy do you?"

Gaara gasped a bit and stepped out of the shadows.

Naruto then split his face in half with a smile, "Finally, I found you! I came all the way from Konoha."

Gaara was still shocked that this boy was talking to him.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto said patting his chest with pride

"Hello, I'm Gaara." the red head said as he smile and squezzed his teddy bear out of suprised joy.

Finally Kami had blessed Gaara's only wish, for a friend.

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