FF_992224_ 2/29/2016

At home, after shift, Sam finally let out a sigh of relief. It'd been an extremely stressful situation. Anything to do with kids always was. But this was even more so than usual. First the possible domestic situation; then their discovery that the Sobols were not estranged. And then there was the gunman, shooting at Heather Sobol when she was taken from the house. Sam was glad the urgent race to capture the gunman went down without a hitch. He'd been prepared for the lethal solution, but was glad they hadn't needed it.

It had been frustrating to be one step behind both the Sobols and the subjects at every point. The tense situation in the bus station: ushering the civilians out of harm's way while still trying to locate Alexis, had been nerve-wracking. When Spike was able to track Alexis to the park, Sam was glad to have something more constructive to do.

But the situation in the park was just as nerve-wracking. Keeping his eyes on the subject, while moving to an elevated position, had been difficult. And yet, he'd managed it. He'd been ready to take the subject down if he threatened Alexis. To have the subject move from his field of fire had been both terrifying and frustrating at the same time. He'd hated to have to call, "No solution!"

And he hated that the boss had to take the shot – Sam knew that Greg despised that resolution. But the boss hadn't flinched from it. Still, you could see that having to take a lethal shot and the resulting SIU investigation had taken an emotional toll on the boss, and that was before having to deal with his estranged son. Still, the fact that Dean stayed until Greg got there must have meant something. Sam hoped Greg could work something out with the kid. The boss deserved to have his son in his life.

Sam flipped the TV on and searched for a hockey game. He needed something to take his mind off the events of the past shift. Finding one, he settled in to watch, resolutely refusing to think about what they could have done better. They'd had their review and it was over now. Now he just needed to convince himself to move on. It wasn't long before he was totally engrossed in the game, finally letting the events of the day go, so he could be ready to go in and try to keep the peace tomorrow.

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