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'Damn it all! I can't let Amelia down now. I have to fight back, but how?' The Doctor thought in his dark poisoned mind.

"Use me. Go on. It's the only way you'll see little Amelia ever again. Unless you want your sin of a counterpart to prevail and tyrannically take over the Universe!" A stony voice called to him.

"Who are you?" The kind extraterrestrial asked anxiously looking around the sinister area that bounded him.

He didn't have to look any further. He groaned as he saw another mirror image of himself – this one with silver eyes and snow white aura that surrounded him.

"You already know who I am, don't you?" It was the mirror image's turn to ask the questions.

The Doctor nodded with a frown that was ingraining itself deeper into his forehead. He then reacted angrily with his hands clenched, until his knuckles turned a vibrant shade of white.

"The Oncoming Storm…" He murmured quietly to himself before roaring at the white entity. "I refuse to let you go against everything I tried not to be! You destroyed my people the last time I used you! Who knows what'll happen this time!"

The Oncoming Storm grinned to himself whilst folding his arms.

"I'm afraid you don't really have a choice in this one, Doctor. That Devil that you've tried to conceal from your companions for so long is going to be here soon – so it's do or die on this one."

The time-lord exerted another groan as he made his way to the Storm. He had originally made a pledge not to let the Oncoming Storm out ever again, after the previous annihilation of his ancient species that had once tried to crash Galifrey into Earth.

The pledge scar in his hand burnt and glowed blood ruby, as he continued the journey the dark purple mist to get to his more Herculean time-lord side of him. Wincing, the Doctor stared at his hand while walking and put it down to his side – ignoring the pain as best as he possibly could.

He was within touching distance and the grin on the Oncoming Storm broadened as he extended a snowy hand towards the mature male. The Doctor took it just as the dark Doctor appeared screaming all matter of curses – realising what was taking place.

"No! You can't fucking do that to me, you time bungling bastard!" He howled wrathfully.

The two deities merged together - the aura shining brighter than ever before. The superior time-lord could feel his mind quickly slipping away as the Storm took over. This was one fight that the dark alien wouldn't forget and recover from for an inconceivably long time…

It had begun…

"Bring. It. On!" Bellowed the Oncoming Storm.

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