Sup guys. Here's a serious entry this time, a poem, actually. Based off the poem "T'was the night before Christmas". Please enjoy and forgive any OOC-ness if there is any.

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the base,
Not an enemy was lurking to steal the briefcase.
The sentries were built by the Engie with care,
So that all of the RED team would surely beware.

The Heavy was eating his sandvich with glee,
And the Soldier marched about for his next enemy.
The Medic searched around for a suitable heart,
For the Scout lost his own when it was blown apart.

The Demoman was wasted and making a racket,
While the Spy was trying to get the blood out of his jacket.
The Sniper got some sleep for the first time in a while,
And the Pyro; well, we don't know much about his lifestyle.

When all of the sudden, the alarms went off in a flash,
Which sent all of the mercenaries into a mad dash.
The Soldier got there first with his rocket launcher set,
But he still didn't know the combo to the security door yet.

Both Heavy and Pyro made it in no time flat,
And the former broke down the door just like that,
When what to their wondering eyes did appear,
Was a man garbed in red; the RED team was here?

The three lifted their weapons and were ready to fire,
But the man only hid and started to cower.
They paused and all looked at each other in confusion,
"It's an act, he's a Spy!" they then thought in conclusion.

They started to shoot, but a voice called out "Wait!"
It was Scout that they heard, but it was too late.
Scout looked at them in shock, then at the corpse with great pity,
Heavy, Soldier, and Pyro knew this was not going to be pretty.

'Do ya know who that was?' the Scout crossly asked,
As he staggered to the body with his bloody chest cast.
He crouched down by the head and took off the cap,
And held it up, 'It was St. Nick you pieces of crap!'

Medic came in, 'Vhat happened? Who vas zat?'
He asked looking at Scout, who was still holding the hat.
'They killed him.' Scout replied. 'St. Nick here is dead!
Christmas is cancelled 'cause of these knuckleheads!'

He threw down the cap and stormed out of the room,
Leaving everyone but Medic with a face full of gloom.
Engie, Sniper, and Spy arrived seconds after,
And quickly got the idea of what was the matter.

'So Scout's spewin' cause of that.' Sniper said with a yawn,
'I reckon we should do somethin'; it's only hours from dawn.'
'Gentlemen.' Spy spoke up. 'I believe he forgot one thing.
Z'is is Team Fortress 2; we can do anything.'

'You said it there, partn'r.' Engie said with a smirk,
'We can fix him, right Doc? C'mon, let's get to work.'
'Very well.' Medic sighed as Engie lifted the body,
And they both left the room, leaving a trail that was bloody.

After what seemed like days, the operation was complete,
And according to Medic, it was no simple feat.
When the two came back in, the old elf was still out,
Now the next step was to get the guy back en route.

They decided to put Santa Claus back on the roof,
And make it seem like he was kicked by a hoof.
The Heavy placed Santa sitting up in the sled,
And quickly just gave him a bump on the head.

They hid and they watched as St. Nicholas stirred,
And tensed up a bit as his groaning was heard.
Santa then whipped the reins and flew into the night
'Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fight!'

A bit anti-climatic, but I couldn't think of anything better to put. If you got suggestions for a better ending, PM me.