Title: Treasure Island
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Blaise Zabini, Original.
Summary: Hermione falls off a ship and lands on a mostly deserted island and Draco finds her.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Mature, Some Violence, Character Death.
Total Word Count: 8 913
Spoilers: Completely AU.
Author's Note: Inspired by/based upon the Tarzan books by Edgar Rice Burroughs as well as the Tarzan (1999) film by Disney (which in turn was based on Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs), none of which I know more of than what Wikipedia has told me. Creative licence taken with the location of the gorillas. Canon Tarzan learned to speak quickly and with ease, so I'm not overdoing it too much.
Thank you to my beta, shag_me_draco.
Distribution: Link only please.
Written: October 2011 - For the First Round of dramione_remix (at LiveJournal).
Original Couple Used: Tarzan/Jane, from Tarzan.

Treasure Island (1/4)

The strong wind blew across the waves, over the boat and through the thick coat Hermione had been wrapped up in. She stood, swaying as the boat rocked over the water, holding onto the railing as she gazed over the dark sea, squinting in the hopes of seeing anything that could help them. The water thrashed angrily below, and now and again a wave of water would rise against the ship and splash over the edge, pelting Hermione with cold, icy drops.

"Hermione, get inside!" the Professor called over the wind as he came up to her, grabbing a hold of her arm; both to steady himself and to try and pull her away from the railing.

She turned and looked at him, worry across both of their faces. Behind him, she saw Blaise helping the First Mate; he too looked worried as he swayed with the boat and if he'd deigned to help out a lowly sailor, Hermione knew it must be bad. The deck was slick with water as Hermione allowed the Professor to lead her towards the doorway of the cabins below.

They were halfway across the deck when the boat suddenly jerked; so strongly that those men who did not have anything to anchor them in place, fell over. Hermione and the Professor fell to the deck, and without anything to hold onto, they both rolled along it as the boat turned, and Hermione lost sight of her guardian.

It was dark and cold; the wind harsh and the clouds threatening. They were in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, and though Hermione had never thought herself to be the type of witch who believed in Divination, she now thought that perhaps she should have listened more carefully to her mother's youngest ladies maid, Lavender, when she predicted a gathering storm.

But then, she had also predicted a marriage for Hermione before the journeys end, and she had been wrong there; for now it was surely the end of their journey, and though they had been at sea for near six weeks now, Blaise had yet to ask her as her father had warned her he would. It had almost been enough for her to decline the Professors invitation, despite having been very excited indeed to go as part of her training as his Potions Apprentice. She was the first witch who'd been awarded that honour since Rowena Ravenclaw from Cornwall, and she was more sensible to her future than to allow a possible marriage proposal from Blaise Zabini, new Earl of Wiltshire, to stand in her way.

"Hermione!" Blaise called across the ship, the name barely discernable as most of it disappeared with the wind. "Hermione!" he began making his way slowly across the deck towards her and the Professor, crawling carefully to keep himself from being thrashed about.

A series of large waves hit the boat portside and with an ominous groan of the wood holding the ship together, the boat rocked sharply, casting a screaming Hermione over the railing and into the stormy waters.

The darkness overwhelmed her; she swallowed gulps of water as the coldness numbed her limbs and she struggled to remove the heavy coat which threatened to pull her down below. She thought she heard shouting above her, but the rush of the water and the whoosh of the wind carried her further and further away from the ship. Soon she heard and saw nothing.

She felt hopeless; yet she struggled to stay above the water's edge, not wanting to give up. She kicked her feet to keep afloat, and tried not to think of what might be swimming below her; especially not when one of her shoes fell off, and her foot was bared.

It started to rain and thunder sounded in the distance; land was near, and Hermione sobbed in relief as she kicked her feet harder and did her best to move across the water towards the sound.

A flash of light split the heavens and though it frightened her more so than anything else, the light showed her a small island in the distance. She tried to swim as best as she could; against the waves and the wind, getting more and more tired as each moment passed.

Exhausted and close to giving up, Hermione's naked foot scraped across sand and stone, and with a final push of strength, she pulled herself onto the land; collapsing onto the beach in the dark.

Above her, lightning flashed again and the bolt hit a tree in the forest not twenty feet from where she laid, but Hermione saw nothing of it, having already passed out.

– – –

A soft rustle to his left sounded, but he did not pay it any attention; his grey eyes were focused on the rabbit he had been hunting since early dawn, following it back to its burrow. The burrow contained several other rabbits, and the man smirked unconsciously as he realised it would mean he had meat for several days; he only had to come back here to get it.


The man turned and spotted his brother; Aowui. He made a guttural sound back at the gorilla, who had come with him on his hunt and now waited patiently for him to make a move.

The man, his bright blond hair falling into his eyes as he turned, pounced on the first rabbit he saw, quickly and expertly killing it. Together with his primate brother, the man then walked back at a comfortable pace to their habitat. Though his brother did not eat meat and did not understand the man's need for it, he too seemed happy over the successful hunt as they conversed in guttural sounds and hand gestures. They quickly covered the ground separating them from their home and the man made sure he remembered his way back for the future.

On the way, they passed by the man's former habitat, where he had lived for some time with his birth parents. Before they had been killed, and Aowui's mother adopted him into her fold, which at the time had not even contained Aowui. He had been a youngling then, but still he could remember his mother's laugh, and his father's hand in his own. They looked like him; pale faced and blond, hairless and skinny.

Though he passed by the hut often as he traversed across the island, either on his own or with his brother, he had not been inside again. Now, as he passed it by, a fresh kill in his hands, he couldn't help but look back at it.

There was an ache inside of him he could not explain; a desire for something more. His brother had recently taken a mate; had in fact returned to their home with his female only two nights ago, following their seclusion. The man felt the desire to mate also, but not with any of the females he knew; nor did they want him.

His mother worried, he knew, and she argued with her mate over him, still now even though it had been near twenty summers since she had gone against her mates wishes and taken him in as her son.

He moved around a big tree that'd fallen only last night during one of the worst storms the inhabitants had seen in twenty-odd years. The soil was freshly turned, the scent of it heady, and the pit where it'd stood was full of water.

Aowui stopped suddenly, and the man followed suit having learned from experience to listen to his brother's instincts. The gorillas head turned towards the beach and his nostrils flared for a moment before he looked at the man, nodding his big furry head towards the shore.

The man, frowning, changed course and walked through the trees and onto the sand. Squinting, he gazed out over the water for a moment, not sure what Aowui had meant when he saw it.

A figure lay on the sand; a bare foot – looking just like his – laid so close to the shore that the water lapped against it as the waves flowed forward. The hair on top of the creatures head looked like a birds nest, only longer and more colourful.

The man's eyes took in the slim form and the dirty and torn cloth that covered it. He moved closer, curiously, not even noticing as he dropped his fresh kill onto the sand besides his feet.

The figure stirred and he stopped in uncertainty, crooking his head. A low moan rose as the head lifted off the sand, and soon, grey eyes met wide brown ones.

His heart pulsated in his chest as he watched the form rise higher, becoming a person, just like him; but smaller, slimmer and differently shaped. He felt a stirring of something unknown within him as he watched the delicate form move.

"Um, hello?"

The man frowned, not understanding what the female was saying; for it must be a female, the lightness of her voice and the shape of her chest could not lie.

"Where am I?" she tried again.

The man felt as though he should know; like he had heard the sounds she made in a dream long before.

Behind him, Aowui came lumbering through the trees, his heavy body crushing the palm leaves and the female's eyes flew towards him. The man felt irritated, and… angry as the small female's attention focused on his brother instead. His brother had always been the stronger and faster between them; and since the pale man was so different from the rest of the troop, his brother was always given preference; the most notable occurrence when Kerchak elected Aowui as the troop's future leader above Daouum, even though Aowui was the younger of the two.

But the reaction the man expected never came, instead, the female's eyes widened impossibly before she let out a loud scream. Right in front of their stunned eyes, she fainted dead away.

The man and his primal brother looked at each other for a moment, before Aowui, with a grunt, turned and left with only a pointed nod towards the slumped over female. The man walked up to her and with a flex of his strong and tanned muscles he lifted her up and carried her back to the habitat to settle her safely in his nest.

His mother arrived, puffing at his shoulder with her soft forehead as she found him watching the female sleeping soundly upon his bedding. She muttered at him as in approval before she moved off again, to her own nest to rest after her meal.

The man sat down beside the female and touched her cheek gently, overcome with emotions; he was not alone, for she was just like him.

He knew instinctively that she was to be his; she had to be.

– – –