Treasure Island (4/4)

His head hurt. Draco groaned and reached up a hand to touch the tender spot; frowning as it came away wet. He looked at the hand. Blood.

The bed beside him was empty, despite the darkness surrounding them. He sat up, his head rushing at the sudden movement, and called for Hermione. She never left the hut at night unless he accompanied her.

Something was very much not right.

He quickly donned his cloth, and ignoring the pain throbbing at the back of his head, he ran all the way home to his mother, back to his troop.

It took very little to rouse the gorillas, and though Kerchak protested, everyone knew that Daouum's mate needed rescuing and that he could not go alone.

They lumbered over the island, scaring smaller animals as they passed over their nests in their hurry to reach the ship before it left. None of them knew what to expect; not even Draco, who had once himself been on one. When they reached the far edge of the island, everyone stopped at the sight of the ship. It lay calmly in the water, bobbing back and forth as it awaited the rising of the sun before it started its journey. The ship was moored and not merely anchored in the water; had it not been attached by rope to several palm trees, they would never have been able to reach it.

Onboard, the shipmates lay sleeping haphazardly across the deck; Draco paid them no mind, choosing instead to find his way below decks, instinctively knowing that the man who'd come looking for Hermione had taken her there.

The door was locked, but with a kick of his leg, the wood splintered and allowed him entrance. As he began his search, he heard the seamen up above scream and throw themselves in the water as well as weapons firing; his family must've started wreaking havoc.

He searched every room and cranny he came across, but though he found several men sleeping soundly, he did not find his mate, nor the man who'd taken her from him.

"Get away from me!"

Draco spun on the spot, recognising his mate's voice, muffled by the walls. He frowned; he could hear her through the wall, but there was no door. He hurried along the corridor, searching for an opening into the room as a crash of breaking glass was heard from inside. He hurried faster, fear threatening to overtake him.

"You bitch!"

There, the door! Draco thought with relief. He began kicking it, but it wouldn't budge. He screamed loudly.

"Draco!" Hermione called from inside, relief and wonder evidence in her tone even through the wood of the door.

He pounded on the door relentlessly, but to no avail. A low grumble from behind him made Draco spin, and there stood his brother, Aowui. The gorilla made quick work of the door, splintering it with an easy fist pushed through the wood. Draco wasted no time in pushing his way into the room, where he found the dark man standing over his mate; holding her arm as she laid on the floor.

Draco flew into a rage, hitting the man over and over. Hermione screamed as the man began hitting back and as they struggled on the floor. Aowui tried to interfere, but was unable to without hurting his brother in the process, and it wasn't until the other man seemed to be getting the upper hand that he stepped forward to protect Draco; only Hermione got there first, hitting Blaise over the top of the head with a nearby lamp. He fell over immediately; bleeding from the large wound at the back of his head the iron cast lamp foot had created. Hermione dropped the lamp, horrified at her own actions, and when Draco reached out for her and took her into his arms to comfort, she began to cry.

Aowui left them, instinctively knowing they were sharing a moment between mates and that they needed privacy.

"Are you all right?" Draco asked after a moment, leaning away to look into her tear-filled eyes.

Hermione nodded, but then shook her head. "No. I killed him. I know him, and I killed him. My father wanted me to marry him!"

Draco frowned. "Marry?"

Hermione sniffed. "It is what we call mating in my world."

Draco growled and looked at the prone body on the floor, eyeing it with distaste as he hugger her closer to him. "No marrying," he said.

"My parents would expect us to marry," Hermione revealed.

Draco frowned. "But your parents would not know," he said, studying her carefully. "Unless you go back to them?"

She swallowed. "Would it be so bad, if we went? I hate to ask it of you, ask you to leave your family, but I-"

"Shh," Draco shushed her as she began crying anew. "We will go," he said, resolutely.

"We will? Honestly?"


"Oh, Draco." Hermione kissed him then, completely forgetting about the body lying beside them.

It wasn't until the Professor rushed in, clad in his nightclothes and cap and saw Blaise lying dead at her feet that she thought of him once more.

"Good heavens," the Professor exclaimed. "My child, what has happened?"

"Professor," Hermione cried, "I- Blaise was- there was a struggle and he- I-"

The professor held up a hand. "We will speak of it later," he said, coming closer and eying Draco and his scantly clad form. "And of your young man." He took Hermione's hands in his, throwing an amused look at Draco as he growled possessively. "I never gave up hope, though the Captain was convinced we had lost you completely."

"Draco saved me," Hermione said.

"Draco- surely not!" The professor turned to study the man more fully. "Good heavens above! It is you; why, you look just like your father did at your age. Goodness gracious. And poor Blaise; he was a good man. He did not deserve-"

"He deserved," Draco ground out. "He took my ma-"

"He kidnapped me," Hermione interjected, uncertain of how the professor would react to her being called someone's mate. "And he- well, the less said of that, the better. It was in self-defence, the wound; though I am grieved that it injured him so completely. He was a good friend."

"I will read him his Last Rites."

"Thank you; and may you please help me stitch up Draco's wound once you are done? I fear he's been injured badly," Hermione said, taking her mate's hand to lead him out of the room.

"Of course, my child," the Professor said, before he turned to Blaise. "Oh, Blaise, my boy, what an end." He shook his head sadly as Hermione closed what was left of the splintered door behind her and Draco.

"Blaise," Draco said suddenly. "I recognise the name, but I cannot recall..."

"Blaise Zabini," Hermione told him, her eyes widening in realisation. "I never considered it before; Blaise was your cousin. He inherited your estate since you were presumed dead and there was no one else to take over."

"He was my family," Draco said, frowning. "Why would he desire to kill me?"

Hermione hesitated. "I don't know," she lied. "Maybe he didn't know who you were."

Draco frowned, but accepted her words for truth.

– – –

Once the Professor had dressed Draco's wounds and the sailors who'd jumped overboard were fished out of the water, only minor injuries had to be bandaged. The ship had not suffered, and after a lengthy goodbye between Draco, Kala and Aowui, they set sail, everyone eager to return to England. Though the Professor had not gathered the ingredients he'd come to Bermuda to find, he had already lost his charge once and another of his companions had perished; he did not wish to risk any more lives.

"England is quite different," Hermione said, as they stood on the deck together while the ship sailed off, away from the island that'd been Draco's home for most of his life. "I worry you won't like it."

"You will be there; I will like it," he reassured her, hugging her tighter against his chest.

"The world is different; the way we live is different. We won't live outside for one thing, and you have to wear more than you are currently," she said, eying his lack of clothing.

He nuzzled her hair and kissed the skin behind her ear. "If I hate it, we can go back here, yes?"

"Yes," Hermione agreed, smiling. She sighed, twinning her fingers through his at her waist. "It will be nice to see my parents again."

Together, they watched as the sun rose behind their island; Draco was surprised at how small it looked in the distance when it had always seemed so large, and Hermione, both sad and glad to leave it behind.

They were both eager to start their new life. Together.

The End

Kerchak – Tarzan-canon. Kerchak is the mate of Kala (the female gorilla who adopted Tarzan) and he is the leader of the troop.
Aowui – Original gorilla, son of Kala and Kerchak.
Daouum – Draco's gorilla name, based upon what Kala could've heard of his name from his parents before they died.