I and Harry walked to nearest night club, his hand stuffed in his pockets, oh how I wish that hand was in mine. I think he noticed me looking as he took his hand out of his pocket and slotted it in mine. Seen as he was famous and all we were allowed into the VIP but Harry had to tell them I was his girlfriend, which I happily agreed with. (I just wish I really was).

"What do you want?" He asked as we were stood at the bar.

"Vodka and coke please" He ordered mine and his own, I didn't realise I was stood staring until he looked at me and smirked.

"Am I just too good look?" He winked as we walked over to a table.

"A bit vein are we Styles" I nudged him.

When it got to 9 o'clock I and Harry were smashed completely. I was so much more confident around him. He dragged me up to the floor and pulled me close.

"God, you're so sexy" He whispered seductively in my ear. He spun me round so I was facing him. We started dancing like we were mental. The song 'lose control' by Kerri Hilson came on. I turned back around and we started grinding, as soon as the song finished Harry's lips were attached to mine. He rolled his tongue along the bottom of my lip, I gladly allowed him access. I gently bit his lip letting him know I didn't want to pull away. As soon as I did this Harry started making his way out of the club.

"Let's go" he whispered his lips still attached to mine as we made our way outside. I had to stop myself from ripping his top off there and then in the taxi. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we entered the lift the, we were in there less than 5 seconds and Harry had me pressed up against the back of the lift.

"Jump" he whispered, I did exactly what he said and I ended up with my legs round his waist and his hands caressing my thighs. When the lift doors opened Harry opened his door. He led me through to the bedroom without taking his lips off mine once, and let's just says he was amazing.