Santa Baby-Voldie Baby

A/N: Hello! Okay I got this in my head after listening to Taylor Swift (as always) and her version of Santa Baby, this is in Bellatrix's point of view (as usual) there are some innuendo's its meant to be like that! I hope you all like it! Love HMLS xx P.S this is for Gamma! Love you my little Christian!

Voldie baby, slip a stocking under the tree, for me
I've been a real loyal girl, Voldie baby
So hurry to my Manor tonight

Voldie baby, I want your love confessed to me, too, I do
Well I'll wait up for you, dear, Voldie baby
So hurry to my Manor tonight, yeah

Think of all the fights I've missed
For you I risked the Dementors kiss
Next year I could be just as shady
If you start calling me the only Dark Lady

Voldie baby, I want the mud-blood traitors to die and rot,
I've been a good girl all year, Voldie baby
So hurry to my Manor tonight,

Voldie, honey, there's one more thing I really do need, the keys
To all your rooms where you sleep, Voldie honey
So hurry to my Manor tonight

Come and sit down on my bed
The sheets are clean and white but we can paint 'em red
I really am in love with you
Let's see if you, will want me too

Voldie baby, forgot to mention one little thing

Your wand
And not the spell casting kind, Voldie baby
So hurry to my Manor tonight.

A/N: So that was it, I surprisingly loved doing this! Hope you enjoyed it! My Christmas gift to all of you!