New Year's Eve – prompt from MyelleWhite: NEW YEARS KISS!

Note: This is a sequel of sorts to "Helpmeet," with more Mary!mischief. ^_^

==New Year's Eve: Tradition==


"Yes, Mary?"

In lieu of a reply, Mary held up a sprig of…

"Mistletoe." Sherlock Holmes raised an eyebrow, instantly on his guard. "Mary, Christmas was a week ago."

"Yes, and it was rather an unforgettable one," Mary said dryly. Sherlock had the grace to blush. "But this is not for Christmas," she continued. "Didn't you know that it is traditional for mistletoe to be used between friends on New Year's Eve?"

The other eyebrow joined the first. "No, I did not." Perhaps he should consider storing holiday customs in his brain attic, after all, if Mary was to insist upon following them…



Mary was giving him her very best "exasperated teacher" expression. She lifted the mistletoe above her head and cleared her throat. Oh, was she really going to insist upon… She gave him a hopeful look. Yes, she was.

Five-foot-three with enormous blue eyes. Watson hadn't stood a chance.

"Very well," Holmes sighed, striding forward and placing a brotherly kiss upon Mary's lips.

"…Holmes? Mary?"

At the sound of his friend's voice, Holmes shot straight up and whirled about to face the man. "Watson!"

The doctor looked perplexed. "What on earth were you two doing?"

Holmes belatedly realized that Mary had slipped away. "Your lovely wife had talked me into fulfilling a New Year's tradition," he explained, making a mental note to pay Mary back later for abandoning him to her husband. Nothing serious, of course—just mildly annoying.

Watson's perplexed expression grew—what on earth was the matter? "With… mistletoe?"

An uncomfortable feeling formed in Holmes's stomach. "Yes."

The hazel eyes widened, and Watson assumed that deadpan expression that Holmes knew from long experience meant his friend was struggling not to laugh. That uncomfortable feeling expanded exponentially. "Holmes. Mistletoe has absolutely nothing to do with celebrating the New Year—it is a tradition for Christmastime only."

Holmes felt his face go slack even as his cheeks burned. Watson lost control completely and staggered backwards, making undignified sounds somewhere between laughter and giggles.

She'd tricked him. Mary Watson had tricked Sherlock Holmes.

Watson continued to spasm with hilarity. "I suppose you'll have to say now that you've been bested by three men and two women!" he managed to gasp out.

Holmes responded in the only manner he could—by lobbing a pillow at his insufferable friend's face. Watson ducked and fell onto his settee, still caught in that obnoxious mixture of laughter and giggles. Holmes growled.

"Watson! Pull yourself together, man!"

Watson merely clutched at his sides and started to choke slightly on his mirth. Served him right.

Well, Holmes was not going to stand for this. No, sir—he was not to be bested by a five-foot-three former governess. It was time that Mary Watson discovered to what lengths Sherlock Holmes could take a prank. He withdrew his black clay pipe from his pocket, filled it with tobacco, and lit it. This was a matter worthy of his oldest and trustiest pipe.

And, with any luck, it would be fun.

Author's Note:

Watch out, Mary! Sherlock is on the warpath! *snickers uncontrollably* I can just see these two going at it just like a normal brother and sister—with poor Watson in the crossfire. xDDDD

Well, this has been one terrific and unforgettable journey! With Holmes & Co., with my fellow writers, and with you, dear readers. Thank you everyone for your praise, your encouragement, and your support—it has meant a lot to me. I wish I could have been doing review replies with each new update like I normally do, but that would just have been too much for me to handle.

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Now for an ANNOUNCEMENT: Deliver Us from Evil, Part I: Mortality will receive an UPDATE. Tomorrow. Yes, I'm finally going to be updating Mortality, though much more slowly than I used to. Please check it out!

Again, thank you all, and may God bless you in this new Year of Our Lord 2012!