Notes from me: This is what happened on the sixth floor - sort of mixes in with Who needs to Study? I am sorry if the characters seem out of character. Enjoy!

Ron crept down the hallway on the sixth floor, keeping to the shadows, continuing down the deserted corridor he saw the faint glow of candles coming from the DADA room.

'What were Remus and Sirius doing?', however as soon as Ron thought that he soon found out.


Ron winced at the sound of Remus yelling, frowning at the faint shadowing that he could see. Remus was pacing and yelling at Sirius whilst occasionally stopping to look at Sirius.

"Calm down Moony, it was just a small joke"

"Sirius you are a professor you can't play pranks on other teachers nor on the students"

"Moony, your being absurd"

"Oh is that right? I am being absurd, am I? Well then Sirius...I shall go be absurd elsewhere, I would hate you to think I am overreacting too"

" that you mention it"

Remus growled at Sirius before shaking his head. Ron flattened himself against the wall as Remus left the classroom, slamming the door behind him; storming down the hallway getting further and further away from Sirius and Ron. Ron breathed out; relaxing against the wall...that was a close one.

Hearing the door open, Ron once more flattened himself against the wall, hoping that the shadows would continue to hide him. Sirius stepped out into the corridor; his shoulders slumped in defeat, silently shutting the door behind him before walking back to his room. Never noticing Ron who was pressed to the wall, with wide eyes staring at him.

Ron breathed a sigh of relief, he wasn't busted. Walking back to the Gryffindor portrait, his mind began wandering.

"Now just what do you think you are doing out of the dormitory at this hour"

Ron looked up at the Fat Lady, blinking at her for a moment, before mumbling "detention"

"Very well. Password"


Ron climbed through the portrait hole, to see Harry and Hermione sitting in the common room, whispering on the couch.


Harry and Hermione jumped, guilty expressions appearing on their faces as they stared up at Ron.

"We didn't expect you to be done detention so soon"

"Yeah mate, what happened?"

Ron smiled, "oh that, it's nothing. So what are two talking about?"

Harry and Hermione looked at one another, slight frowns on their faces.

"It's nothing Ron, good night"

Ron watched as Hermione briskly walked up the stairs disappearing from sight. He turned to look at Harry on the couch, "what was that about?"

"Nothing Ron...well it's getting late night"

Ron watched bewildered as Harry all but ran up the stairs, blinking he shrugged and went to bed.

The next morning the golden trio was sitting in the Great Hall, Hermione beside Harry nibbling on a piece of toast while reading. Harry dug into his breakfast pausing as he noticed that Ron wasn't eating. Harry frowned; nudging Hermione. Hermione glanced over at Harry who pointed over at Ron, who was sitting down in front of an empty plate staring at the professors intently.


Ron turned his head to look at Hermione and Harry who were staring at him.


You okay?"

"Hermione I'm fine"

Harry and Hermione looked at one another, before looking back at him with concerned expressions on their faces, "are sure?"

"Bloody hell Harry I'm fine"

"Are you worrying about the Potions results?"

Ron rolled his eyes and sighed before he began to smile brightly, "No Mione, as I told you already I know I passed"

And with that Ron stood up and walked out of the Great Hall, closely followed by Hermione and Harry.

Ron with a grin on his face proceeded to head to the dungeons, already his day was looking up. First potions then history with Binns, he would have the time to come up with a solution two sexually deprived teachers. Stopping in front of the potions classroom, Ron leaned against the door, his smile growing brighter as he took in the un-happy faces of the Gryffindors.

Ron pushed away from the wall as it swung open


Entering the room, Ron couldn't help but notice the room was slightly brighter.

'Looks like my plan worked'

Snape swept around the room handing out the essays, his normal scowl on his face.

Hermione all but snatched up the essay as it landed on the table, her eyes running over the parchment her face lit up at the E on her paper, turning to Harry.

'So Harry, what did you get?"

Harry looked down at his essay, looked back at Hermione and smiled at her.


Hermione smiled back, "that's great Harry, I am so proud of you, see what happens when you actually study"

Harry nodded. Harry turning in his seat as Hermione leaned forward to look at Ron who was staring at his paper which lay on the table.

"What did you get mate?"

"Ronald Weasley, I told you to study. Didn't I? Well it's…" "Hermione"

"Yes Ron?"

Ron picked up his essay and turned to face his them, "I got an Outstanding"

Hermione blinked at Ron and reached past Harry who had yet to stop gaping at Ron and took the essay from Ron, to stare at the O on the page.

The rest of the lesson blew by, as Ron continued to beam as his friends sat in silence and shock.

"Class dismissed"

The Gryffindors rushed towards the door followed by Ron who was closely followed by Harry and Hermione. The trio went upstairs to the their next class, Ron in a daze with Harry and Hermione glancing at him suspicious of his recent behavior.

Sitting down behind Hermione and Harry, Ron immediately pulled out his quill, parchment and books setting them up as if he was prepared to work. Ron leaned on his elbow, eyes drifting over to the window. After several minutes a mischievous grin appeared on Ron's face. There was only one way to get Remus and Sirius together and it involved the help of one snarky professor…