How's My Baby Girl Doing?_ Rated M_ Sakura H. & Hidan

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto. All Naruto characters and representations belong to Masashi Kimimoto. This story is a non-profit fan fiction written in my free time.

Chapter 1: After the War

The Fourth Shinobi War was over, and they great villages and nations had lost. The Akatsuki now ruled over everything. Tobi, now openly known as Madara Uchiha had gathered all the unmarried women from Konohakure in the Hokage palace had his soldiers strip them bare.

Sitting on a high throne was Madara looking over the crowd, his recently resurrected Akatsuki members beside him in comfortable chairs.

"Each of you may have one of the women. They will be your lovers, geishas, slaves, or, if you so desire, your wives. You may punish them to your heart's content as long as you do not kill them. If you tire of them, after a time, the woman you selected will be taken away and be re-married to a shinobi of my choice and you will receive another woman." He said eyeing each of them. Most of the women screamed and huddled against the walls, begging to be released. I didn't. I would never let Madara Uchiha or any of the Akatsuki see me cry.

A white Zetsu clone grabbed TenTen first and brought her forward. The cloaked men looked at her closely and finally Kazuku spoke.

"I want that one. She looks like she has a high spirit which I will look forward to breaking" he said. TenTen gulped audibly as Madara nodded and Kazuku went to her. "Come, pet, we're leaving" he grabbed her hand and guided her roughly from the room. I heard Ino let out a sob for Ten Ten's predicament, and I wanted to comfort her, but we both knew that there was no comfort in this situation.

Several more women were paraded in front of the Akatsuki but held no interest for them until Hinata was brought forward. Many of the men cackled at the thought of owning the Hyuga heiress.

"Give her to Kisame. He will use her well" said Itachi lazily. Madara nodded and motioned that Kisame could leave. Kurenai-sensei let out a strangled cry as her student was led from the room by the monstrous shark man.

"Don't think we forgot you, pretty!" Cackled Zetsu. She was dragged before them and immediately her pregnant stomach caught attention. Hidan muttered something about "someone else's brat" and most of the rest seemed to concur.

"I want her" said Itachi suddenly "The baby inside of her is the grandchild of the Third Hokage and the son of one of the Twelve Ninja Guardians. He will be strong and the woman herself is no pushover"

Madara rolled his eyes at his progeny's lust less examination of the beautiful female in front of him, but motioned that he could have her. Itachi approached her and wrapped her in his cloak covering her naked form.

"It is not good for the child for you to be uncomfortable." He said as he carried her, bride style from the room. Hidan shook his head.

"Taking on caring for someone else's brat? I would probably kill the little prick when it was born" he said lazily leaning forward and putting his head in his hand. Zetsu and Deidara laughed at the statement and Zetsu grabbed Ino from my tight grasp.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I'll be back for you" he said with a wink. Ino was sobbing hysterically when brought before them, pleading to be let go. Her screaming made Deidara smirk.

"She's a crier! I love those, un!" He said happily. Madara laughed quietly along with him and motioned that Ino was his. She screamed as he came toward her and tried to run, but Deidara grabbed her by the back of the ponytail and pulled her after him, causing her to shriek louder. He just cackled in response. I bowed my head, trying to block out my friend's screams.

"Shh, koi, you should be more worried about yourself" giggled Zetsu as I was brought before the Akatsuki. "Sakura Haruno, gentlemen. The best friend of Naruto Uzamaki, the former Kyuubi vessel, former lover of Sasuke Uchiha, student of Kakashi Hakate, and the apprentice of Godaime Hokage Tsunade. Impressive resume, girl"

Sasori stared at me for a moment, his gray eyes slanting as if he wished to do me serious bodily harm. I had killed him after all, with the help of his grandmother. However, Madara raised his hand.

"She belongs to Hidan" he said and both men looked up at him. Hidan with jaw dropped and Sasori with a death glare.

"Come on Madara-sama, the bitch doesn't even look like she's done developing yet!" Whined Hidan while jumping so that he was behind me. He gripped one of my small but perky breasts in his hand and gave it a tight squeeze. I whimpered quietly as he used his other hand to send chakra pulsing to the small of my stomach. "Damn though. This bitch is fertile."

"Then make good use of her, Hidan" Said Madara lazily. I wanted to smack the both of them. I was not some whore that could be bought and sold and I told Madara as much. His eyes widened at my firm, strong voice and tone. "Your spirit remains unbroken. You still have the Will of Fire in your heart, girl. Hidan, it is your job to make sure that it is snuffed out" he said to the silver haired Jashinist still gripping me firmly "We must create a new generation and new clans to this new world. Let your children be one of the first."

"Damn, I don't even want kids" Hidan muttered as he threw me over his shoulder. I screamed and attempted to get away from him, but he had me in a death grip as he hauled me out of the room "Bitch, if you don't stop I swear to Jashin that I will lock you in my room and chain you to the damn bed"

His threat made me hesitate. Madara Uchiha was only giving his followers women because he wanted to produce a new generation with their families at the forefront, and he didn't care how the women got pregnant as long as they did. I glared at him for a moment before speaking.

"May I at least have some clothes? I'm freezing here!" I barked at him. He smirked and put me down. He called for a guard and one came running. He bowed low to his master.

"Get the bitch something to wear. I'm not going to have her whining all the live long way back home about humiliation, shame, cold and whatever other nonsense she can come up with." He said putting his hands on his hips. The man nodded and briefly looked up at me in my naked state and I squeaked and hid behind Hidan. He sighed at my reaction "Woman, you don't have to do that. He won't harm you in any way. You belong to me."

"Excuse me for not wanting to be raped! Although if I'm going to have a child with you, all I can see in my future is rape!" I screamed at him and he wrapped his fingers around my neck. It wasn't a tight hold, but it was tight enough to make me stop talking.

"Okay little bitch, I see we're going to have to have a lesson in respecting our superiors, aren't we?" He cooed sweetly in my ear. I shivered as he licked the shell of my ear "Hmm? Do we, precious?"

"Screw you" I managed to breathe out and he chuckled darkly tightening his hand slightly on my neck. His dark amethyst eyes twinkled at the challenge.

"Oh, you will, koi, over and over and over again" he giggled maniacally at the thought "Now which do you prefer, bondage or S&M? Personally I prefer the latter because it's pretty fucking sweet but for your first time I'm going to give you an option."

I whimpered at the thought of Hidan tying me down or him with a whip standing above me. He saw my discomfort and wrapped an arm around me tucking me to his side. "Shh, little bitch, the sooner you give me a fucking heir, the shorter the time I'll have to make you suffer. I can't have my child be put in danger now can I?"

"So basically the only thing my child will ever have to fear in this life is its own father?" I said hate dripping from my voice. Hidan giggled again.

"Yep, bitch, that's the basic idea. My child will know the unfathomable depths of pain because Jashin-sama demands that all my children be raised in his ways" he said roughly gripping my chin, forcing me to look up at him. "He will forgive me for taking a heathen bitch as a wife, but not for making my children heathens as well." My blood turned to ice.

"Your w-wife?" I asked and he grinned just as the guard came back with a plain black robe. He put it on me and tied the obi making sure that all of me was covered.

"Of course, bitch. That's the only way I can fucking reproduce with you under Jashin-sama's laws. No pre-marital sex or I would have already bent you over a fucking table and been done with it." He said nipping at my flesh. I whimpered again, what kind of man was he "Now hurry up you stupid fat ass bitch. I want to get this done as soon as possible. I've got better things to do"

I felt my legs give way underneath me as I thought of being married to such a cruel and heartless man. He saw me fainting and he sighed walking back over to me. "Stupid, weak bitch. You can't even stand on your own. But don't worry. When I'm done you won't be able to walk for a while" He laughed maniacally at my facial expression.

My name is Sakura Haruno. Welcome to Hell.

Author's Note: Okay y'all this is what has been brewing up in my corrupted little mind. If the title confuses you now, you'll understand later what it means. Secondly, I would like to show all the pairings (of the sickest and most twisted nature one can come up with) in this story.

Kakuzu and Ten Ten

Kisame and Hinata

Deidara and Ino

Itachi and Kurenai

Pein and Konan

(Eventually) Sasori and Temari

Madara will have many consorts

Zetsu will have none because he will try to eat them.

Hope y'all are enjoying yourselves.