How's My Baby Girl Doing?_ Rated M_ Sakura H. & Hidan

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Chapter 4: Kill Me

I awoke with Hidan lying on top of me, his sake coated breath making my stomach churn. I squirmed beneath him causing him to wake.

"Oi, bitch! Can't a man just enjoy a few good hours of sleep after sex?" He growled but got off of me. He pulled on his pants and left the room without another word. I got up and hobbled painfully into the bathroom to take a shower.

I noticed the carnage of last night was still painted on the walls as I felt the warm water wash over my battered body. I noticed all of the new bruises and bite marks and found it difficult to do anything with my broken fingers. I wanted to cry, but I affirmed that Hidan would never see me cry again. He could rape me, abuse me, even kill me but I would not let him win.

I heard a slight knock on the bathroom door as I was getting out of the shower and I curiously went to open it. Hidan wasn't one to knock quietly, or even knock period. I opened the door and a tall woman stood there.

She had straight midnight hair cascading past her hips and pale skin. Her beautiful features and richly decorated kimono made her look like a goddess, and then I stared directly into her gorgeous eyes; her gorgeous amethyst eyes. I gasped and recoiled away from her. She bowed deeply.

"Hello, Sakura-san." She said in a low rich tone reminiscent of a harp's chord "I am Airashī, your new mother-in-law."

I whimpered as she approached me. She was Hidan's mother. I did not trust her, but all she did was examine my wounds and "tut" with pain in her eyes.

"I am truly sorry for my son's behavior towards you, Sakura-san. It is inexcusable, but he has been this way since he was thirteen-years-old. Such a shame, really," She said guiding me to the bed and sitting me down gently. "He used to be such a sweet boy. He truly was."

I stared at her and I saw a truly kind soul, trapped by Hidan, trapped between the unconditional love a mother feels for her son, and the natural disgust that any person would feel at Hidan's crimes against humanity.

"He spared you Airashī-san?" I asked softly. It was known that Hidan had murdered all of his neighbors and I had assumed that his parents were not exempt from his wrath.

"Not exactly, Sakura-san. I simply wasn't home at the time of his… rampage" she said with pain flashing in her eyes "I needed to go to the market for medicinal roots for his father, Yasashi. When I returned home, I found my son licking the blood off a knife w-while sitting… on his father's body."

I almost retched at the horrifying thought of coming home to find my husband dead beneath my son, knowing my son caused his death. Although, with my current husband, I might just think that my son was my savior.

"I am sorry for your loss, Airashī-san." I said quietly hugging my mother-in-law to me as much as I was able to in my injured state. She hugged me back gently and then pulled back, holding me at arm's length.

"He told me that I was to be a grandmother. Is that true, Sakura-san?" she asked quietly, her eyes, the very eyes that caused me to shiver in terror, glistening with tears of sympathy. I couldn't even bear to speak, I just nodded. She allowed two tears to escape her eyes for me. She clasped my hands in hers and kissed them.

"I am so sorry, my darling" She whispered and hugged me gently. She dressed me, wrapped my broken fingers, and put me back into bed. "I am going to get you something to eat. Is miso soup alright?"

I nodded and lay back against the many cushions I was propped up against. My hair was pulled back; the blood scrubbed from my body, and was wrapped in an expensive looking robe. Except for my fingers, I looked exactly like a nobleman's wife when she was expecting.

I drifted into an uneasy sleep, only to be awoken by a loud banging sound. My eyes flew open and I pushed back away from the noise and looked at my husband.

He was only wearing his pants and covered in blood. He tossed his scythe into the corner of the room, and looked back at me. His teeth were stained scarlet.

"I see Okaa-san took care of you. That's good" He said while grabbing a towel to wipe some of the blood off his body. "She's a sweet lady. I often wonder how she produced something like me."

He bent over me and kissed me forcing his tongue roughly over mine and making me taste the blood on his teeth. He chuckled as I squirmed to get away from him. He grabbed my waist in a vice grip as well as my chin forcing me to look into his eyes.

"I can't hurt you physically because Madara-sama has made it clear that your children are worth more than my pleasure, but that doesn't mean I can't torture the hell out of you while waiting, bitch. Just remember that." He said and I did the one thing I could think of after everything he had done to me. I spat in his face.

The disgust on his face was evident as he wiped the saliva off his cheek, and then glared murderously at me. I attempted to crawl away from him, but he had me by the throat in a death grip and bashed my head against the headboard.

"Bitch, I think it's time you learned a lesson" he growled as he unsheathed a kunai from his weapons holster. He cut a thin line on his cheek and I gasped as I felt it appear on me. "You like that? Oh, honey, it's gonna get so much worse"

He began to make slashes on his body where nerve endings were, making the slashes just deep enough to radiate a deep ache throughout my body. I cried put many times in pain, to his delight. When he was done, he pulled my body to him and whispered sweetly on my ear.

"I'm gonna make you wish you were never born, bitch" The dark rumble of his laughter made my stomach turn as he flipped me onto my stomach and forced his way into my bruised haven with no preparation or lube, I screamed in pain again as he rode me. How much was one woman expected to take?

"You'll take what I give you and like it, bitch" he breathed huskily against the shell of my ear. "I'm not one of those men that will tell you that if you're good I won't hurt you. I am definitely going to hurt you, and, if I have my way, you will never see the light of day again. Your whole life will be as my sex slave, ready to do it whenever and however I want."

I wanted to cry again but I held firm and let him continue with his brutal ministrations. He abused me again and again but was careful not to lay a single blow on my abdomen, lest he cause me to miscarry.

"You better have a son, bitch. I've already got too many damn women in my life." He said as he finished and pulled his pants back on. He re-wrapped my robe and hauled me to my feet. "We are going to see Madara-sama. He wants an update on all of the women's statuses and he wants to see you to confirm it."

As I walked out the door to the bedroom and into the main living area, I saw many frightened women bowing before their master, and finally his mother drinking tea. He bent down and patted her on top of the head in mock affection before hauling me out the door.

"Airashī-san is in charge while I'm gone, bitches. Stay out of my shit" He yelled over his shoulder as we continued onward. As I followed my husband through the newly destroyed streets of Konoha, I took in all the carnage he had caused me and began to cry, breaking my new vow.

"What the hell's wrong with you now, bitch?" He asked irritably not even looking back at me until I whispered my request.

"Kill me"

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