Impress to Undress

It had already been a couple of hours since our two unlikely heroes left Death City for Chicago, and so far not a single word has been exchanged since during the car ride. To break this uncomfortable silence, Soul did the only thing he knew how… Make the atmosphere even MORE uncomfortable and ask a really awkward question.

"So are you a boy or a girl?"

Chrona, unsure if they heard correctly, asked, "I-I'm sorry?"

"It's been driving me nuts, and no one else seems to know either. There's actually an $808 pot right now, for when it finally becomes clear."

"T-That's a lot of money," Chrona stuttered.

"Yeah, well we have Kid to thank for that. So which is it?"

Soul was listening so intently at this point that he was almost positive that someone was doing a drumroll in the backseat.

"I'm a guy," Chrona finally confessed.

"Yesh! I knew it!"

"I-Is it really that important?" Chrona asked innocently.

Soul scratched his chin carefully contemplating his answer. Understanding that Chrona was still fragile and that the wrong response would undo a lot of the progress he's made up to this point. Though Soul knew he could be mean bastard at times, he just didn't have the heart to be downright cruel.

"No, it's not," Soul finally answered.

Chrona responded, "Then why is there an $800 pot? W-Why did you even ask me if it wasn't important?"

Soul was kicking himself for even bringing it up and the only thing going through his mind at this point was, 'Stupid!'

A now-calm Soul then sighed, "Maybe I worded it wrong. It'll be important to some people Chrona, for some people that is the only thing they care about when it comes to others."

Chrona grew more silent as he somehow balled-up into the fetal-position while still wearing his seatbelt.

"But Chrona I want you to know that we, as your friends, where only wondering about it so we could know and understand you better… You okay?"

Chrona musters a nod before asking, "Why didn't you ask Dr. Stein?"

A surprised Soul retorts, "What? He knows!"

"Well, yeah. After we fought Medusa and I got really hurt, how do you think he did the surgery? With my clothes on?"

A dumbfounded Soul couldn't help but twitch at the fact that for the last year or two, the answer to everyone's dying question was held by their own teacher; he then began hitting his head onto the steering-wheel while yelling, "Dammit," to the pound of each bang.

While worried that Soul would hurt himself, Chrona still managed to laugh at the whole situation. After seeing this Soul can't help but get a few chuckles in himself. Not long after that they pulled up into Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Chrona looks around, "Chicago looks way different in the movies doesn't?"

"Well… Okay one, yeah Chicago DOES look a lot different up close than in the movies. But you won't know that yet, because we're not in Chicago yet this is Santa Fe."

Chrona manages, "Oh, so why are we here?"

Soul looked at Chrona and grinned, "We're goin wardrobe shoppin Chrona! Since we'll be gone a couple days and neither of us has packed a luggage, I figure we could buy some along the way since money ain't an issue."

A shocked Chrona exclaimed, "W-Wait I thought we were only going out for the day!"

A disappointed Soul looks at Chrona and asks, "Chrona do you have any idea how far Chicago is man? It's at least a 3-5 day drive just to GET there!"

A now-petrified Chrona stuttered, "Oh-Oh no! Everyone will be m-mad at me for being gone! I-I don't know how to deal with this!"

Soul grabs Chrona by the shoulder and calmly tells him, "Don't worry man, if anything they'll all be mad at ME. Since I was the one who drove right?"

Chrona nodded.

"Alright, now let's get you some new clothes. Only, uh, certain types of women like their partners to have dresses and since you already kinda look like a girl it'd be a hassle if there was a misunderstanding."

Chrona nodded, though he didn't completely understand what Soul was talking about. If a girl didn't want to talk to him because he wore a dress, then that was her problem wasn't it? He was tempted to bring this up, but decided against it. Chrona felt that he'd only be more confused by the end when it was answered.

Soul was pulling out clothes for Chrona to try on as he went on about the finer points of being cool and picking up strange women.

"I don't care if you're gay, straight, or bi Chrona. Because no matter who or what you're into you still need to have the right attire."

Chrona gasped, "W-Why don't you get me the same kind of clothes you wear then Soul? If it's cool clothes, you'd know which ones to get."

Soul couldn't help but smile as Chrona asked the most innocent questions. He felt like a teacher- No- a sensei, like from Karate Kid, teaching Chrona all of the basics on how to be cool. And here he thought it'd be a drag, but he saw Chrona like a blank slate ready to learn everything he had to teach him.

"That's actually a very good question Chrona."

Chrona arched a brow, thinking Soul was making fun of him.

"The way I see it like this, the right look for the right person. A lot of people make the mistake of seeing a cool person wearing, let's say, a leather vest."

Chrona responded, "Okay…"

"Now they think I wanna be like him; I'll get the same vest. For a few people it looks cool in a natural way on them, for some people it just looks okay, but then for the rest it just looks forced and horrible. Now why would it work for some people and not the others?"

Chrona thought for a second and asked, "Is it like Soul Resonance?"

"N-… Actually that's not a bad analogy, yeah think of it like Soul Resonance. They both have to complement each other."

"So… I can't just wear the same things another person does, because it might not be right for me?"

"I couldn't have worded it better myself," Soul complimented.

Chrona couldn't help but smile at the compliment Soul gave him. He just felt so nervous beforehand that Soul wouldn't like to be around him, but things were going well so far. Then Chrona began to think…


"What is it Chrona? See something you like?"

"No, I was just wondering… Um…"

"Don't be afraid to ask things Chrona, that's why I'm here."

Chrona eased up and asked, "Why do we care so much about how we look?"

"Oh, to pick up women of course."


"Chrona if I've taught you nothing up to now, I want you to remember this: You need to impress to Undress."

Chrona stood at that spot, in shock, while Soul went up to pay for the clothes they picked out. Soul persuaded Chrona to walk out in the clothes he just bought for him: Black loafers, a pair of black pinstriped slacks, a navy-blue button-up shirt, and a little gold medallion.

After leaving Santa Fe Chrona asks, "Why did you want me to wear the clothes right now anyway? It's almost eight."

Soul snickered, "Because, we're not finished yet, my dear boy, Chrona. Whodini said it best, The Freaks Come Out at Night…" Soul sang as he let out a haunting laugh.

Scared out of his mind, Chrona begins to ask, "S-So where are we going?"

Soul looks over and taunts, "Oh come on Chrona! What fun would it be to just TELL you?"

As said before Soul doesn't have the heart to be downright cruel… But that doesn't mean he doesn't have his sadistic side to him.

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