Ron stood at the center of the circle of stones, next to the altar. She's so amazingly beautiful. I'm so lucky to have her in my life. He was riveted by the sight of Hermione Granger in her wedding dress, headed straight for him. He leaned over to Severus and commented, "She's gorgeous, isn't she?"

"Stunning. Absolutely stunning."

Ron looked at the man when his voice caught and realized just how in love he was, it was evidenced in his eyes and the way his body leaned toward the witch walking down the aisle, his impatience barely constrained.

Ron's smile confused a few of the guests; most would have believed him to be very upset at the whole thing. He almost laughed out loud when he heard someone whisper very loudly, "He must be under Imperius. There is no way he would have agreed to be the best man otherwise."

He did laugh, when Severus, who had heard the same thing said, "He forgot the fact that I Crucioed you into wearing the dress robes and Avada Kedavraed your favorite owl."

Ron saw the question in Hermione's eyes, and shook his head slightly. It would be bad luck for the bride to hex the daylights out of her wedding guests.

He remembered the first awkward meeting after Hermione and Snape started dating: he and Harry had run into the couple at Fortescue's Ice Cream parlor, which had been re-opened by Seamus Finnegan after the war. Ron had noticed the way Snape had squeezed her hand reassuringly when Harry had made the mistake of questioning Hermione's integrity in dating Snape so quickly after she and Ron had broken up; conveniently throwing in the fact that he had caught Luna sneaking out of Grimmauld Place early in the morning. Both Ron and Snape had winced at the look on Hermione's face and realized they were going to have to help her when she went for her wand. When Severus stepped back and subtly cast a perimeter ward to protect the other customers, Ron had cast a silencing spell. Hermione had then lambasted Harry for being a two-faced, double-standard-holding moron who couldn't find adulthood with a map. She then waved her wand at him and every piece of equipment that Hermione had designed exploded. The cell phone deep in Harry's front trouser pocket had done the most damage. When the fireworks ended, Ron recalled the first salvo in his and Snape's odd friendship, when Snape's deep voice intoned, "You may join us for afters, Weasley, after you dump your companion at St. Mungo's. We have a chess game to finish; Hermione needs some time to write up some sales proposals."

That was the first time the two men had spent some time together when one or the other of their witches was busy, but it certainly wasn't the last. Snape had helped Ron with his idea for a private security company, based on some of Hermione's creations and created a new morning-sickness potion for Luna when he discovered she couldn't take the traditional one due to an allergy to dandelion milk.

Ron remembered the way Snape had looked the day Hermione had dressed up to accompany him to a function at the Malfoy's. He and Luna had gone over to provide moral support; it was the first time she was returning to the manor since the time she had been tortured there. Snape's look of awe at his witch, resplendent in her ball gown, had done more for her nerves than Ron and Luna's best attempt at comedic relief. He has that same gob-smacked look on his face today.

He remembered the couple's first argument, and the way Hermione had run to him and Luna for comfort when Snape had stalked out. Followed shortly by Snape, who had returned rather quickly and figured out where she was almost immediately. He remembered trying not to overhear them voice their self-recriminations, as well as Snape's laughter when Luna told them that Wrackspurts were most easily done away with by sincere apologies and long kisses.

He watched them fall in love, his theory proven the day Malfoy Industries gave Hermione the most lucrative research and development contract the British wizarding world had ever known. She had practically flown out of the Floo and into Snape's arms, kissing him passionately. Ron had looked up from the chessboard and smiled ruefully. I only ever got those celebratory kisses on the cheek... "Oi, get a room!"

He thought about their double dates in the most random places, looking for potions ingredients and rare creatures. They were always fun, though. And Snape is great at getting Hermione out of the way when the great outdoors gets Luna a bit randy.

Snape had been the one to recommend him to the National Quidditch League when they started to broadcast their games on the wizard-vision sets Hermione had created. Ron now held the senior broadcaster position, and he loved it. But whenever he tried to thank Snape, he was never allowed. "I cannot ever repay you, Weasley. Don't make me feel bad."

Ron hadn't known what to say when Snape and Hermione had asked him and Luna to stand for them at their wedding. Luna's enthusiastic response was followed by a long silence. Ron chuckled as he remembered Snape's response to that. "Bloody hell, Hermione, I told you this would break him. Molly is going to kill me and serve me for next Sunday's dinner." Ron choked at the thought of Snape stew, and after he stopped coughing he accepted.

Here I am, watching my first love marry her last love; and I couldn't be happier. He looked over at Luna, holding their son in her arms and beamed at her. He turned back to see his first love, wrapped in the arms of her new husband. There is something to be said for being someone's last love, isn't there?

Shortly after the wedding, as the guests were moving from the standing stones toward the Great Hall for the feast and dance, Ron was accosted by Harry.

"What the bloody hell did you do to get to be his best man? Did you Imperio him?"

Ron just shook his head and kept walking. He had promised Luna not to punch anyone if he could help it. He saw Luna moving quickly to intercept them.

Harry turned and saw Luna coming, then whirled back and grabbed Ron by the arm, stopping him cold. "You bastard, you KNOW he's the only link I have to my mother, and you took him away from me! I didn't have a woman to give hi-"

Ron blinked as he realized that the punch that had rather effectively stopped the bizarre rant from his best friend had come from his wife.

He stared wide-eyed at his diminutive love, who was standing there, legs spread slighly, arms akimbo, ready to fight.

He saw the bride and groom walk up to them, hand in hand.

"What in the world happened, Ron?"

Hermione was concerned, so Ron thought quickly. "I think Harry got into the firewhiskey early." It was as good an excuse as any.

"I really want to know, Ron. What did you do to get Snape to like you?" Harry demanded.

"That is easy, Potter; he grew up."