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Chapter 1- Mischief

If there was one thing Kurt knew about the Warblers, it was to expect the unexpected. He had to admit that when he first heard that they were having a movie night he expected it to be as organised as the Warbler meetings. Of course he was proved to be wrong.

Firstly, they weren't in full uniform. Well, not entirely. Although they were all boarding at Dalton, Kurt included, they hadn't got changed from their Dalton uniforms. In fact, most blazers were in a pile in the corner, the rest sloppily scattered across the floor of the room. Their shirts were un-tucked and many had the top few buttons opened. Finally their ties were either thrown to the nearest empty space or hanging loosely around their neck, with the exception of Kurt and Blaine. The pair had their blazers hanging up safely in their own dorm rooms and their ties were still firmly knotted around their necks, only looser.

Kurt's dorm room, much like Blaine's, was a single. Both had been mid-term transfers meaning they had the benefit of a room to themselves. They liked having their own space; anyone would if they knew how mischievous the other Dalton students could be. Especially in the case of Nick and Jeff, even Wes and David were a handful sometimes. Wes and David liked to think that they had adopted Blaine when he first transferred; they were older than him anyway. Blaine and Kurt were juniors whilst Wes and David were seniors and to them, age meant they were the ones in charge. However Blaine still insisted it was him that adopted them and he and Kurt were always the ones getting them out of trouble. Don't get them wrong though, they had their good sides, as did Nick and Jeff.

Today though, was not a day when the fantastic foursome was helpful. They were acting crazily hyper and extremely annoying. Kurt was trying to ignore them as much as he could. Currently, he was resting against Blaine watching whatever movie was playing. To be honest, he didn't know what he was supposedly 'watching'. Most of his attention was on the way he could feel Blaine's arm snaked around himself and he could hear Blaine's heartbeat from his position resting his head against Blaine's chest. His attention was certainly not looking into why Blaine's heartbeat was more frantic than steady. As was his own heartbeat.

None of the Warblers would judge him here. He loved that he never had to be afraid of being himself. His singing may be more restricted but it was just a minor setback in the rest of an amazing opportunity. The Warblers were amazing people. At first they could appear to be orderly and smartly dressed all the time, but it wasn't a true sight of what they were really like. The truth was that they were always there for each other and genuinely nice guys, but a little crazy at times. Little being the understatement of the century.

At that current moment in time, Kurt was struggling to stay awake. He had been up all night studying in his room. The only thing that had been keeping him sane was hearing Blaine's voice down the speaker of his phone. After a certain time you had to stay in your room or face the consequences. So Kurt and Blaine had no choice but to communicate through the speakers of their phones. Due to being up this late, Kurt was now shattered and close to falling asleep.

Blaine was in a similar state but was much better at hiding it. He was the type of person that hated showing any weakness, this included sickness, and emotion and in this case exhaustion. The emotion part did get annoying sometimes. Blaine had a concrete wall built around himself that shielded his emotion from coming through. There were those rare occasions when he let the shield slip but as mentioned, they were rare, and seemed to really only happen around Kurt. It was strange how that happened; it was as if Blaine acted differently around Kurt. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. It was like he couldn't fully control his emotions. The only thing he had successfully hidden from Kurt was his feelings for him, but he had somehow hidden them from himself in the process.

Kurt was now slipping into unconsciousness, but Blaine wasn't far behind him. They slowly drifted into a deep sleep, thoughts full of the other person. Noticing the pair had fallen asleep the Warblers were suddenly alert and the film they had been watching was turned off immediately.

"Okay everybody, they're out cold. It's time for Operation Klaine." Wes's confident voice filled the room and most of the boys sprang from their seats. They had no fear that the pair would wake up as they had made sure of that earlier by slipping sleeping tablets into their drinks. This was so they could put their master plan into action. You see it was obvious to the Warblers, as to the rest of the world that Kurt and Blaine were meant to be together. They were the only ones who couldn't see it, and the Warblers were determined to change that. It wasn't their first attempt at this, but pushing them into each other only made them mad at Wes and David (who were the ones who pushed them). But the boys were set on not giving up.

"Does anyone have any suggestions?" Wes asked the group of boys in the room. The suggestions he was on about was of what to do to Kurt and Blaine. They didn't think the plan of getting them both unconscious would even work so the boys hadn't planned ahead of what to actually do. Trent was the first one with his hand up.

"Yes Trent? You have a suggestion?"

"Um, no, actually I was going to tell you that Kurt and Blaine weren't the only people asleep." Wes looked at the boy in confusion before looking around the room to spot the only other person who hadn't moved since his announcement. It was his best friend, David. With an evil smirk and a flick of his wrist, Wes grabbed his beloved gavel and headed towards the unsuspecting boy. The rest of the Warblers watched on as amusement as the scene unfolded.

Positioned carefully behind the sleeping boy, Wes raised his arm with the weapon in and swung it down sharply in one swift movement. The gavel collided hard with the back of the victim's head who immediately jumped into consciousness. David groaned in pain as Wes smiled smugly before diving behind the back of the chair that David had been resting on. The Warblers hadn't been quick enough to move and as the injured boy winced and opened his eyes, he caught sight of the rest of the people in the room standing over him in amusement and concern. No one had to tell him what had happened or who had done it. It didn't take a genius to notice the only boy he couldn't see was Wes; the owner of a weapon David had become all too familiar with, the dreaded gavel. It wasn't the first time he had felt the wrath of the gavel and he knew it wouldn't be the last. A few months ago when he had been unfortunate enough to get hiccups Wes had decided that the best cure would be to hit them out of him. Amazingly it did work because the shock and pain of the action had scared the hiccups out of him. Unfortunately since that point Wes had decided that the gavel was the answer to all problems. This came much to the disappointment of the other Warblers.

As David tried to cope with the pain in his head and the headache he knew he was getting, he turned in his chair to see the asian who had attacked him hiding behind him. Sheepishly the attacker stood as David glared at him. Wes was confident that David wouldn't seek revenge yet, because of the pain he was in, but he was looking forward to seeing what type of punishment he would conjure up. Walking away to go to the other side of the room Wes muttered a sentence sounding suspiciously like: "That'll teach him to fall asleep during my plan."

By the time Wes had reached the top end of the room, David was standing with the others rubbing his head dramatically as Thad shot him a sympathetic look.

"Now I'll repeat any ideas on what to do with Klaine?" Wes asked again.

"Can we even call them Klaine yet? They aren't together." Flint asked, confused. Nick and Jeff gasped in horror, clutching each other's sleeves in disbelief. Nick had done it as a joke but Jeff seemed to be a lot more serious about the action.

"Flint, how dare you!" Jeff shrieked. "Klaine will be together, they're meant to be together. Never suggest otherwise!" He then stormed out of the room close to tears with Nick following close behind. Flint just seemed confused.

"What's with him?" David asked the question on everyone's minds.

"No idea." Andrew answered.

"Not a clue." Ethan supplied.

"I know." Thad told the group nervously. They all turned to him in expectation.

"How would you know?" Wes asked suspiciously.

"Okay, it all started…

Thad was walking alone when he noticed Jeff, staring directly at Kurt and Blaine with a look of admiration on his face.

"What are you thinking?" Thad asked calmly.

Jeff sighed. "I just find it amazing how they are with each other after so little time."

"Yeah. They're made for each other. I wish they'd just hurry up and get together already."

"It took years for me to get that close to Nick. I wish we could be like them." Jeff pointed out without realising what he had implied. Kurt and Blaine were obviously going to become more than friends in the near future, did that mean Jeff wanted that with Nick?

Thad was looking at him in a way of analysis. He realised it all made sense. The way Jeff acted around Nick, the way he looked and talked about him. Thad used to think it was just an amazingly close friendship, but thinking about it, they were kinda like Kurt and Blaine. "You're in love with him." He stated. "I didn't even know you were gay."

"I didn't know. I never really put a label on myself. I know he's the only boy I've ever been interested in, but there aren't exactly any girls I like in that way. I think I might be in love with him. No, I know I'm in love with him… But I don't know what to do about it." Jeff realised.

"Seriously, are you as oblivious as those two?" Thad asked, gesturing wildly to the unknowing Kurt and Blaine. "What do you mean you don't know what to do? Ask him out."

"But I don't even know if he likes me. We've been friends forever; I don't want to ruin our friendship." Jeff murmured quietly.

"Have you been talking to Blaine recently? I really think you've been having lessons from him or something. Of course Nick likes you. You haven't seen the way he looks at you, its same way you look at him. I used to think it was just because you were really close friends, but it's the same look Kurt and Blaine use on each other. You're in love dude, now go do something about it." Thad ordered.

"You keep comparing us to Kurt and Blaine but we're nothing like them. We've been friends a lot longer than they have, and we're not gay." Jeff laughed.

"No dude, you're just not out. You can't exactly call yourself straight, who was the last girl you found attractive?" Thad asked. The other boy was silent. His mouth opening and closing as though he was trying to form words but couldn't find what to say. "Exactly. I'm not trying to out you or anything, but I really think you should consider a relationship with Nick."

"Look if we really are made for each other, it will work out. If Kurt and Blaine get together so will we." Jeff stated.

"You know it doesn't work out like that Jeff, it's not just like fate. You have to do something." Thad argued.

"Sorry but it's not gonna happen Thad." Jeff sighed. "I'm not got ruin our friendship."

"Is this actually going somewhere because we're kinda busy with some Klaine forming at the moment?" Wes wondered out loud.

"I was just about to get to that thanks Wesley." Thad sighed irritably. "Okay, so by this point I was really fed up but then I got an idea."

"But what if we made a deal?" Thad smirked.

"What kind of deal?" Jeff looked uneasy about it.

"If Kurt and Blaine stop being so oblivious and get together, you have to give Nick a chance and ask him out!" Thad dared.

Jeff considered it for a moment but really there was nothing to think about. He didn't want to say he'd never have a chance with Nick; he would try eventually. Also it didn't look like Blaine was going to realise his feelings any time soon, and Thad was annoying him. "Fine but only if they get together, or I won't ask him out." Jeff agreed before walking away in triumph.

Thad smirked at the deal. "I think you mean when they get together."

"…Jeff is regretting the deal now because he's finally got the courage to ask Nick but he can't do anything until Kurt and Blaine realise their feelings. I feel really guilty now because I knew he'd realise his feelings eventually but now he has to wait it out to act on them." Thad finished his explanation.

"That's horrible, I'd hate to have feelings for somebody and not be able to act on it." Luke announced.

"Poor Jeff!" James chimed in.

"So is Jeff gay?" Cameron asked. The Warblers sighed and face palmed as Wes hit himself in the forehead with his gavel. This was going to be a long night.