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Chapter 1


Fate is in motion

Every step every breath unleashes a plan

Fighting is useless

What can one soul do against its power


Warm summer air swept across the lush green field below, the crisp scent of herbs and soil twined into the breeze.

The inviting fragrance dulled only by the thick aroma of sweet cherry blossoms in full bloom.

The delightful scent going unnoticed by the priestess it basked upon.

Kagome smiled lightly as another soft gust of summer air blew past the soft skin over her cheeks and into her raven locks, tossing her thick waves into the swirling breeze.

Her brown orbs scanned the seemingly never ending cloudless blue sky above, secretly she wished she could escape her current predicament by floating away into the blue void above.

She fanned her sandal covered feet a bit further apart on the thick dirt covered ground knowing that wish was going to go unfulfilled.

Kagome peered down from the tantalizing sky above to the field she currently stood in, the rich scent of herbs invading her nostrils once more with the fading of the wind.

An absolutely perfect day such as this and she was stuck in the vast field of herbs and roots gathering whatever her current watcher ordered her too.

Kagome looked up from her current spot of dirt to the frail form kneeling mere feet away from where she stood.

Kaede knelt pulling plant after plant up from the dirt and placing them neatly into the woven basket at her side.

A action Kagome knew she should be mimicking.

She sighed before walking forward careful to avoid the countless herbs fanned out beneath her.

Despite her best efforts she could feel the leaves of the taller plants rubbing against the pant leg of her priestess attire.

Kaede looked up from her work to her disciple working her way slowly towards her.

Her slender form wrapped in the red and white kimono that matched her own.

Slowly the elder priestess got to her feet lifting her woven basket now full with different herbs and roots along with her.

She did not blame Kagome for being a bit distant during this time they had spent together, picking ointments and other sorts of plants was not the most exciting event.

Though she wished her successor would take her role as future village priestess a bit more seriously.

Kagome now mere inches from where Kaede currently stood reached out her soft hands a gesture towards her slightly heavy basket.

Kaede took the offer gratefully placing the herb filled container into Kagome's arms.

Kagome smiled at her teacher hoping this was a sign she was done for the day.

Kaede could see past her hidden expression clearly "I suppose we should head back" She said flatly

Kagome smiled in victory knowing the worst of the day had come and past now she would be free to spend the remainder in the company of others, a certain half demon in particular.

Again Kagome failed to hide her inner motives from the watchful eyes of the elder woman before her "Inuyasha should be returning shortly?" She asked

Kagome smiled knowing once again she had been caught "I hope so" Kagome admitted

Kaede smiled watching her disciple get lost in thought once again, slowly she extended her wrinkled hand outward to guide her to the direction of the village.

Kagome stepped forward following her mentor letting her mind slip to thoughts of Inuyasha.

She hadn't lost count of a single minute the silver haired half demon had been away.

A few days ago he had left the village in the company of Miroku to help a neighboring village slay a large group of rat demons.

They had invaded a farmers lands and threatened his crop.

Or so she had heard from Sango, but thankfully that was all over now. She had received word Inuyasha was on his way back having succeeded in clearing out the land.

On the inside she could not have been more excited, her relationship with the distant half demon had some what deepened over the past few months of them living together in Kaede's village.

Ever since the defeat of Naraku they had retired to the peaceful life style of village folk, well not entirely Inuyasha who still enjoyed aiding villages in need of a demon slaying.

Though he still remained partly distant from true intimacy Kagome had a feeling it would not be to much longer before they fully consummated their relationship.

Kagome shook the thought from her mind a bit embarrassed she had allowed it to cross her thoughts to begin with.

She looked up from her steps on the flattened dirt path before her noticing she was already half way into the village,

The vast field of all sort of plants that had moments ago surrounded her was now replaced with row after row of small wooden huts and people spotted streets.

Kagome smiled and waved to the local villagers passing them quickly having only one destination in mind.

After a few more moments filled with light footsteps she was at the door frame of Kaede's hut.

One push with her free hand and she would be in the small hut but the distant feeling of a demon approaching forced her to remain still.

Kagome smiled recognizing the aura immediately invading her spiritually sharpened mind and body.

Without hesitation she placed the woven basket on the ground below before marching her way happily towards the coming travelers.

With every step she could feel the now not so distant aura of the coming half demon draw closer and closer.

Kagome felt her feet quicken there pace beneath her until she was almost completely out of the reach of the village behind her.

Then there over a small distant hill she could see a crimson cloaked form waking down the steep side.

Kagome could not help but smile at the silver haired half demon walking closer and closer to her.

Then her brown orbs locked into a mirroring view of happiness met by a pair of deep amber eyes.

The eastern sky glowed endlessly over the towering mountains below.

Sharp peeks and jagged edges merging together on the cliff sides of the massive mounds, dangerous but alluring.

Below the captivating scene of rock and stone the base of the mountains rested peacefully against the forest floor below.

Tall thick green trees looming below inviting with its lush appeal, below soft moist soil a virtual paradise for all forms of wild life.

Demon and animal, alike.

The padded floor shook with the impact of heavy footsteps a tremor rocking up the trunk of almost every tree below.

Bright green leaves falling from there resting place above.

Clouds of lush greenery falling like snow shrouding but not completely covering the charging massive figure.

A demon boar covered in a thick pelt of muscle and fur, long jagged tusk protruding from its drool covered lips.

Its blood shot eyes fixed with a stern look of fury and rage at the figure standing proudly before it.

The other figure stood mere feet away watching through deep blue orbs as the beast charged full speed towards him.

His only response was to smile, a coy fang filled smirk.

Stepping forward having every intention on meeting the raged boar demon head on. His entire form was revealed through a stream of rich sun light shooting through the tree tops.

No other than Kouga stood face to face with the enraged creature about to rip into him, or so it thought.

Kouga fanned his feet apart taking a strong stance before the beast now mere inches from where he stood.

He could hear his knuckles pop under his tan skin as his claws flexed into place for an attack.

The demon boar roared at the wolf demon at its feet before swinging its massive head upward, his tusk aimed right at Kouga ready to slash away anything they came into contact with.

Its head lifted swiping its sword like weapons through the air catching nothing in their reach.

Kouga smirked, that is what he had been waiting for.

With one powerful swipe of his razor like claws aimed towards the boar demons now exposed neck, he felt flesh in his grasp.

His claws sliced through the tough almost impenetrable hide of the boar with ease, Kouga growled feeling the unmistakable feeling of flesh tear beneath his claws.

Followed by the spray of crimson coming from the now mortally wounded beast.

The board reared its head back in attempt to roar with pain only to be silence by another slice of Kouga's claws.

In a hot white flash of pain and silence, it was over.

The massive beast fell forward its body lifeless after the final attack, it slid across the dirt below before finally coming to a stop.

Kouga watched the monster like creature slide a few feet from where he currently stood almost sure the sheer size of his kill would knock a few trees over before stopping completely.

He sighed a bit in relief when it didn't.

Slowly he walked over to the now dead body of the boar eyeing his prize, grateful to the animal that its body would now feed his entire tribe at least for a few days.

Kouga flicked the still dripping blood from his claws a bit annoyed he had gotten it on him to begin with.

He stopped in his actions at the sound of the surrounding bushes and underbrush beginning to part.

Followed by the echoing of metal spears and half filled quivers rattling around him.

Kouga turned slowly knowing full well who its was, he was met by no less then a dozen pairs of astonished eyes.

Ginta and Hakkaku where among them.

"You killed it already?" Ginta asked almost a bit disappointed

Hakkaku didn't share his let down emotion he could not have been more happy the days hunt was finally done. He had lost count along with several of the other tribe members how long they had been tracking the massive creature.

"Hey saves us the trouble" Hakkaku smiled knowing he was only a few moments away from enjoy a hot meal.

Kouga watched as the rest of the hunting party surrounded his kill their eyes fixed with hunger on the beast.

It didn't take much for Kouga to notice "Hands off!" He barked at the group of demons

"No one gets a piece till its back at the cave!" Kouga growled

"Ah come on Kouga" Ginta started, he was quickly silence by a glare in his direction

"Drag it back to the mountain then slice it up, understood?" Kouga ordered

The group of disappointed wolf demons sighed in agreement as they began tying the limp limbs of the boar together preparing for the long drag back to the mountains.

Kouga watched them in silence eyeing that they were obeying him before he began to slowly walk off into the shadows of the forest.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Hakkaku called after him

Kouga paused in his movements "I'm going for a run, I'll be back by later"

Both Ginta and Hakkaku didn't bother to ask any further questions knowing full well what a 'run' meant for Kouga.

He was going to clear his head the best way he knew how through physical endurance. Knowing him he would probably run all around the territory until nightfall before returning.

Kouga waved a quick farewell before speeding off as fast as his legs would carry him into no particular direction.

His comrades watched him disappear into the darkness knowing they wouldn't be seeing him again any time soon

A hissed call of crowing vultures echoed of the black cliff side, a sharp jagged mountain stood looming in the center of the surrounding scorched earth.

Black ash and ruble lay scattered through out the horrid landscape, seemingly countless carcasses of fallen cattle and other poor creatures that had dared to travel to this hellish place.

Only one lone figure clawed its way along the cliff side, clinging to the black mountain for dear life.

Hovering in fear from the almost mile long drop back down to the ground below it was easy to see why.

The creature hissed at the circling birds above drawn by the strong scent of its wounded body.

A second glance revealed it was a rat demon struggling to cling to the cliff.

Its body dressed in a torn a blood stained kimono, using its clawed feet and hands to dig into the mountain side.

Partially its anatomy was that of a man using its arms and legs as any human would, but outer appearances revealed different.

Thin starved body covered by ash colored fur its face almost mirroring the structure of a full grown rat. A sharp pointed nose with long whiskers and two over hanging rotted teeth. Followed by a large pink hairless tail trailing behind it.

The rat took another stride upward its desired goal nearing with every struggled step.

At the near peek of the mountain was a small opening leading into a large cave.

Finally after countless more strides the wounded demon clung to the rim of the cave opening, with a final push it flung its trembling body into the opening.

The rat laid there almost motionless breathing heavily physically exhausted from the sheer climb up the cliff.

A small trickle of blood oozing from its side taking with it what little strength the demon could muster.

"Who enters here?" A dark voice whispered from the shadows of the cave.

The rat demon struggled as it slowly began to sit up fresh blood staining the stone floor it sat upon.

"I-I seek R-Rygo" The rat panted barley able to form words "A-Are you yourself?"

"Hmm" The voice hummed "You have found me, speak quickly my patience for bleeding vermin is very thin"

The rat clamped a clawed hand over its wound trying to contain its blood loss.

"I-I have come for vengeance, for my clan!" The rat confessed its voice laced with hatred

"I care not for the destruction of rodents like you, be gone" The shadowed voice warned

"Please lord Rygo!" The rat pleaded a quick shot of pain causing him to hesitate in his words

"I-I seek to destroy a half demon that has slaughtered all of my kin!" He finished holding his side tighter knowing he did not have much longer

"Half demon you say" The voice asked almost laced with interest

"Y-Yes" The demon replied

The shadowed figure smiled in the darkness of his cave before slowly stepping forward, gracing the trembling demon before him with his presence.

The rat's beady black eyes fixed on the figure now before him.

A robed creature strongest resembling a man, its handsome face lined with pale skin, dark crimson eyes glowing fiercely in the dark.

Large ram like horns protruding out of its long raven locks, its body visible but yet distorted like smoke.

"The demon you speak of, how is he called?" The crimson eyed demon asked

"A accursed half demon by the name I-Inuyasha!" The rat spat in disgust.

Rygo smiled a handsome smile "Inuyasha, the half demon who slew Naraku"

"W-What?" The rat asked unaware of who the other person Rygo spoke of.

Rygo looked down at the kneeling creature "Your small mind has no comprehension of who I speak" Rygo reassured but there was no doubt he knew all to well who Inuyasha was.

The half demons name had become all but famous among demons, a weak half human defeating one of the most powerful demons the world had ever seen.

Oh Rygo knew all to well of who the rat spoke of, and this could not have interested him more.

"You seek to destroy this half demon?" Rygo asked

"Y-Yes" The rat confessed feeling blood trick past his clawed fingers

Rygo smiled "In your current state you would do no more then provide Inuyasha with some form of amusement, that is even if you could make it back down my mountain"

"I-I have to defeat him! I h-have to avenge my brothers!" The rat demanded

Rygo almost laughed at the pathetic creatures determination, he had no desire to see Inuyasha die or alive but something about this situation promised to be entertaining.

"Very well, I will aid you" Rygo smirked he raised his clawed hands before swiping them across the air.

In a twist of smoke and light a lone jagged arrow descended into Rygo's hands.

A crystallize dark aura clinging to the object tainting it with malaise and distain.

"An arrow?" The rat demon asked

"This is no ordinary arrow, a sacred shadow arrow. Drenched in the blood and black magic of a dark priestess. Plunge this into Inuyasha's body and watch his body purify from the inside out" Rygo promised

Rygo released the arrow allowing it to float gently into the clawed hand of the rat demon before him.

On contact the rat demon could feel its dark power surge through him, he smiled in victory.

"Thank you my lord, I will avenge my family!" The rat promised

Rygo smiled a dark hidden smile "As I said before you would do nothing to Inuyasha the way you are"

"My lord?" The rat asked a bit confused by his words

"Lean forward, and I shall give you one final gift" Rygo promised

The rat did as he was asked leaning his body forward, Rygo extended one lone finger to touch the forehead of the rat demon.

"Except this gift, and this curse" He smiled

Before the rat could understand his hidden meaning a surge of unbelievable power and pain flooded his body.

The demon screeched in panic as its body was torn apart from the inside out, its muscles ripping apart bone's cracking loudly under the skin.

His body stretched and morphed into a mutated mound of muscle and torn flesh.

Rygo smiled watching the beast he was creating take form right before his eyes.

Its fur turn to pitch black its body lined with muscle atop muscle it body growing into a massive beast of its formal self.

Its dull teeth now lined with sharp razor like daggers its eyes turn from there blackness to red hot orbs of crimson.

Its kimono torn into nothing but shreds at its now massive clawed feet.

Rygo pulled away with one final surge of power eyeing his demonic work.

The creature stood before Rygo drooling a with a look of blood crazed.

"Now go, this body wont sustain itself for long you need to feed" Rygo smiled no amount of fear in his voice at the creature he had just created.

The demon glared at Rygo still holding the dark arrow in its massive paws, then with a final leap he threw his massive body from the cave to the waiting cliff peeks below.

Rygo took a step forward watching the massive beast disappear down the mountain side, a look of solace of his handsome face.

No amount of guilt or pity for the unsuspecting world he had just released that horrid monster upon.

A merged shade of crimson and bright orange blanketed the darkening clouds above.

The distant crow of soaring birds heading into the eye of the setting sun the only sound echoing down to waiting forest below.

Thick trees loomed in shadow over the slightly open area mere feet from where they rooted.

Waves of lush green grass parted only by a wide stream curving through the middle of the hill side.

Small rocks and pebbles lined along its crystal side to keep the sparkling water contained.

The clear liquid splashed upward into the handsome face of the lone wolf demon kneeling at its bank.

Kouga smirked reaching for another cupped handful of fresh mountain spring water this time bringing the inviting water to his parted lips.

He rocked back on his heels before throwing the water seeping through his fingers into his now open mouth.

Kouga breathed a deep breath after drinking his fill of the sparkling water, before falling back opened armed and back first into the cushion waiting grass.

He fanned his clawed fingers widely over the soft ground he now laid sprawled out upon.

His blue orbs fixed on the softly glowing sky above, slowly he took a deep breath of the crisp air that surrounded him.

It seemed this day was finally nearing its end, for some reason this lone day seemed so much longer than all the rest.

Kouga didn't know exactly why this day unlike most others had been filled with plenty to do, first dealing with matters among the tribe then tracking and hunting for hours.

He suspected that is why his day had seemed to lag, any other time when he was free from the responsibly of a leader.

He would spend his day combing the mountain side for stray demons to kill or just sprinting to clear his head.

Those days never seemed to last long, most likely from his enjoyment of them.

Kouga sighed into the warm summer air surrounding him, to any other demon his life might seem like paradise.

He ate when he wanted to eat he drank when thirsty hunted when board and spent his days free to enjoy the vast and still growing territory.

But for some reason he still felt so unfilled, almost void of something in his life.

He had a pretty good idea of just what exactly that empty feeling entailed

Kouga huffed at the seemingly never ending sky "Maybe its time I find a woman" He whispered

Those words alone unleashed a new flurry of thoughts, of course he longed for the embrace of beautiful female, but somehow that wasn't satisfying.

He had enough one night stands in his life to last a lifetime for most demons, but he wanted something more still finding and picking a mate to suit him he knew would not be easy.

Not to boast but he knew he could have his pick of any female in his tribe he chose, he had plenty available attractive woman to choose from.

Kouga sighed again, having a tribe female had its perks knowing he would come home to a clean den and hot meal daily though there was always the personality that came into play.

Most tribe woman saw him only as a leader a prize to be won and tamed only to boost their own status among the clan.

After all any woman he chose would be Alpha of the entire eastern land that title alone was enough to taint any worthy woman who actually might want him for him not just his power.

No what he needed was a good down to earth woman who had no desire for power or control only the love he would provide her.

And girls like that where very hard to come by.

Kouga thought for a brief moment if such a girl existed what would she look like?

He imaged her to have large open eyes, able to see his emotions as well as her own.

Flowing wavy hair, black preferably.

A toned figure with curves and mounds for him to explore daily, wrapped in soft pale creamy skin.

Kouga grinned allowing his mind to form all sorts of hopeful ideas of what his unknown mate would look like.

He breathed in the crisp mountain air wishing he could smell the sweet scent of a woman's perfume.

Nothing could be more alluring to him then a woman with a wild and intoxicating scent.

Kouga paused in his thoughts wondering what a scent like that would smell like.

He felt his blue orbs close trying to image such a scent he scanned his memories for any smell in particular that aroused him in said way.

Only one came to mind, the wafting scent of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Kouga felt his brow raise in curiosity just where he had smelt that rich scent? It took mere seconds for his mind to form a single brown eyed human girl flashing across his vision.

His eyes opened instantly after the image of a raven haired beauty crossed his mind.

Kouga looked up to the sky above allowing more images to fade into his view.

"Kagome" He whispered

Kouga could not help smile at the memory of his distant friend he thought about his imaginary list of requirements for a mate and for some unknown reason Kagome seemed to fit them all.

A small laugh escaped his parted lips he hadn't thought of Kagome in such a long time and out of the blue his subconscious fetches her image from the dark corners of his mind.

Kouga placed a weary hand on his armored chest "I wonder how's she doing?" He asked the now darkening sky above.

He hadn't seen or heard from Kagome since the defeat of Naraku that seemed like a lifetime ago now.

Last he had heard she had mated Inuyasha and was living in some human village to the north.

He had half expected her to choose that path despite his hallow declarations of love and loyalty.

To be honest with himself at first he never truly felt drawn to her in such a way, he saw her as a tool he could use for gaining power.

But as the time began to grow between them he developed feeling for her, not sure if they were truly love like he declared daily but there was defiantly something there.

Maybe it was time for him to visit her just to check on her well being, and beside the thought of getting under mutt faces skin again was sure to be entertaining.

Kouga shook the thought from his mind finally rising to his feet noticing his now well imprinted form in the grass below.

If the time ever did come to see Kagome again it was not now, he had a tribe to run and mouths to feed.

Thinking of which Kouga looked up at the now night sky with a grimace knowing he had over done his thinking like so many times before.

It was time to return to the tribe and assign teams for guard duty this was the dreaded part of the leadership entail, dividing male after male into teams and shifts it was exhausting.

Kouga sighed one last time before preparing for the sprint back to the not to distant territory's

With one heavy step after another the dark forest blurred into a single stream of color as he sprinted by.

Though no matter how fast he ran and jilted through the countless tree's the image of a single human girl would not leave him.

An for some unknown reason, he smiled.

The pulsing beat of thundering footsteps pounded against the unsuspecting forest floor below trembling wide and rapid.

A massive ball of muscle, fur and razor fangs sprinting past the thick night trees in a fury of driven agony.

The rat demon had made unmatchable time traveling past the jagged mountains he had descended from to unsuspectingly invade the eastern wolf demon territory.

Driven by the uncuntrouble need to feed on fresh meat, since leaving the mountian side his body was completely taken over by pure blood lust.

He had to feed he needed it craved it, begged for it. This new body had been just what Rygo had spoken a gift and curse.

The gift being the incredible power and strength pulsing through his newly built muscles and claws. The curse the all consuming desire to eat.

It was excruciating to need something so badly and have it just out of reach.

His cracked lips damp with strings of drool his crimson eyes sharp and fixed on the task of dodging the trees before him.

His twitching nose fixed on the scent of approaching prey, the thick smell of wolves clouding his every thought.

Wolf flesh would make a perfect meal.

He took another whiff of the swirling forest air, something was close dangerously close.

Only after one final hard push of the beaten ground was the thick greenery of the dark forest parted to reveal his pray.

The deformed mountain of a rat demon smiled wickedly before lunging for the poor unsuspecting creature.

Instantly a lone blood curdling howl echoed out through the shadowed trees, then silence.

Thick swirling gust of mountain air brought with it the thick scent of hot iron and blood.

On top the countless jagged cliff sides a soul figure sprinted below jolting and twisting past the razor like rock edges.

Once the unmistakable scent of blood curled under Kouga's strong nose his body was in a full sprint.

It had taken him longer to reach the main territory than he had first thought now he cursed himself for leaving in the first place.

Though he would have to save his inner aggravation for a later time right now the lone thought of reaching the main caves as soon as possible was the only thing edged into his mind.

That and the soul question who would be foolish enough to attack the territory?

His tribe was one of the strongest in all the eastern lands numbering close to the thousands of able body demons to defend the clan. Had they been invaded? Or was this the single act of a rampaging demon?

He did not intend to wait idly by to find out.

With one final leap off the cliff face he launched forward into the crisp night air, landing skillfully on the rocky peek.

The entire landscape now laid out before his deep orbs able to see the countless miles of dark forest below him.

There a mere sprinting distance away was a glow on the horizon far to early or dim to be sun rise there was only one possibility.

Rich black smoke rose from the glowing orbs bringing with it the thick scent of burning wood.

"Fire" Kouga whispered

His suspicion of an army invading vanished at the sight, now the only logical explanation was confirmed there was a trespasser in his forest.

Kouga growled into the night air before jolting off the peek down the side of the mountain to the forest floor below.

He didn't care what sort of demon had decided to try his luck in this forest it belonged to the wolf demon tribe and that is how it would stay.

The punishment for such a defiant act was death and Kouga would personally deliver this judgment.

The forest hissed and cracked into the night sky as the rich lush green trees were set a blaze.

The greenery burned away into nothing but black ash at the failing attempts of the wolf demon tribe guards.

Once the horrid call of the fallen wolf had rang out it sent the entire mountain side on high alert.

Dozens of armed soldiers poured out from the caves to confront the demon foolish enough to slay one of their comrades.

The pulsating rat demon excepted the challenge all to eagerly.

Now there the group of weighing wolf demons stood beginning to thin in failed attempt to destroy the rat demon decimating them.

The rat demon screeched into the night air slicing its razor like claws at the approaching wolf demons.

Thick scent of blood flaring in its pointed nose unable to distinguish if it was from the countless wolf bodies sprawled out around his feet or his own wounds.

Jagged spear heads protruded from his mound of back muscle along with several twisted arrows.

His body to massive and rapid to be effected by the pain or blood loss.

The wolf demons snarled in waving their torches wildly before the massive demon in attempt to distract its fierce gaze.

"Spear it! Spear it now!" Hakkaku ordered trying to flank the screeching demon.

His voice could hardly be heard over the roar of the other wolf demons desperately trying to attempt an attack.

Ginta charged forward a jagged spear clutched tightly in his palms, with one strong jolt he stabbed the spear head into the back of the raving demon.

The rat demon roared out in pain, instantly his body twisted to face Ginta.

Ginta's black eyes widen in panic unable to avoid the attack he new was coming.

In that instant the shadowed underbrush parted a pair of light blue orbs peering through the darkness to the battle taking place before him.

"Ginta!" Hakkaku barked

Before his words could reach the frozen demon the rat demon raised its claws once more before bringing them hard across his unarmored abdomen.

Fresh streams of hot red blood sprayed out instantly before sending Ginta flying backwards into the darkness of the forest.

Kouga roared into the depths of the crowd his own body taken over by fury of what he had just witnessed.

His fierce eyes could see the bodies of his slain comrades both wolves and wolf demons alike their torn forms laying bare and blood covered some partially devoured.

It was enough to send Kouga over the edge of rage.

Kouga flew forward past his few remaining battling comrades his claws flexed his fangs baring in a snarl.

"Kouga!" He heard his men cheer in relief at the sight of their leader

Kouga paid them no heed as he dodged them with ease before coming face to face with the ferocious demon before him.

He could see the blood of his comrades smeared on the rat demons claws and fangs that sight alone was enough to give him the push he needed.

The rat demon screeched swiping its massive sword like claws at Kouga.

Kouga pushed off the ground instantly sending his body flying into the cool night air easily dodging the slow attack.

He crossed his strong arms across his chest his own claws flexed for battle, then with one weightless push he was sent flying to the ground right above the drooling demon below.

He roared into the night air uncrossing his arms in an inescapable net of claws bringing the attack down.

Instantly he felt the unmistakable feeling of tearing flesh and spraying blood under his fingertips.

He bared his fangs at the sound of the rat demon below him screeching in agony.

With one final push he sent his body flying backwards into the darkness of the forest, only coming to stop when the massive mound of rabid demon slammed into the base of large tree.

Kouga felt the ground once again beneath his feet with it the horrid feeling of fresh crimson blood dripping from his claws and other parts of his body the red mist had sprayed him.

He could hear his men cheer in victory behind him grateful the horrid monster hand finally been brought down.

Kouga knew better this was far from over.

As suspected the rat demon twitched at the base of the tree before slowly getting to its massive feet.

Only one furious eye reaming intact from the attack he had narrowly survived.

Kouga felt his handsome lips peel back in a snarl knowing he was going to enjoy slicing this demon apart.

The rat demon hissed in his direction wanting desperately to finish the arrogant wolf demon off, but he knew to well his body did not have the strength, not right now.

He could feel his flesh torn all over his fur covered body pools of red ooze streaming down to the forest floor below, he didn't have a chance.

There was but one other choice.

Instantly the rat demon spun on his massive pawed heels in the direction of the dark forest before sprinting with all he could muster away from the group of demons howling behind him.

"He's escaping!" One wolf demon boomed from the armed group

"After him!" Another ordered as they all prepared to charge after the fleeing demon a new wave of confidence washing over all of them from the short lived battle they had just witnessed.

All took a stride forward preparing for the chase only to be stopped by Kouga.

Kouga raised a strong hand stopping them all in their tracks.

"Kouga?" One asked

"What are we waiting for he'll get away!" Another barked impatiently

Kouga could feel the hot gaze of the small group of demons at his side but that did not deter his him.

The fresh scent of his comrades blood could still be smelt the sight of there torn bodies laying bare for all to see.

It was enough to cause him to pause.

He turned to face the men at his back all their dark eyes fixed on him.

"He wont get far, trust me" Kouga replied shortly

"K-Kouga" A frail voice spoke from the back of the group

Kouga new instantly who it belonged too, he turned to the parting crowd to reveal Ginta slumped at the base of one of the surrounding trees.

Hakkaku at his side trying to apply pressure to Ginta's oozing wound.

With a few quick steps he was at his wounded comrades side, he stood tall over Ginta and Hakkaku a look of malice over his face.

The mere sight of his trusted right hand man laying torn before him was another added wave of fury.

"Get him to the caves!" He ordered the group of demons gawking behind him.

He knew in the cave Ginta would receive the medical treatment he needed from the tribes healers.

As ordered several of the demons at his side rush to aid Ginta, swiftly they scooped him up preparing for the rush back to the cave.

Kouga turned from them his blue orbs fixed on the dark hissing forest before him.

"Kouga?" Hakkaku asked allowing Ginta out of his care so he could speak with his leader.

Kouga shot Hakkaku a stern look "You're in charge until I get back understood?" He barked

"Back? Where are you going?" Hakkaku asked in surprise

"After that bastard, I wont rest until I drag that sorry beast head back here" Kouga swore in seething rage

Kouga eyed the still bodies of his slain comrades scattered out before him.

Hakkaku could see the intense look in his leaders eyes knowing full well what they meant.

Despite the look of hatred and fury he was hurting at the sight of so many brothers lost, he would make sure they were buried properly.

Before Hakkaku could speak a word Kouga was off speeding into the shadow of the trees his nose tense with the scent of the enemies blood, it would be easy to track no matter where the rat demon fled.

He could hear Hakkaku call after him his worried voice echoing off the tree bases.

He would not be delayed, there was one thing and one thing only on his focused mind.


Cool night air invaded the vast hill sides nestled on the out skirts of the distant sleeping village.

Rolling grassy plains bathed in bright rich moon light, a cloudless night sky looming over head.

Light chirping of crickets and other night dwellers the only sound that could be heard.

A light gust of wind tossing the short grass in the breeze with it the long silver hair of a sitting half demon.

Inuyasha's amber eyes scanning the seemingly endless hill side he sat upon.

For some unknown reason it was always nights like this that drew him to the outdoors and away from the taunting act of sleep.

Something about being alone watching nothing but the blue lighted grass sway in the breeze soothed him.

Much more preferable than sleeping back in the small hut his comrades had so eagerly passed out in.

No this is what night's like this were for, to calm his always clouded mind and lull him sleeplessly.

Since returning from his earlier mission of slaying demons in a near by village he found it much more comforting just sitting here.

As he had since returning to the village three days ago, three days that had passed by in the blink of an eye.

The vivid images of him tearing apart rat demon after rat demon the only sign assuring it had been that long ago, it did not sit well with him.

He found this more than odd he had always enjoyed slaying weakling demons but somehow that act seemed to bring about something foreboding, or maybe he was just reading to much into it.

Unknowingly he was so lost in thought he did not hear the soft nestling of the grass parting at his back.

Kagome could feel the cool grass even under her sandaled feet as she approached the unsuspecting half demon before her.

She smiled lightly at the sight of him so focused it was a rarity for her to witness even from this angle.

She wondered for the briefest moment what he could be thinking of, hopefully the same thing she was.


Barley a day went by that Inuyasha did not plague her every thought how could he not? After all they were bond to each other.

Though not the way she secretly wished, they were intimate no doubt but not fully.

Inuyasha had always managed to avoid her advances the most they had done was passionately kiss, and that was on a very rare occasion.

He had told her in the past that he loved her vague as he was, she loved that about him knowing he returned her feelings.

Though she could not help but wonder if he truly loved her why was he always so distant?

Kagome shook the thought from her mind hoping that tonight would be the night her overly active mind was laid to rest.

Why shouldn't it be this night? Here they were alone on a beautiful hill side bathed in silvery moon light.

The village nearly a mile away filled with sleeping villagers unaware of what she longed for.

Of course Kagome wanted her first time to be special like all woman do but what could be more special then being in Inuyasha's arms no matter where they were.

Kagome took a deep breath to steady herself before continuing forward new hope flooding her every stride.

Inuyasha felt his perked ears twitch at the sound of approaching footsteps.

He didn't bother to panic knowing full well who they belonged to.

He turned his head slightly to the side to welcome the priestess dressed girl now at his side.

"What are you doing up?" He asked not entirely disappointed she had followed him out here.

"I couldn't sleep" Kagome confessed watching her red kimono pants fan beneath her as she took a seat at his side.

"The others?" Inuyasha asked hoping Miroku and Sango had not decided to join them.

"All asleep" Kagome smiled setting his suspicion at ease.

Inuyasha felt a bit more relaxed knowing he wouldn't be expecting any peeping visitors.

He watched Kagome turn her attention to the moon hanging overhead casting its rich light on her smooth face.

Inuyasha felt his nerves return at the longing look in her eyes he knew that look, the look that tried to lull him into a false sense of security.

He had seen that blank stare before when Kagome tried to make herself look more appealing to him, as usual it was working.

Her dark eyes glowing with the reflection of the bright sky above her, sparkling full pink lips slightly parted, begging for his touch.

He both loved and hated her intense sex appeal, he wanted her no doubt what man wouldn't?

Though his mind always out weighed his urges, he could barley look at Kagome with out a phantom of his past blocking his every view.

He hated that about himself knowing he could never fully release the past and let it rest like he knew he should, but how could he when he had a constant reminder at his side.

Inuyasha growled knowing he had once again let his past memories get the better of him.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked turning to look at him struggling to return her gaze.

Inuyasha's amber eyes burned into the grass at his side "She is Kagome!" He mentally barked "Ka-go-me" He tried to engrave her name into his mind

He could feel her worried look on him he was loosing time to try and distract her before she saw through his façade.

Without warning his brought his clawed hand forward hooking it strongly at the base of her neck before pulling her to him.

Kagome gasped feeling Inuyasha's hot lips descend onto hers, she instantly felt her body relax knowing her little coy plan had succeeded.

She felt her fingers curl into outer layer of his kimono feeling the hardness of his hidden chest.

Inuyasha coiled his free hand around her slim waist pulling her closer to him, until she was firmly pressed against his increasingly heating body.

Kagome hummed against his lips letting him have her mouth in any way he pleased.

Inuyasha growled in approval letting his lips sway against hers harder and more passionately.

"Kagome, Kagome, Kagome" He spoke her name over and over trying to edge her face in his mind.

Kagome could feel her hands begin to wonder over the plain of his covered torso, a dark part of her craved his skin pressed to her own.

Slowly her fingertips snaked there way to the meeting of his neck before slowly attempting to pull the fabric downward.

Inuyasha instantly felt his kimono begin to part that was enough to cause him to hesitate in his actions.

He was having a difficult time just holding her in his arms to kiss, what would happen once they began to…

He wouldn't let his mind finish that thought.

Kagome slowly felt Inuyasha's strong arm retract from her waist the firm grip he held on her neck loosing.

"Not yet" Kagome mentally protested knowing full well what Inuyasha was doing.

Before she could form her pleading words her lips were forced to part from his as he pulled away slightly.

"We shouldn't" Inuyasha whispered against her "Not right here" He spoke trying to reassure her that it was matter of location not of her doing.

Kagome wanted to protest but she knew there would be no point, it wasn't a matter of outdoors that much was certain.

Kagome slowly untangled herself from Inuyasha's hold to pull away back to her lonesome spot on the cool grass.

Her eyes buried into the ground she sat upon, trying desperately to hide the look of embarrassment.

"Kagome" Inuyasha began almost apologetically

Kagome shook her head in protest not allowing him to finish his statement "It's alright, I should be getting back" She reassured trying to sound convincing that someone was waiting for her.

"You don't have to" Inuyasha spoke he didn't want her to leave like this, upset with him.

Kagome slowly got to her feet a sign she had made up her mind.

"I'll be fine really" She reassured him with a forced smile "Goodnight"

Before Inuyasha could speak another word she was walking off in the direction she had descended from, leaving him alone with his newly developed guilt.

Kagome walked solemnly up the hill side trying desperately not to cry not until she knew she was out of Inuyasha's scent range.

She hated feeling like this, was this what all couples go through? One desiring the other and always being turned away? She would have thought that would have been her position. That Inuyasha would be the one begging for intimacy and her denying it not the other way around.

It was mortifying and always left her with the question what was wrong with her? Why did Inuyasha once bestow his love upon Kikyo and not her? Was she not good enough? Beautiful enough?

That thought alone was enough to send a stream of fresh hot tears rolling down her cheek.

Kagome carefully wiped them away on the sleeve of her kimono, maybe it would be better if she just didn't try.

That way she never would be disappointed the way she always seemed to be.

Kagome had no need to look up to realize she was almost complexly back at the village the thick grass at her feet bleeding away into a dirt flattened road.

She knew it probably would be better just to return to Kaede's hut to sleep her disappointment off for the night.

She took a firm step in the direction of her sleeping comrades only to be frozen in place.

A jolt of surging energy pulsed through her on contact with the ground.

Kagome felt her eyes narrow she knew this feeling all to well, all trained priestesses did.

The intense power of a demonic aura approaching, fast.

Kagome spun from the village back into the direction of the hill side no doubt Inuyasha would soon smell the demons approach.

It was almost funny how quickly her distress was replaced with guard and the urge to purify.

One thing was for certain though they were going to need help judging by how strongly the aura clouded her.

Kagome turned back to the village wasting not another moments as she sprinted off in the direction to awake her comrades.

Back in the glistening fields Inuyasha shared her high alert.

The soft breeze had brought with it the thick scent of a demon and by the sheer smell of it a big one.

Inuyasha shot forward over the hills his feet barley coming in contact with the ground as he flew by all to eager to destroy the invading threat.

He could feel his amber eyes narrow at the twisting smells carried on the wind, there was not just one demon but two.

The second gust of air bringing with it the thick scent of a familiar creature.


Busted underbrush and splintered tree branches scattered the forest floor in a single row, with it the stains of a blood spotted path.

Kouga felt his demon eyes scan the blurred ground before him as he sped by.

He had lost track on how long he had been in pursuit of the massive rat demon, his guess would be three days.

That is how many sun rises he had managed to count while in his full sprint.

It had been some time since Kouga had pushed his body to this limit the limit of almost total exhaustion.

He could feel his eyes heavy with lack of sleep his legs burning with the all consuming desire to rest even for moment.

For Kouga that would have been a moment to long the way he saw it if the beast fleeing from him didn't need rest neither did he.

Though the soul question remained just where was this creature running to? They had traveled through countless territories over the last few nights and this one alone seemed to slow the demon before him.

As if it were searching for something.

He had not had a visual to confirm his thoughts of the demon in some time he almost had him last night but he managed to slip away, but not for long.

He had every intention of avenging his fallen comrades he would make good on his promise to bring back that damn creatures head.

His blood trail alone was enough to paint a clear path where this rat was headed.

Breaking Kouga's line of thought he noticed the forest floor beginning to clear, the devastation of the fleeing rat demon no where to be seen.

Before he was able to circle back and retrace the trail the forest thinned in the blink of an eye, as he was sent bursting through a clearing in the trees.

Kouga slid to a stop the dirt ground beneath him now lined with rocks and stones.

He eyed the open area before him it was clear he was on somewhat of a barren spot of the forest.

The only trees or greenery around were the ones now at his back.

"Damn he must've jolted" Kouga cursed seeing the rat demon was no where to be found.

Kouga mere seconds from retreating back into the forest he had just emerged from suddenly caught the scent of a very familiar and unwelcomed smell.

Instantly the thin tree line in the distance parted and a crimson cloaked figure shot through.

"You've got to be kidding me" Kouga barked in disbelief

Inuyasha shot past the remaining trees landing in the dry area Kouga stood upon mere feet away.

"It is you" Inuyasha hissed in both surprise and instant aggravation "Kouga" He spat at the sight of the wolf demon before him

"Nice to see you to mutt!" Kouga called his surprise subsiding into annoyance

It was less of surprise the more Kouga thought about it he had traveled a very long wave from the eastern caves he was bond to run into the mutts home turf sooner or later.

"What the hell are you doing here!" Inuyasha demanded having no intention on being a gracious host.

"I've lost my pet rat seen him?" Kouga mocked no trace of humor in his voice.

Inuyasha felt his aggravation flare at Kouga's avoidance of his question he opened his mouth to threaten the cocky wolf demon, he never got to the chance.

The thin tree line cracked and busted into wooden splinters as the massive rat demon came charging through onto the stone field.

"Never mind" Kouga smirked eyeing the beast finally coming to a stop before them.

"What the hell?" Inuyasha barked placing a clawed hand on the hilt of his sword.

"Finally I have found you!" The rat roared its crimson eyes fixed on Inuyasha.

"That thing can talk?" Kouga growled in surprise thinking he had been dealing with nothing more than a rabid beast incapable of thought.

"Inuyasha!" The rat demon seethed flexing its sword length claws.

Inuyasha tensed at the sound of his name on this monstrous demons lips.

"You know each other?" Kouga shot in Inuyasha's direction

"What the hell are you going on about?" Inuyasha barked in response

The rat demon bared its jagged fangs at Inuyasha paying Kouga no more attention then it had to.

"Inuyasha you will pay for what you did to my clan!" The demon roared before charging full speed at the waiting half demon.

Inuyasha took a strong stance bracing himself to attack the charging demon.

Now mere inches away from his sword the rat demon lunged.

Inuyasha drew his sword the dull blade instantly transforming into a giant pearl fang.

Before he could deliver a blow to the huge beast it was sent flying to the right screeching out in pain.

Kouga growled delivering a hard kick to the demons unsuspecting face before jumping back to the ground below, watching the rat slide across the rocky ground.

Inuyasha bared his fangs in rage "What the hell do you think your doing? I had him!"

Kouga shot the pissed half demon a warning glare "Stay out of this mutt! This one's mine!"

"Why you son of a-" Inuyasha seethed before the screeching of the rat demon forced them to look away from one another.

The mound of mangled fur and muscles got to his feet shakily his eyes fixed on the pair of demons before him, unsure who he should attack.

He settled for Kouga.

With one jolt forward he lunged for the wolf demon his fangs bare and claws flexed ready to slice Kouga apart.

The rat brought its razor lined palm down preparing to crush Kouga where he stood.

Kouga instantly pushed off the stone ground below before delivering another hard kick to the rat demons face.

The beast roared out in pain.

Kouga leapt backwards making sure to avoid any further attack before he had the opportunity to land and attack again

Inuyasha beat him to the punch.

Inuyasha lunged at the riving demon his sword ready and flexed to slice the rat into pieces.

He swung the massive blade at the torso of the distracted demon.

The rat demon saw the blade near his flesh narrowly he bounced backwards avoiding the fatal blow.

"Hey go find your own vermin to slay" Kouga ordered finally landing mere feet away

"Shut up" Inuyasha hissed swinging the sword once again each time the rat demon avoiding the slow attacks.

Kouga had seen enough he launched forward if Inuyasha wouldn't move out of the way on his own he would be more than happy to oblige.

Inuyasha raised his massive sword once more having every intention on making this shot count.

Then suddenly something hard slammed into the side of face throwing him completely off guard.

Inuyasha felt his body slide back against the stone ground in attempt to regain his stance from the attack.

He knew far to well who it had come from.

Kouga smirked from the distance his hands still balled in a strong fist he had just used to strike Inuyasha with.

"Kouga you bastard!" He heard Inuyasha roar

Kouga's victory was short lived as he turned his attention sharply to the still struggling demon before him.

The rat demon swung its paw at Kouga in a flash, Kouga twisted to avoid the attack his neck and throat narrowly avoiding the demons claws.

His exposed muscled thigh was not as lucky instantly Kouga saw the fresh spray of his own blood mist before him.

Using his one unwounded leg his pounced backwards avoiding any further damage.

Kouga landed safely a few feet away making sure to stand on his one useful leg.

He felt a snarl pass his lips at the sight of fresh blood running down his tan skin to drip on the ground below.

The rat had landed a lucky shot.

"Serves you right you mangy wolf!" Inuyasha boosted returning to his place before the rat demon, he would finish this demon off now!

Kouga growled in rage he wouldn't let Inuyasha take his victory not this time!

He lunged forward ignoring the pulsating pain now shooting up his torn leg.

Inuyasha sliced the blade of his sword forward once again this time coming in contact only with the stone ground below.

The rat demon took full advantage he raised his clawed hand preparing to slice the half demon into pieces.

Inuyasha tensed knowing he was unable to avoid the coming attack.

Kouga felt his eyes widen in an unknown feeling as he watched Inuyasha about to be ripped apart.

"Mutt!" He called out

Inuyasha braced for pain about to radiate through his body only it never came, only the horrid sound of bone smashing against stone.

Inuyasha watched the rat demon fly through the night sky a blurred weapon striking it unexpectedly.

Instantly he recognized the bone boomerang weapon now stuck in the ground at his feet.

"Inuyasha!" A female voice called from the sky

Suddenly a graceful figure descended from the starry sky above revealing Sango tucked on the back of a large fire blazing Kilala.

"Sango!" Inuyasha called in surprise

He could see without delay she was not alone.

He could see Shippo clinging to her armor shoulder a look of panic on his youthful face.

Then as if summed he could see the underbrush on the far side of the open area Miroku stepping through his staff in hand.

"Inuyasha" He called out

Inuyasha quickly turned his attention back to the sky noticing Kagome tucked at Sango's side before instantly jumping off the large felines back at the sight of Inuyasha below her.

Inuyasha did not hesitate as he stretched out his arms catching her from the short fall to the ground.

Her brown orbs instantly lock into his amber gaze "Inuyasha what's going on?" Her voice laced with worry

"Hey mutt!" Kouga barked a new wave of aggravation flooding through him

Kagome froze at the sound of a the familiar anger filled voice "Is that?" She asked on instinct

Before she had a chance to finish her unasked question the roaring beast returning to its feet turned all their heads.

"Enough interference! Inuyasha you will die now!" The rat boomed

In one final attempt of desperation it charged unaware of the fatal act it was now sealing.

Inuyasha freed himself from Kagome's hold taking a strong stance forward placing both clawed hands on the hilt of his sword.

Finally able to allow the demonic aura to flow through the blade, twisting wind wrapping around the glowing steal.

Kouga froze in place knowing all to well what was about to spring out of Inuyasha's sword.

Even to this day it sent a chilling shiver up his spine.

Then with one sweep of the massive blade wave after wave of glowing demonic energy launched forward, cutting deep gouges into the rocky earth as it pushed forward.

"Wind Scar!" Inuyasha boomed

The rat demon saw the blast coming straight for him he knew then there was no hope of avoiding it.

He roared into the dark sky as the energy attack came for him, in a flash of crimson he was cut down.

His large mutated muscle form doing little to stop the assault as his flesh was ripped apart.

Then with the fading of the energy blast the once mighty beast fell lifelessly to the waiting ground below.

The swirling wind faded with the last of the attack now leaving a foreboding calm over the group.

Kouga stood silently now knowing the accursed creature that had reeked havoc on his tribe was dead.

He supposed it didn't matter that its death had come by Inuyasha's hands his comrades had been avenged none the less.

"Now flea bag you wanna explain why you're still here?" Inuyasha barked in Kouga's direction sheathing his sword.

Kouga turned with an already aggravated look on his face to the staring half demon.

"Get off it mutt" He snorted "I wont be hanging around here any longer than I have to"

"Inuyasha!" Kagome protested taking a step out of his shadow to stand before him

Kouga felt his eyes immediately soften at the sight of the raven haired girl now standing mere feet away.

At first it took him a second look to realize it was truly Kagome he had been so use to seeing her in her strange white and green cloths now there she stood robed in the attire of priestess.

Never the less it didn't stop a smirk from crossing his handsome lips.

He didn't wait another moment before closing the distance between them.

Kagome held an equally wide smile in return once Kouga was just a small step away she lunged forward her frail arms wrapping around his neck in a joyous hug.

Kouga froze in place not expecting her reaction but he quickly welcomed it.

He could hear Inuyasha mutter swears under his breath at the sight but by the look on his face it was just annoyance not jealously.

Kagome pulled away slightly not fully leaving Kouga's returned embrace her eyes gleaming up at his.

"Kouga its been so long" She smiled

Kouga enjoyed that sight it was nice to know Kagome still cared for him even if it was just as a friend.

He gave her a light laugh "Missed me?"

Kagome returned the laugh it was clear she didn't take him seriously, still the sound of Inuyasha clearing his throat in aggravation was enough to cause her to step fully out of Kouga's arms.

"Well its good to know he hasn't changed much" Miroku whispered to Sango now at her side

"Defiantly" Shippo replied lowly

Inuyasha ignored his companions hushed words as he stepped forward a bit to eager to put some distance between his future mate and the wolf demon before him.

With one light shove of his hand on her slender hip he forced Kagome into his shadow.

"Inuyasha!" She hissed

"You know now that your little demon friend is dead you don't really have any reason to still be here" Inuyasha growled "So nice seeing you wolf"

Kouga felt his own anger flare at the sight of Inuyasha forcing Kagome behind him.

"My friend? That rat seemed to know you a hell of a lot better than your letting on" Kouga barked in response referring to the rat demon speaking Inuyasha's name clearly.

"Just what the hell are you getting at?" Inuyasha spat

"Nothing mutt but you didn't by chance happen to send that beast into my territory?" Kouga insinuated he knew it was far fetch but he wouldn't put it past the half breed to pull a low blow trick like that.

"Why you-" Inuyasha warned how dare he imply he knew that monstrous thing!

Kagome had seen enough she knew this was getting out of hand and fast she quickly stepped between the growling demons.

"Now that's enough both of you" She warned not sparing Kouga her heated look of frustration "Kouga you should know Inuyasha would never do something like that!"

Kouga wanted to protest but the look she shot Inuyasha next said it better than he ever could "And Inuyasha I haven't seen Kouga in a very long time he doesn't have to go anywhere right now!"

Kouga watched the bickering couple exchange heated words after Kagome's little comment.

He was grateful for her wanting to defend him but the last thing he wanted was her to get upset on his behave.

He opened his mouth to speak about to inform them he had no intention on staying no matter how tempting Kagome's company was.

But a single glimmer on the horizon sent his body's instincts on high alert.

He alone saw the body of the thought to be dead rat demon slowly rise a large bow clenched in its mangled hands.

Stringed on the line a seemingly crystal like arrow swirling with dark energy.

"F-For my b-brothers" The rat whispered with his last breath before releasing the arrow.

The warped crystal tore through the night air aimed right at both Kagome and Inuyasha.

In an instant he felt time slow he heard the shouts of panic and warning coming from the demon slayer and monk who had now just noticed the weapon cutting through the air.

Both Inuyasha and Kagome turned to face the approaching arrow knowing the blast was unavoidable.

Driven by pure instinct Kouga felt his body launch forward his arms lifting in defense with one push he sent both Inuyasha and Kagome to the ground his own body taking their stead.

He was unable to grasp what he had just done before he felt the sharp stab of the arrow's tip piercing the exposed flesh of his shoulder.

Then a wave of the most excruciating pain he had ever felt pulsed through him.

Her felt every single muscle in his body rip inside him his bones sounding as if they were cracking under the skin. His internal organ set on fire as he was electrocuted from the inside out.

He felt his mouth open his voice shattering the silence of the night as he howled out in pure torment.

Ever fiber of his being was being torn and set ablaze and he was powerless to stop it, all he could do or feel was the all consuming pain flooding through him.

He did not know how long he was trapped in the depths of his own body surrounded by brutality but seconds flew by like years, every moment a thousand lifetimes of pain.

Just when he thought his life had come to its end his body unable to take another ounce of this torment the searing pain began to fade but not fast enough god knows not fast enough.

Kouga felt solid earth under his back his eyes fixed on the sky above glistening stars shined down at him.

"The moon?" He thought "Where is the moon?" If this was to be his last moment on this earth he wanted his last sight to be the thing he loved most, the mother to all wolf demons alike.

He searched the sky for the silver orb in vain.

Then he felt the last of the pain fade with one final sting of the arrow once again ripping though him. It took him a moment to realize someone had pulled it out.

It did nothing to regain his bodies lost power he had never felt so drained so lifeless in all his days.

He was sure this was going to be his end, the last chapter of his life.

He wanted to scan the sky further for just one glimpse of the beautiful moon he had loved all his life only to have the sky completely blocked from his view.

Instead a sight that at this moment was just as equally beautiful to him.

A pair of dark brown orbs peering down at him the threat of tears welled in the corner.

He could see Kagome the pale creamy skin of her face lit by the glow of the stars behind her. Her sparkling lips parted as she whispered down at him.

Her voice seemed so far away, he tried to force himself to understand her longing to hear her voice.

What would be a better last sound than to hear his name on her lips.

"We have to get him to the village!" He heard an unknown voice order

"Don't you die on me you mangy wolf!" Another barked

Kouga smirked he knew all to well who's voice that was.

"Kouga please hang on" A honey voice pleaded

"Kagome" He whispered

Then he felt the ground beneath him fade in an instant his body being lifted from the cold ground to something soft and warm

He could feel something under his fingertips "Fur?" He thought then a gust of strong wind blew through his now loose raven locks.

In a blur of movement he saw the sky merge into a stream of silver lining and dark night shadowed clouds.

His body felt so light as if he was somehow flying above the now distant ground.

Kouga watched the sky above in solace his only desire was to see his mother one last time the silvery orb of all creation.

Then with one final gust of wind wrapping around his cool form the moon shined its bright rays upon his face.

Kouga could feel his eyes light up with the reflection of the ghostly rays.

He could hear the soft words of a feminine voice at his side whispering his name, he knew who it belonged to.

"Kagome" He smiled

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