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Rich summer air swept across the eastern territory bringing with it the sweet scent of sunshine and lush green grass.

Colossal mountains towered in the distance their massive shadows merging perfectly with the passing thick clouds above, each puffy ball of white moving at a steady pace to let bright streams of sunlight pierce the valley down below.

Amongst the ocean like greenery a lone curvy figure sat. Loose raven hair cascading over kimono covered shoulders as hazel eyes scanned the endless sky above.

Kagome laid her had back softly loving the way the summer sun warmed her skin, breathing in deeply the wild scent of countless flowers planted all around her.

Moments like this were so rare, such peace and steady silence. It almost didn't feel like the home she had come to love.

Then shattering her alluring retreat from the chaotic world around her, a slumped figure came crashing down before her narrowly missing her out stretched feet by mere inches.

Now uprooted flower petals went flying upwards in a cloud of whites and yellows before falling down like leaves in the fall, making her grimace with a hard stare at the body now coiled at her feet.

"Urgh! Why do you have to be so rough?" Hakkaku whined trying to claw his way back to his feet.

But before he could manage a single step another equally as weighted body came crashing down on top of him sending the mohawk haired wolf demon face first into the dirt.

"Ginta! Get off me you weigh a ton!" Hakkaku roared at the clearly dazed wolf demon sprawled out onto his pinned chest.

"I'm trying! Stop moving!" Ginta barked trying to untangle his limbs from the clearly agitated demon beneath him.

Kagome sighed heavily, so much for peaceful.

Completely unaware of her presences until now both demons eyes fixed on her silently staring figure before straightening up all to suddenly.

"Hi boys" Kagome smiled politely.

"G-Good evening Kagome!" Ginta replied timidly before Hakkaku elbowed him in the exposed ribs for an unknown reason.

"Oh! I mean alpha!" Ginta quickly corrected in an apologetic tone.

"Guys, we've been over this. It's just Kagome." She smiled half heartedly, oh how she had come to hate that title.

"Sorry!" Both suddenly nervous wolf demons bowed respectfully.

"There you two are!" A sharp new voice cut between the sitting trio before appearing right between the sitting priestess and the bowing wolf demons.

Kagome stared at the small figure now standing before her. A young boy, decked in rich dark brown furs that complemented his naturally tan skin perfectly, his slightly spiked raven hair bound in a crimson ribbon to form a high arched pony tail. A visibly soft tail swishing enthusiastically from under the fur pelt wrapped around his waist.

"K-Kouha!" Hakkaku stuttered out in pure terror.

"He found us!" Ginta roared before twisting his body until he was in a crouched position preparing to sprint for his life.

"You two aren't getting away!" The child demon wolf yelled in victory before leaping towards the pair of desperately clawing demons before him

Kagome shook her head in astonishment at how much chaos could be caused because of one child, but then again he was his fathers son.

"Kouha, play nice with uncle Ginta and Hakkaku." She asked sweetly, but not expecting much to come from her enthusiasm.

The hazel eyes of the young boy now tangling the limbs of his playmates tightly together peered over his shoulder to the arched brow woman staring back at him.

"Sorry mom." He smirked his best fangy grin, knowing it usually did the trick to squeeze him out of a tight situation.

"Sorry? For what?" A stern questioning voice asked from the other side of the large hill before coming into view.

"Nothing dad!" The hazel eyed pup called back before anyone else could respond.

Then suddenly a broad built wolf demon emerged before them his azure eyes instantly fixing on the jumbled pile of what looked like his subordinates, then to the pup helplessly pinning them together in a messed pile.

"Kouha is picking on Ginta and Hakkaku, again." Kagome sighed with a light shake of her head.

"Oh-" Kouga replied flatly "Don't stifle the boys creativity. Go ahead son." The blue eyed wolf winked in approval.

"Kouga!" Hakkaku whined as his arms became impossibly twisted around his back.

"Why?" Ginta pleaded, his legs being forced to endure the same fate.

Kagome couldn't help but smile, even if she did secretly feel remorse for the pair tangled up before her.

"You're a bad influence. You know that right?" Kagome asked peering up at her mate before he slowly took a seat at her side, watching as their son developed new ways to torture his surrogate uncles.

"Boys will be boys." Kouga smirked a charming grin that all to commonly resembled the pups sitting mere feet before them.

"Speaking of which-" The azure eyed wolf stated reaching over to the woman at his side, sliding a soft palm over her slightly swollen abdomen.

"How is my other son doing today?" He asked brushing a soft kiss against Kagome's cheek as he did so.

"I told you Kouga, I can feel it. This ones a girl." She smiled positively, but deep inside praying she was correct. One boy was more than two parents and apparently two uncles could handle.

"It's my child. It'll be a boy." He whispered teasingly before leaning down to kiss her hidden navel tenderly,

"Isn't that right?" He whispered into the fabric of her kimono.

"If you say so." Kagome rolled her eyes but still unable to fight the small smile that spread across her lips.

Kouga lifted up momentarily to place a soft kiss on his mates smiling lips savoring her sweet flavor as he always had.

Kagome tilted her head in approval, she didn't know what it was about being pregnant again but her body constantly craved her mates affection, then again it was commonly like that even when she wasn't with child.

While their son was preoccupied they might even be lucky enough to sneak back to their cave for a little private parental bounding.

But as soon as they both heard Ginta cry out uncommonly loudly, she knew that would have to wait till later.

Kouga groaned in aggravation before pulling back, breaking the heating contact between their lips.

"Is it my turn?" He asked dreadingly.

"Yep." Kagome smiled lucky it wasn't her who had to untangle the mess their son had formed those two wolf demons into.

"This will resume, tonight." He promised kissing her shoulder attentively before slowly climbing to his feet with a tired huff.

"Yes, alpha." She teased with a light smile watching as her mate went to aid their son in pulling apart the no doubt pain riddled wolf demons laying brokenly before them.

With a relaxed sigh she laid herself fully on the lush grass, feeling as her raven hair fanned out underneath her and her hazel eyes fixed on the bright sky above.

So much had changed in the world, and yet everything had somehow stayed the same. Either way, she had found what she had been looking for all that time ago.

She had a life, a family, and all the love she could possibly bare.

Closing her eyes tightly Kagome smiled outwardly, she was absolutely complete.

Then drifting upwards in the endless sky, past the swollen clouds and the bright sun. A smoky incorporeal figure watched them down below through malicious crimson eyes.

The demonic figure smiled wickedly, hadn't they all learned by now? Every light cast a shadow and every ray of moonlight had a darker side.

Maybe soon enough, they would have to relearn that very lesson. Soon, but not yet…

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