A/N: So I did one of these before back in 2008, but was inspired to do another poem based on Clement Moore's "Twas the Night Before Christmas". I hope no one minds yet another version.


Twas, the night before Christmas
and throughout the car so impressive,
there was a silence so deep,
it in itself was expressive.

Dirty clothes they were flung
on the floor, everywhere.
In hopes that a Laundromat
Soon would be near.

The weapons were all snug
in their customized trunk,
while two road-weary hunters
made leather seats makeshift bunks.

For them this night no miracles,
no seasonal twinkling magic,
their intertwined lives
being oft times tragic.

Yet together they stand,
together they fall.
Their brotherhood truly
the most divine marvel of all.

©2011, Vanessa Sgroi