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Shego POV

Shego walked into the coffee shop and made her way to a private section through the back, not really expecting Kim to be there, it wouldn't be the first time that they had arranged to meet and it hadn't went ahead, because she was getting tailed or Kim had a mission. Kim, who had been stuck in a world of her own, never noticed Shego until she had sat down opposite of her.

Looking up, Kim said "No tail?"

"Lost them about an hour ago, just a small taskforce who were more worried about not getting a face full of plasma than catching me," was the reply from the older woman. Looking round, she noted that for the most part, they were alone in the coffee shop except for the owners whom Shego knew wouldn't tell GJ because she had given them enough money to comfortably retire on to keep their mouths shut. Nodding at them before turning her attention back to Kim, she quickly noted that there was something bothering the girl, figuring that Kim would tell her what was wrong eventually, she sighed and relaxed further into the chair, she was glad she invested in some good furniture for their private area in the coffee shop.

Looking round, she noted that the pictures had been re-arranged to follow the timeline of when they were taken in relation to Kim and herself's meetings, both as enemies, and as friends, Shego really paid attention to the last photo, which was taken just last week. It showed herself and Kim sitting in this very coffee shop. Kim had her arms around Shego and was planting a kiss on her cheek, while Shego looked mortified. It had been taken by the owner's wife, who had commented on how 'cute a couple' they were, Kim had decided to play up to it, whereas Shego had been mortified that anyone would suggest such a thing about her and Kim.

Deciding that she couldn't wait any longer to find out what was bugging Kim, Shego asked "What's bugging you princess? You look like someone's just shot your dad, then shot him again for good measure."

"Isn't it weird how we're on opposite sides of the law yet we seem to be such great friends?" Kim said, shocking Shego. She certainly hadn't expected that.

"Haven't we had this talk before princess?"

"Yes, but..."

"No buts princess, we're friends because we want to be friends. Screw the law saying who you can and can't be friends with."

"I know, but what if someone sees us both coming in here, then we get a nice little surprise from GJ, you go to jail and I end up grounded for years."

"You know what princess, if you feel like that maybe we should stop meeting up then. I know I usually enjoy these little meetings between us, but I guess you feel differently." Kim looked taken aback by the sudden outburst by Shego. Kim looked shocked and hurt that she could even suggest that these meetings meant nothing to her; Shego knew that Kim enjoyed them just as much as she does. Kim wasn't happy with the way things were turning out; she was just trying to start a conversation, which was always hard for them to do. Making a snap decision she told Shego "If being on the same side of the law is what it takes to be friends with you, then I'm off to rob a bank," Before storming out, leaving a shocked Shego behind.

It took Shego a few seconds to realize just how serious Kim had sounded when she had left, but when it clicked she ran out of the coffee shop intent on finding Kim before she done something she would probably regret in the morning with only one thought running through her head, 'I never knew my friendship mattered so much to her.'

Betty POV

Betty had been having a good day so far, Dr. Dementor was now in a cell designed specifically for him inside GJ's maximum security prison 50 feet under the city of Middleton and Dr. Drakken was hiding in his mother's basement. Again. She stepped into the boardroom to get an update when a large claxon sounded and green lights started flashing all over the base.

"Dammit! Where is she now?" Betty demanded over the noise. She couldn't be doing with a green alert every time she stepped foot in the office.

"Shego has just been spotted in downtown Middleton about 150 yards away from Riccardo's place. Should I alert local units to keep an eye on her ma'am?"

"No. I want this bitch taken down yesterday! Will, assemble our best marksmen and meet me in boardroom 4 in fifteen minutes." Betty sighed; Shego had evaded them for too long. Well, at least this time she wasn't getting away from them, this time tomorrow she would be in a body bag.

Exactly fifteen minutes after Betty told will to meet her, he filed in to the boardroom followed by around 15 men and women all carrying firearms of various shapes and sizes. They all nodded to Betty in greeting before turning to a screen at the front of the room to recieve their breif.

"Okay, as you all know the base was put on green alert around 15 minutes ago, when Shego was spotted in downtown Middleton," Betty said before clicking to the next slide which showed a satelite image of Shego walking around downtown. "Now, as you all know Shego is a high profile target and very dangerous, she has evaded all attempts of capture and remains one of the biggest threats to modern society. Now, tonight we have an opportunity to bring Shego to justice and tonight we shall ensure that justice is served swiftly and efficiently, and that she shall not evade us. We have re-scheduled Glob-J14 to specifically monitor Shego's movements, so you will recieve updates on what way she is going before she even decides to go that way. Oh, and one more thing, if Shego isn't dead by the end of the night, you had all better start looking for new jobs, and that includes you as well Du."

Will gulped. "Yes ma'am. Right, you heard her, head to hanger RJ72 and get in the birds!"

There was a round of yes sir's before everyone filed out.

Shego POV

Shego had been walking round for hours looking for Kim, she was tired and wanted to go home, but she had one last bank to check and then she would go home, cause a problem in the morning, Kim would inevitably be called out and she would sort things out with the girl. At least that was the plan, however Shego knew that even the best and most solid plans could go to pot easily and it wouldn't take long for it to happen either. Walking further down the alley she took to get to the bank quicker, she was too preoccupied with her thoughts to pay any mind to the sound of several men dropping out of helicopters or the sound of the guns being cocked, she did look up however when a bright light lit up in front of them. Before she had a chance to work out who it was or what to do she heard the voice of Will Du ringing out.


"Take aim."

"Open Fire!"

Next Time: Kim finds Shego after the shooting, but is she too late to save her?

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