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Chapter 7

It had been two weeks since Kim had first used her plasma and training with Shego had been non-stop since then. She had come on leaps and bounds in her plasma use and could now not only call it at will, but she could actually control the temperature unless she got angry. Every time they trained Shego would comment about how well she was doing and how she had learned to do stuff that had taken her months to learn, but every time Shego brought that up Kim would wave it off and claim that it was Shego's teaching that was the cause.

Currently, both women were locked in a fierce battle in the training room when Drakken's voice sounded out.

"Could you two come to the main lab please? It's important." He said.

Kim was a little confused as to why he would call them out when Shego had told him in no uncertain terms that if they were interrupted during training she would rip his insides out and feed them to him. Kim could tell Shego was fighting back her anger at the blue skinned man but decided to keep quiet as they walked to the main lab.

It had barely been two minutes since Drakken had called them and already they were in the lab walking towards him. As soon as Drakken saw how pissed Shego was he visibly gulped but steeled himself because he knew she would have been more pissed if he hadn't called her out to see this.

As soon as they arrived at the console Drakken was working at Shego growled at him before snarling "there better be a good reason you interrupted us during a training session when I told you not to."

Drakken visibly gulped before replying, "My scanners picked up a large GJ task-force headed in this direction. I thought you ought to know since last time I didn't tell you we very nearly ended up in jail."

"Shit!" Came the reply from Shego. "How large is the task-force?"

"It looks to be 60+ in size."

Shego swore again, before turning to Drakken and asking "How long till arrival?"

"Any time within the next 60 seconds."

Shego nodded before lifting her wrist to her mouth before sliding the sleeve of her catsuit back slightly to reveal a watch-like device into which she shouted "This is number 2, there is an emergency with code Delta 1. All forces are to scramble and head to base Lima Foxtrot 7-22-4. This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill." With that task done Shego started to walk forward but unfortunately chose to do it at the same time that GJ chose to blow through the wall which sent her flying.

As Shego hit the floor, hard, all anyone heard was Kim's cry of "Shego!" as she ran over to the older woman to help her up. As soon as Kim reached Shego she realised that the woman was out cold, She shook the woman hoping to wake her up before the fight started but knew she was too late when she heard the sound of a gun cocking behind her. She slowly turned round and stared defiantly at the barrel of Betty Director's gun, and paid no mind to the look of gleeful joy on Betty's face.

"Miss Possible I am arresting you for 17 counts of murder, 32 counts of assault of a law enforcement agent and 1 count of aiding and abetting a wanted criminal, do you have anything to say for the record?" Said Betty in the happiest tone Kim had heard.

"Yeah, Arrest this." Said Shego, before melting the end of Betty's gun in on itself with her plasma. Betty looked nonplussed and grimaced at her gun before tossing it aside, she had been afraid of that.

"I don't think I was asking you miss Go." Stated Betty.

"How's this then, arrest this." Kim said before delivering a snapping kick to Betty's jaw that caused the GJ leader to fall backwards out cold. Within seconds the rest of the GJ agents had engaged the two women in a fight that was more of a light workout for the two women.

It wasn't long before sheer numbers overwhelmed both women and the GJ agents managed to get several good hits in on the two women one of which hit Kim on the back of the neck. Soon after Betty ordered the retreat of all of her forces and smiled devilishly as she pulled a remote from her pocket.

"Miss Possible it's time you realized the error of your ways, and help us end Shego's reign of terror once and for all!" Declared Betty with a maniacal grin. Before Kim could reply, Betty twisted the knob on the remote in her hands and Kim dropped to her knees as her body naturally tried to fight the neural compliance chip now embedded in the back of her neck. Shego noticed and wondered what was wrong with the younger woman, and noticed that Kim dropped further as Betty twisted the dial on her remote. She quickly threw a ball of plasma at the hands of Betty turning the remote and very nearly Betty's hand to slag. Betty quickly retreated with the rest of her forces, her plans foiled by Shego.

Shego bent over in front of Kim and looked for the chip; she found it at the back of Kim's neck. Upon further inspection, Shego realized that she wouldn't be able to just pull the chip off and realized it would have to be burned off.

"Sorry Princess." Said Shego, before she used a plasma encased hand to burn the chip off of her neck. The sudden loss of the chip caused Kim to faint, but Shego managed to catch the woman before she fell over completely. Shego scooped Kim into her arms and started towards the door, before realizing she couldn't remember what base everyone had moved to; she could be almost certain that they weren't at the base she told them to scramble to. She put a finger up to her ear and activated the comms unit she had there. She asked, "Drakken, what base are you all at?"

"Lima Foxtrot 7-22-4." Was her only reply before the person at the other end of the line shut off their comms unit. She sped out of the door looking for a hoverpod or at the very least something she could use to get to the next base undetected.

It had been six days since he had had his meeting with GJ, and he was finally ready to take responsibility. He had had someone pull the reports from the attack on the Possible household, he then had all the reports on the attack of Drakken's lair pulled. Both had finally made the young boy realize that Kim had given herself over to evil and he was the only one with the potential to stop her from becoming a danger to the world and it's freedom. He had to act.

Today was the day he was going to prepare himself for his time to act. He had to wait for the time to strike and he would spend his time preparing. He knew there was a chance of this day coming and he sat down and made contingency plans a while back, he never thought he would have to act on those plans.

Ron looked at his watch. It was time to move. He flipped open his kimmunicator and gave the boy at the other end a grim smile. "Wade, good to see you." He said.

"And you Ron, and you." Was his response.

"I just wanted to say goodbye."

"Where are you going?"

"To learn how to stop Kim before she becomes too large a danger to society."

"I'll be here when you get back, I promise."

"Thanks Wade." Said Ron before he flipped his kimmunicator shut. He nodded at the rat in his pocket before walking over to the check-in desk at the airport. He was leaving the country for the one place where he was going to be safe and able to prepare.

Ron Stoppable was going to Japan, or more specifically Yamanouchi.

Next Time: Kim has to choose. Should she run on her own or to stand with Drakken and Shego?

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