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Coffee Break

Gibbs tipped his head back as he held the coffee cup to his lips, trying to get as much out of the cup as was possible. He sighed in resignation when all he got were a few cold drops. Deciding he needed a refill anyhow, he tossed the cup in the trash can beside his desk and pocketed his gun and badge before heading to the elevator.

As he walked through the parking garage, towards the exit (as he planned on walking to the coffee shop) he stopped when he saw a slight movement from within his car. Hand on his gun, he stealthily strode forth. Just as he was about to throw open the door a black pigtail whipped into view.

"Gibbs!" Abby cried out in shock at the gun pointed at her face. Putting it away, Gibbs walked around to the driver's side and slid in.

"What are you doing out here, Abbs?" he asked in what sounded like a bored and uninterested tone, but his blue eyes held his curiosity.

"I figured you'd be ready for a coffee break soon. I planned on surprising you with company," she said. "Didn't plan on having a gun pointed at me though."

Gibbs eyed her as she played with the hem of her short skirt before starting up the car and pulling out of the Navy Yard.

They drove past the usual coffee shop, and then another, and still a third. Abby looked at him with questioning eyes.

"Where are we going? I just planned on a coffee break." He smirked before he replied.

"We're going to the best place for coffee."

"Your place, right?" she asked with a Cheshire grin. A cocky half-smile was her only reply.


Later, after they had untangled themselves and were headed back to the Navy Yard, Abby looked over at him.

"That was some pretty good coffee, Gibbs. I wonder if the team will notice you drank it all right away."

He cursed just as she began giggling.