I do not own KP but I wish it did because I love this show SNOW

A blanket of white enshrouds the landscape, obscuring it from sight. Each hill bears hundreds of thousands of tiny, white crystals, each with its own distinct shape. The scene goes on farther than can be seen, with gentle dusting of flakes atop the occasional tree.

In the center of this clearing stood a man with blonde colored hair. His face was drawn, almost as if he'd been through a war. But he was too young for that. In the few years that he had been an adult, no wars of note had taken place. In any case, he was not the type of man to throw his life to military. He had plans.

However, those plans would have to be put on hold for now. A snow-covered clearing was not a place to conduct business, unless it was of the extremely shady kind. He thought, this place would have been the ideal for that. After all, there were two sets of footprints in. His, and the person he'd been tailing.

This is not to say he was an assassin, either. If he were one, the job would have been over long ago. The man had driven a car with both himself and the other person to a nearby road, and they'd walk from there. His companion had run off ahead without him, so he needed to catch up with that person. Luckily, snow retains footprints in quite a noticeable manner. Were it not for that, he could have lost his way long ago.

"Why don't you come out? I'm getting a little tired of walking," he spoke to the air in front of him. There was no response from that space. He continued to trace those footsteps.

What he came upon was a second clearing, where an elegantly-dressed woman was sitting on a stump. The snow had been thoroughly brushed off to make room for her to sit without worries of dampness. Though she had donned a winter coat, her long dress would still have dragged in the snow had she not lifted it up.

"I've been waiting for you," she said in a playful manner.

The man chuckled gently. "Oh, is that so? There's little else that you could be doing in a place like this. It's a miracle you didn't get lost along the way."

"I'm quite confident in my sense of direction, you know,"

"So you are, so you are. You've found this place with no trouble."

The women smiled back at him. Though his appearance had changed a little, he was still the man he was inside when the two had met in pre-k.

"I still can't believe that a man of your standing would have taken me here for a first date."

"Oh, is that so? What kind of place would you have expected?"

"Beuno Nacho, or maybe an upscale Italian restaurant in upper Middleton,"

"So blunt. That's how it is in the real world, though. Can't expect someone like me to appreciate nature after camp wannaweep."

"This place was quite a find, too. I wouldn't have expected somewhere like this to be completely empty during cherry blossom viewing season. And normally, you wouldn't find those trees so far north either."

"Perhaps those buds were symbolic. Hold still for a second," the man said turning away and crouching down.

"Of what? Why?"

The Man turned to face the women once more. He had something between his hands. He revealed it, an orb of white he had scooped together. He gently tossed it, and it arced toward the women.

Dropping the hem of her skirt, she instinctively reached up with both hands and caught it. The force of the impact split it apart, and inside was a band of gold.

"O wouldn't have been able to find this place again without you. A man like me with no sense of direction needs a compass. Would you take on that role for me? Would you be my compass?"

The women gazed at the ring, back to the man, and back to the ring again. She paused. The warmth of her hands was melting the snowball, and it was dripping onto her dress. She slipped the diamond-encrusted band onto her ring finger.

"I love you KP"

"I love you Ron"

They bring each other to a kiss and continued on their journey to life.