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At least in relation to other girls her age, Sugar spent a pretty normal amount of time in front of the mirror. She had one in her locker, she scrutinised herself every time she went to the bathroom, and she gave herself a once over whenever she went out (perhaps a twice-over if Rory is involved). But here, as she stood staring in her underwear, she had never wanted to smash anything more in her life. She had a harsh line of purple bruising over her left arm from being thrown against a locker, her hip was yellow from when she'd fallen over into a wall after a particularly hard shove and, worst of all a small gash just beneath her hairline from the previous day.

She had been happy that day and, although such a mood had become slightly more frequent recently, it was still a pretty rare thing to be in a school hallway. The note in her locker seemed to have worked some kind of magic spell. It was just a word, and a hopelessly cheesy one at that. But it didn't feel like a word to Sugar, it felt like a promise. A promise of protection if she ever needed it, a promise that she would have a shoulder to cry on, and maybe even an underlying suggestion that one day, if they worked through it slowly, they could figure this all out and stop it. The following day she had said nothing to Rory, only giving him a knowing smile, to which he replied with a nod of understanding, or was it reassurance? He was incredibly hard to understand sometimes, even when he wasn't talking. It had only been during the free period in which Rory had to do a catch up class that things had started to go downhill. Harmony had approached her with ardency- head held high, eyes narrowed and a self righteous snarl across her red-tinted lips.

"What the hell are you smiling about?" The dark haired girl said to her, an entourage quickly becoming apparent behind her. "Did you find a way to become normal? Although, I'm pretty sure that's impossible for you." She giggled delightedly, as though she had said something hilarious. "Maybe it's that boy you've been hanging out with; does he know your secret?"

"He doesn't care." Sugar muttered, with far less conviction that she had planned. "Just go away."

A boy behind her cut in "Maybe that's because he's a freak like you."

"Cute." Harmony added with the same provocative smile on her face which made Sugar want to stab her in the eye.

"Don't talk that way about him!" Sugar could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. They insulted her all the time, but there was something so much worse about them saying those things about Rory- the selfless boy with the honest eyes. The first person to see her as she really was, and the only person to ever like her for her. "You walk around like you're so perfect! There's nothing special about you! One of your parents isn't even related to you! Do you even know if they love you?" She stepped closer to Harmony, staring into her eyes. The rage was giving her confidence. "I sure wouldn't. I'd hate to be stuck with some stupid brat because my wife was too much of a damn closet case to marry right the first time."

Harmony remained extremely calm in contrast to Sugar with her heavy breathing and flushed complexion. "Shut up." She breathed deeply. "Don't ever say that again. Just because your genetics are screwed up doesn't give you the right to act like some stupid retard."

It was the last words that made her do it. She'd heard them used to many times to describe her mother, to shoot her down even though she was the kindest woman Sugar had ever met. She couldn't stand those words, they disgusted her. Before she knew what she was doing she had spun Harmony round and slammed her against the painted brick wall with a loud thump that would have all of Lima Heights proud. The silence that resounded was borderline revolutionary, so Sugar thought. That was Harmony's boyfriend, Rick St. James , stepped forward and pushed her with what seemed like minimal effort and she heard a crack as she was knocked off her feet, landing somewhere near the wall. There was a throbbing in her head and she was disorientated. The dizziness frightened her, she was scared that any minute now they would be back to hurt her, with fists or feet or words. A laugh from somewhere a distance down the corridor told her that she needn't worry; they hadn't even cared enough to finish the job off.

The mirror didn't do much to hide the severity of her bruising, and nor did it do her any favours when she pushed her hair back with a hiss to reveal the cut on her head. It hadn't bled all that much, and there was no dizziness or pain left over other than a throbbing headache at the front of her skull. But the marks didn't lie. With all the injuries together like this, painted onto her as though she were developed in that lab in order to be a canvas rather than a daughter, Sugar had to admit that she looked a mess. As usual with these things, the thought of her parents' reaction stopped her from telling them. She could imagine Brittany's face falling, looking so sad like she always did when she was exposed to the cruelties of the world which she had never been able to understand. She had to admit she was unsure how her other mom would react. She could imagine her being angry, but she couldn't be confident that the anger would be directed at her attackers. What if Santana was angry at her? What if she told Sugar that she ought to have done a better job of standing up for herself? What if that was true? Sugar's breathing quickened as she mulled over the various scenarios and she shivered, deciding for the hundredth time that this was all better off kept a secret.