Your Forever Friend Remus

When I woke up after the transformation I thought not too bad. The only broken bones were in my right leg and I only had several scratches and bruises. When I opened my eyes I saw the shrieking shack was full of death eaters. The one in the front had his wand pointed at my chest. Werewolf he said where are James, Lily, and Harry Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. I'll never tell I spat at them and at that moment I knew they were going to kill me because of it. So I put my finger in my own blood and started writing. Dear fellow Maraduers CRUCIO They are looking for you. CRUCIO But don't worry, where are they a death eater asked I'll never tell I replied. I'll never tell CRUCIO your secret (location) is safe with me CRUCIO tell my wife and son I love them CRUCIO Your Forever Friend Remus John Lupin Are you going to tell us where they are asked my idiot torturer Amycus Carrow. No I told you i'll never tell. Very well then he said AVADA KEDAVRA and I was dead.