She's gone.

My mind is spinning.

Samuel's shooting. That damn cow. Father's stroke. Isabel Two's death. And now… now Susannah's gone.

I destroy everyone I touch.

All of their lives have been torn apart because I failed them.

One Stab has said for years that the bear's spirit lives within me and I finally have to concede and stop fighting it.

I am not meant to live a life with others. I am meant to live…

Maybe if I can kill that part of me… if the bear dies… maybe his spirit will leave me.

Nothing can bring back what I have taken, but maybe I can make it so my children…

So their lives do not get destroyed like all the other's.

The bear must die. I must end the part of me that has taken my life from me and the life from so many other's.

That spirit must finally be put to death.

Finally then, maybe my mind can be at rest.