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Crazzyredhead's challenge: When what happens with Sabo… Shanks is still in the east blue at the time. Dragon takes Sabo, Ace and Luffy with him. He tells Shanks the kids would be safer with him. Can be same devil fruit or different. You could give Sabo the snow fruit.

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Summary: A strange man saves Sabo when he is nearly killed trying to leave Dawn Island. He takes Luffy, Sabo, and Ace, claiming that they will be safer with him then while staying on the island. How will the story be affected with the kids having grown up and trained in the care of the leader of the Revolutionaries? Warning: Fem!Luffy fanfic, pairings undecided, but there may be a pairing or two.

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Prologue: Meeting a Dragon!

Dawn Island, Fuschiavillage-

Luffy and Ace just stood there, a tall, cloaked, overbearing figure infront of them. Tucked under his arm was Sabo, their older brother, who had almost just gotten himself killed just a few seconds ago.

"Well what's this?" Luffy came out from behind her older brother, who had been standing protectively infront of her ever since the man had shown up.

"Uh-um...Can we have Sabo back, please mister?" Luffy said as she now stood slightly closer to the man. He chuckled as he gently placed Sabo, who was currently unconcious, on the ground in front of them. He gave them a smile, not that much different from one that Luffy gave to the people she considered family. Ace blinked at the likeness, to the point where it almost, almost scared him. Who was this man, and why did he remind him so much of his little sister? Why did they look so alike, even though they weren't? His question would have to wait as Shanks came up with Benn Beckman. Shanks was a friend of Luffy's, the one who had goofed up and given her a Devil Fruit by accident.

"Luffy, Ace, Sabo-" He fell silent as he caught sight of the man standing behind the children.

"Well if it isn't the legendary Red-Haired Shanks. How have you been?" Shanks just nodded warily as Benn slowly got closer, picking up the still unconcioius Sabo and motioning for Ace and Luffy to follow him. Ace did so willingly, but Luffy, for some odd reason stayed put, staring at the man with an unreadable expression. The man noticed this, and crouched down so that he ws at eye-level with the young girl. The others were still alert though, and very wary. Shanks knew that the man before them wouldn't hurt a child needlessly, but you could never know with such a man. Even pirates knew to be wary of Revolutionaries, especially when dealing with the leader of said group of unpredictable people.

They were all in for a surprise when Luffy got close enough for her to touch the man, and gently layed her head on the man's knee. The man laughed as he gently patted Luffy's head, obviously not minding what she was doing. Ace and the others relaxed, but only slightly.

"I think we should take this somewhere else, where others are less likely to intervene." The man suggested as he motioned for the man infront of them to follow. The man nodded as he picked up a completely comfortable Luffy, who obviously didn't want to move on her own anytime soon. They began to make their way to a different location when Shanks responded.

"Yes, I think I know of a good place to have such a conversation. Come along, Revolutionary Dragon."

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