Back When Chapter 1: Something In Common?

First day off High School Kendall's POV:

So in high school you have your cliques. You have your skaters, hockey heads, popular crew, nerds, and people that don't fit in. I'm Kendall Knight known as the captin of the hockey team. I guess you could call us your school jocks. Here in Minnesota we don't have football or baseball. We have hockey.

My dad died when I was younger about when I was 8. My family couldn't live like that. Katie was just a baby so she didn't really know anything. My mom couldn't keep up with anything, so I took charge and became the man of the house. I know I had to learn when I was young but that makes me the great leader I am today, ok maybe not the best leader but hey I had to learn on my own.

I was basically a popular but in a diffrent way. I wasn't like the popular crowd where you look nice and all that crap. I was pretty normal other than I was pretty much the school bully. I'm not proud of myself for being who I am but I have to have a reputation other wise I'm like the 3 kids I usually pick on.

One kid was Logan Mitchelle. The nerd that didn't really fit in. He wasn't even really in the nerd clique. He would eat lunches alone and get picked on. He had no friends so what's the point of even sticking up for yourself. I kind of felt bad for the kid, but that didn't mean I was going to show it.

Another kid was Carlos Garcia. The one who has no group at all. It didn't really faze me why these to weren't friends but it is what it is. Carlos was a ball of energy, you either liked it or you didn't. Most people didn't. He didn't have the best ideas either, actually the kid was pretty stupid. But it was kind of cool that he was a dare devil.

The last kid I mostly pick on is James Diamond. I know he was with the popular crowd but we can pick on those kids too. Usually he had his crew to help him but when he didn't I would do something about it. He was known as the High School heart throb. The guy every girl wants to date and what every guy wants to be. Maybe that's why I didn't like him.

So it was the first day of High school which was the worst day of my life, or was it?

I arrived at school looking for my friends, the hockey group. There was mostly 5 of us that stayed together. Lucas, Calvin, Jordan, Brandon, and me. We stuck together threw everything but maybe not anymore. When I walked in a saw the guys together they already had someone else with them. I knew who it was too. It was Byron the kid that's always hated everything I do and i've always hated him back.

I walked towards my group of friends to see what was going on.

"Hey guys... What's he doing here?" I asked.

"More like what are you doing here." Byron said and my friends laughed.

"No seariously what's going on?" I said.

"Your out! Get lost Knight!" Brandon said.

"Yeah! We have a new leader now." Lucas scowled.

The other two guys Calvin and Jordan looked at me with apologie but didn't say anything because they knew they needed to keep there reputation.

I walked away headed to my first class. I thought I'd be the only one there but I forgot about Logan.

I decided I'd be nice to the kid for a change, considering I just lost my reputation to Byron.

"Hey Logan." I said politley.

"Oh sorry do you want to sit here?" He said quickly getting up and moving away.

"No, Can't a guy just be friendly?" I asked.

"Ummm... Well considering it's you i'm talking to I'm not really sure." He said a little scared.

"Just trying to be nice." I said under my breath and sat in the back row away from Logan.

I started to copy the notes on the board when I noticed someone sitting next to me.

I looke up and it was Logan. He never sat in the back.

"Mind if I sit here?" He asked.

"Not at all." I said smiling.

We talked and found out that we had nothing in common. Except that Logan liked hockey too...
Could this be the start of a new friendship? I thought.

Sorry for the short chapter but it is my first chapter so relax!