Back When Chapter 6: Slushies

Kendall's POV:

I don't know if it was going to be easy telling Carlos and Logan that this guy that I've always hated is now like a friend or not. I mean they liked him at one time but that's because he didn't bullie them. What was it going to be like if I told them James would come over with us too.

I was at James house and woke up early in the morning. I couldn't stay at James house but I knew Logan was up this early so I decided to run to his house.

I left a not on James door saying I had a good time and we should hang out more often. Then I grabbed my stuff and took off running. It was raining and I was getting drenched. Luckily Logan's house was 5 minutes away if I ran.

By the time I got there I was out of breath and bairly had enough energy to knock on the door but I managed it. Someone opened the door right away and I was guessing it was Logan's mom.

"Hi Mrs. Mitchell. I'm Kendall Logan's best friend and I was wondering-" She cut me off.

"Come in sweetie your getting soked in the rain and I wouldn't want you to catch a cold." She said sweetly. "Logie your friends here to see you!" She shouted to Logan who I was guessing was in his room. I chuckled when she said Logie.

"Mom stop calling me that! It's embarassing!" Logan said coming down the steps. "Kendall. Hi!"

"Hey Logie." I chuckled.

"Shut up Ken doll!" Logan chuckled this time.

"Nice come back." I smiled.

"It's what I do." Logan said making me laugh. "Carlos is up stair sleeping, I was going to see if you could come but when I called your house your mom said you were out."

"Yeah, I was with a... with a friend I guess." I said awkwardly.

What was Logan, my best friend, going to say about me being with James?

"Oh, do I know him?" He asked. I could tell he was getting suspicous.

"Yeah. You could say that." I knew was on to me.

"That's cool. What's his name?" He asked.

"Umm... Diego. He's pretty cool." Ok so maybe I lied but Diego is James in spanish but Logan didn't need to know that.

"Oh I don't think I know him, we should hang out." He smiled.

"Yeah, maybe." I smiled back awkwardly.

"Hey since Carlos is sleeping we should maybe study some spanish homework." Logan said. I knew he loved school and I guess spanish is an ok class so I agreed.

"Sure Logan." I smiled. I followed him up to his room.

"Here practice trying to wake Carlos up." Logan said.

"Ok. Ummm, Carlos Garcia se despierta a vagabundo perezoso!(Carlos Garcia wake up you lazy hobo)" I laughed.

"Did you just call him a lazy hobo?" Logan asked.

"Maybe." I chuckled as Carlos started waking up.

I whispered something into Logan's ear. A plan I had to trick Carlos.

"Hey guys what are you doing?" Carlos asked.

Here's where my plan started.

"Yo no hablo Ingles.(I don't speak English)" I said in a fluent spansih accent.

"Logan what's going on?" Carlos said freaking out a little. I nodded to Logan.

"Carlos pensaba que eran mexicanos, no hablas espanol?(Carlos I thought you were Mexican, don't you speak Spanish?)" Logan said looking serious.

"Well yeah but Kendall said he doesn't speak English." Carlos told Logan.

"Estamos jugando contigo Carlos! No te puedo decir?(We're messing with you Carlos! Can't you tell?)" Logan asked.

"Yeah Carlos, see I can still speak English." I chuckled.

"Idiotas! Yo te voy a matar por hacer eso!" Carlos finally spoke Spanish.

"Chill Carlitos! It was just a joke, plus we needed to work on our Spanish." I told him.

"It wasn't funny to me! Kendall scared me half to death." Carlos sighed.

"Hey I know something that'll cheer you up!" I smiled.

That got Carlos excited. "What?" He asked.

"Logan's mom calls him Logie." I said making Carlos crack up with laughter.

"Kendall!" Logan complained.

"Chill little Logie." I smiled.

"I will chill after- oh God! We have ten minutes to get to school!" Logan exclamied.

"Great I can't be tardy again or I'll get a detention." I said.

Logan quickly threw Carlos some clothes. Logan and I were already dressed so we made Carlos hurry so we could run to school.

We ran as fast as we could finally making it 3 minutes before the first bell.

I walked in the school. Everyones eyes were on me. What was going on?

I slowly started walking to my locker when I was stopped by a bunch of girls and guys.

"Heard you were hanging out with James yesterday." One said.

"No where did you hear that from?" I asked nervous.

Then I saw the hockey team walk up to me. They looked angry.

They threw slushies in my face. One by one. It was freezing and some got in my eyes and it burned, making me drop to the ground.

I thought everything was over until i felt I giant bucket of water being dumped all over me.

My life was over. I was now what you call "The outcast".

How could this happen in just one short amount of time? I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom.

I never felt so weak in my life. I looked at myself in the mirror. Drenched. Slushies covered my clothes and drenched my hair. It was barly visible that my hair was blond.

I turned on the water washing my face. I felt like crying because I, Kendall Knight, had just been bullied.

Logan's POV:

I was getting scared. Kendall hadn't come to class and it was already 30 minutes into the lesson. Where could he be? He always protected me in this class from all the people that use to bully me. I was afraid it would start back up again.

Of course I was right I got a note passed to me by no one in particular.

It read:

Why don't you just die already? No one wants you here. Not even Knight. Be smart nerd and just die. -from everyone in this class

I looked at it and it made me want to cry. I crumpled it up and threw it.

"Mr. Manning, can I be exused?" I said blurting it out in the middle of him teaching.

"Sure Logan." He said exusing me.

I ran to the bathroom but heard sobbing from the inside. Who was in there? Why were they crying? Well I was about to find out.

I slowly opened the door and surprised by what I saw.

Kendall. Balled up in the corner. Drenched. Bawling his eyes out.

"Kendall?" I asked.

He slowly looked up. "Go away." He cried.

"Buddy, what happened?" I asked.

"I-I don't wa-anna t-talk about it." He shivered.

"How long have you been in here?" I was worried about Kendall. He doesn't open up about his problems often.

"S-since I g-got here." He stuttered. I could tell he was frightened to come out.

"We have to tell someone." I said.

"No! Don't s-say anything L-Logan." He was scared of something.

"Well if we can't tell anyone you might want to change so you don't get hypothermia or frost bite." I said conserned.

"I d-don't have anything else." He stuttered once again.

"I have stuff in my locker in case this ever happens to me." I said.

"Thanks Logan, f-for everything." Kendall smiled lightly.

I made him stay in the bathroom while I rushed to my locker for some clothes. At least I didn't have something nerdy. I grabbed a sky blue plain t-shirt and some dark blue jeans.

I rushed back to Kendall in the bathroom and shoved him in one of the stalls.

He came out looking almost as good as new. His hair still soaked and a mess but other than that he was fine.

"Here's a blow dryer for your hair." I said handing it to him when he came out.

He quickly rinsed his hair to get the last of what looked like slushie out and dried his hair.

He looked normal again. His white vans lightly stained with red dye. His hair was dry and perfect as usual. The clothes dry and fit perfect. Kendall was happier. It showed in his emerald green eyes. He was thankful that he had a good friend like me.

"Thanks Logan. I probably would of been in here all day if you wouldn't of found me." Kendall laughed at himself.

"We better get back to class, the bells going to ring in 10 minutes. It's good you only missed 40 minutes of class time but I've missed 10 and the teachers going to wonder where I am." I worried.

"Chill Logan, we'll explain after class." Kendall said making me calm down.

We walked to our first class in silence. All eyes on us when we walked in the class room.

I quickly took my seat and Kendall went up to explain why he was late. By the time he was done explaining the bell rang and both are next class was a free peirod.

Kendall's POV:

I rushed out of the class room just to be away from everybody. Did it hurt now that I was an outcast? Of course it did.

I was walking no where in particular, I guess the library would be a quiet place.

I was walking thinking everything was ok for now until I was slapped on the back of the head and people started saying rude stuff.


"No one wants you here!"

"Your so ugly!"

Remarks that were never told to me before. I just about ran out of the school instead.

Where was I going? Where I always go when I'm sad, angry, just need a friend. The cemetary. I was going to visit my dad's grave. The only place that made me happy.