Uneasiness spreads throughout her body. Every tip of it tingles with nervousness. Her lungs capture a gasp about to be released. She swallows down the building saliva in her mouth, and continues to witness the horror in front of her. -

A shot to the head. He could've sworn he heard Nikita mutter something. Out of the corner of his eye, he senses Nikita shifting her weight uncomfortably from one foot to another.
And then a direct shot for her abdomen. Eternal bleeding would occur soon enough, and she'd wither away, at his hands. Nothing can hold her back this time. She can't help but hold back a desperate cry before he pulls the trigger. The truth slowly comes out, as the man with bruises on his knuckles and ripped clothes approaches her, while putting his gun back into his holster. She can't help but think how hot he looks.

"What?" he says roughly, obviously rejected by the strangely odd look on his recruits face

. "Nothing," she mutters, trying to whisk away the thought.

He turns his head away for a second, hoping he could hide his oblivious shame.

"Target down."

She looks up to him, in utter conflict and dismay, as he continues to inform Percy, the devil himself, that the targets down... That the target had a little kid. A girl. Who was now dead. And gone. She feels a wave of nausea wash over her, and regains her composure as quickly as it hits. His face questions her, but she shakes it off as nothing. He places a hand on the small of her back, and leads her back into the black SUV, leaving her completely mortified, and paralyzed.

"Now you know who we are... What I am," he whispers, as his last words, before leaving her alone in her miserable thoughts. She can't help but think... I'm in love with a killer.

Hope you liked it. Yes, I know, it's a bit confusing. Basically, it's a little drabble I decided to write. Early Division days. Nikita is now in love with Michael. He senses the danger it could stirr up. So he takes her on a kill mission. He shows her what he is capable of. So he kills the Gogol double agent + the new found little daughter, hoping to scare Nikita. Does that clear it up a bit? =P Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Reviews make my day, so hope you find the will to click that lil button ;)

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