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A heavy fog appeared and the temperature dropped. Out of the fog, a figure in a black cloak appeared. Arthur could see their face.

"A-Are you the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?"

No response.

"You're going to show me what's going to happen if things continue like this."

No response.

"Y-You're scary as hell... But you are also a guest. I'll try my best to be p-polite... Won't you speak to me?"

No response.

"Um... Lead the way."

The room faded once again. They were in the middle of London. There were business men chattering. When the ghost pointed at a group of businessmen, Arthur listened in on them.

"No, I don't know much about it, either way," the big man with the cigar said. "I only know he's dead."

"When did he die?" the Spanish man asked.

"Last night, I think."

The Italian man scoffed. "What the hell happened? I thought he'd never die!"

The man with the cigar shrugged. "Hell if I know."

"What did he do with his money?"

"I don't know. Left it to his company, probably. Because I know I didn't get it."

The three men laughed.

"It probably going to be the cheapest. Funeral. Ever."

The Spanish man tilted his head to the side. "Por que?"

"No one would come... Hey, what if we volunteer for it?"

"I don't mind going if a lunch is provided."

They all laughed again.

"I might as well set it up. I may not have been the guy's friend, but I doubt anyone else would."

The men walked off. It left Arthur full of pity and confusion.

"Who were they talking about?"

No response.

Arthur blinked. Suddenly he was in a graveyard.

"Why are-"

The figure pointed over to two people crying over a grave. Arthur examined them and the color drained from his face. It was Yao and his sister, Mei. Mei was sobbing into Yao's shoulder.

"No..." Arthur said. "No... Not Kiku..."

"He's not the only one, da?"

The ghost spun Arthur around to another grave. The name 'Arthur Kirkland' was carved into the stone.

"No... No!"

"Da." The ghost's hood fell off. The pale-haired man grinned. "This is what happens to those like you."

"I'm not like that anymore! I've changed! Honestly! Why would you show me this if I'm beyond hope?"

The ghost's grin faded a bit.

"I can promise you, I will change this. This will not be my future! I learned my lesson!"

The ghost smiled. "That's what I wanted to hear."

Smoke swirled around them both.


Arthur looked around. He was in his house again. No ghosts, no decorations, nothing strange. Just his house.

"I'm back..." Arthur let out a laugh. "I'm back! Thank you, Francis! I've learned my lesson! Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!"

Arthur ran to the window and opened it wide. The sunlight washed over him, and it felt great.

He looked at the street to see the blonde boy that saw him what seemed like ages ago.

"You there!" Arthur called out.

"Y-Yes?" the trembling boy answered.

"What day is it?"

"I-It's Christmas, sir!"

He didn't miss it! The ghosts didn't make him miss it! "Can you do me a favor?"

"W-What sort of favor, sir?"

"Do you know Hedervary's? At the corner?"


"Do you know if she sold the turkey in the window yet?"

The boy's eyes widened. "The one as big as I am?"

"Yes, boy!"

"It's still there."

"Go buy it."


"Tell them to bring it here! I'll give them directions once they get here! If you get it here, I'll give you a shilling! If you come back here within 5 minutes, I'll give you a half-a-crown!"

That boy ran like the wind.

"I'll give it to Yao." Arthur said as he went downstairs. "I bet they will all be happy."

When he got downstairs, the female store owner was already at the door. She would need a cab to carry that turkey all the way to Yao's. Arthur paid for the turkey, the cab, and the boy.

Arthur got dressed and practically skipped out the door. The people were out on the streets. Arthur had a huge smile on his face as he told every person he passed 'Merry Christmas'. He saw the familiar faces of the carolers and strolled over.

"Merry Christmas, fellows!"

They all stared at him as if he grew a second head. "Mr. Kirkland?" Toris asked.

"Yes. That's my name. I'm afraid I wasn't very polite to you yesterday. I'm sorry. I would like to make a donation."

Feliks looked at Toris. "Is it 2012 already, Toris?" he whispered.

"How much would you like to donate?"

Arthur smiled and whispered it into their ears. If they weren't shock before, they were now.

"Oh my..." Eduard managed to said.

"OMG, he's totally serious."

"If you please. Nothing less. Will you do me that favor?"

"Of course, sir!" Toris said.

"Thank you!" Arthur continued on his merry way toward Alfred's house.

Feliks smiled and looked at his friends. "And some say his heart grew, like, 3 sizes that day."

"This isn't the Grinch, Feliks."


After many needed donations and general good deeds, Arthur practically ran to Alfred's house. But when the door opened, it was just Michelle.

"Um... Hi, Arthur. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, Michelle!" He ignored his sister's surprised look. "Is Alfred home?"

"Yes. He's in the dining room with Matthew."

"Lead the way!" Once his sister lead him to the dining room, he asked, "Alfred?"

Alfred looked up at Arthur. Almost no recognizing him due to the cheery smile on his face. "Artie?"

"I'm here to have that Christmas dinner with the family!"

Everyone raised an eyebrow. "Sure, Artie. 'Course you can join us!"

Next morning...

Yao was late. It was 48 minutes past 9. He was very late.

Arthur had arrived early to the bank that morning. Just to see Yao run in late.

"Yao," Arthur said in his usual harsh tone. "You're late."

"I'm very sorry, aru. I lost track of time."

"I can see that. Come here, Yao."

The Chinese man nervously stepped up to the Englishman.

"I'm not going to stand for this sort of thing any longer, Yao." He could see Yao trembling, and a smile came upon Arthur's face. "...So I'm going to raise your salary."

Yao looked up at him in shock. "...What?"

"Merry Christmas. I'll raise your salary, and help you with your family. We can talk it over some tea this afternoon."

After this Christmas, Arthur became a different man. He was kinder, he was generous, he became a good man. Some thought his change was good, some laughed at 'what the hell happened to Kirkland'. But he was enjoying himself, more than he ever did. And his friend, Francis, was smiling down at Arthur. Wherever he was wandering.

The End.


"...and that is how England became such a Christmas-y nation!" America finished.

All of the nations at the Christmas party gave him blank looks.

"Ok, I know that did not happen."

"I don't even celebrate Christmas, aru."

"America-san, how come I had to be Tiny Tim?"

England just sighed. "Merry Christmas, you git..."

"Merry Christmas, everyone!"

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Happy Holidays, everybody!