Summary: "When Jade and I fight, I wait until she finally gets frustrated enough to drop the subject for a little while and I listen to a playlist of songs that remind me of why we're together. By the time I'm finished, we're back to fine. It's how I remember why I love her so much."

"How could you be any more stupid?" Jade yelled as she stormed into the entrance of Hollywood Arts, making most of the kids jump with surprise. This was a great wake up call.

"You really expected me to remember that you wanted a completely different coffee order today than you do normally? I'm sorry, but I don't see what's so bad about it. Is this really worth another fight?" Beck called back as he walked in time with her footsteps.

"Oh no... it's too early for this," Tori said, closing her eyes and throwing her head back. Unfortunately, the gang was gathered on the floor by her locker. Andre sat up a little straighter as the couple got closer. He was always ready for a ridiculous fight that passed between the couple almost every day. Robbie and Rex were busy dealing with their own fight.

Luckily, the one who had the issue with the fighting had blasting headphones in her ears, with her eyes closed in her little fantasy world. Cat was dancing in her seat with her back to the two as Jade finally reached them. She sat down next to Tori, and instantly snatched the coffee out of her hand, taking a slip.

"I can always count on Tori to have some funky coffee," Jade said, swishing the contents of the paper cup around to mix it up a bit more before drinking again.

Beck slid in next to her. As she swallowed and lowered the cup to the floor between her legs, he turned her face. "Stop being mad at me."

Her eyes shot back and forth to the deep brown ones that were staring intensely into hers. "No."

The bell sounded as a sigh escaped his lips. Jade got up quickly, wrapping her backpack strap over her shoulder before reaching down and grabbing Cat by the arm. She screamed quickly but realized what was happening. As she struggled to get up, she waved a goodbye while Jade continued to pull.

Tori, Andre and Beck all rose together, as Tori watched Jade escape their vision she spoke, "how can you possibly put up with her crazy mood swings."

Andre and Beck laughed whole heartily while they began walking to their first period, Tori chased after them. "Why're you laughing about that? You seemed upset earlier."

"Eh. We fight. This is how we work. Besides, this fight's about coffee. Nothing too serious."

"Yeah, there's no way around it." Andre joked. Beck shoved him slightly before they walked into their English class. Beck's phone went off in his pocket as soon as he sat down.

"Mr. Oliver, I suggest you turn your phone off before the final bell rings or it will be mine," the grumpy, old teacher spoke, hardly looking up at the incoming class. It wasn't their normal teacher, Judy, but the sub that went by Mr. Johnson. He doesn't care about the class, so for about two hours, the students would have a free period.

Beck reached into his outer pocket of his backpack before placing it on the ground, grabbing his cellphone and holding down the vibrate key. He opened the blinking message on the screen, "I can't believe you."

He couldn't help but smirk.

"And now all is well," Tori said in exasperation.

"Not exactly. She's still pissed," Beck explained, shoving his phone back into his pocket. "But it doesn't matter. We'll be fine."

"Like I said before, Jade and Beck shouldn't work, but they want to." Andre spoke while reaching into his backpack, pulling out a Dunkin' Donuts bag. He chomped away on the frosty, fried, donut.

"But why? Why don't you get tired of her? I would!"

"I would." Andre spoke with a full mouth, causing Tori to look at him with disgust.

"Stay away from Jade, okay?" Beck told Andre, jokingly, of course.

"Anyway, back to your attempt at convincing me that you're perfect for Jade, even though you always fight and seem to hate each other," Tori stated, taking her phone out before setting it on her desk. If the teacher wasn't watching, there was no chance of taking it away.

"I can't really explain it without it, so," Beck stated, digging into the back pocket of his jeans, taking out his iTouch and handing Tori a headphone. She still listened as she shoved the plastic in to a snug fit. "Whenever Jade and I have a bad fight, I always listen to this playlist that started back when we began dating in middle school up until the one I added about a week ago."

"You've been dating since middle school? I though you've only been together for a year or so?" Tori questioned as Andre took the other ear piece from Beck and copied her lead with the headphone.

"I think you're thinking of yourself," Andre said, "because you got here a year ago. Jade and Beck were dating long before that. I remember they started off tenth grade together, but at the end of freshman year, you weren't together."

"In other words, eight grade, we dated for half a year, then broke up, then got to be good friends, then got together, now we're here," he took a sip from his coffee once more before setting it on his desk. "And before you ask, it will all be explained during the songs."

"It's not boring either, he makes it interesting," Andre added.

"You've done this?" Tori asked, raising an eyebrow at her friend.

"About four times. Everyone's gone through it, because everyone tries to tell them they don't work," he said.

"Anyway, we've got stories to get through," Beck said, snapping his fingers.

"How many cups of coffee have you had this morning?" Tori picked up his almost empty cup and swirled it around in her hand. "There's almost nothing in here."

"There was a long line this morning. They messed up my order twice. I had three cups, that's my forth." Beck stated, his knee bumping up and down slightly.

"This is gonna be great," Andre laughed, rubbing his hands together. "Press play, bro."

Beck pressed the button and the sounds of an old tune filled her ears:

"She's cold and she's cruel, but she knows what she's doing. She pushed me in the pool at our last school reunion..."

AN: I know the fight in the beginning was stupid, but I just needed something to fill in for a fight. I hope these songs, and these chapters please you and your ears. :)