"Ino~ I don't know if I should go through with this..."

"Don't worry about anything girly, from what Sakura said he's gentle." Ino smirked at the glare that was thrown her way and continued curling the ebony hair in her hands. "Hinata...Stay still!"

"I don't care if she got to him first..." Hinata tilted her head toward her chest, "I'm just glad I have him now—OW!"

Ino giggled to herself,"I told you to stay still. But still, arn't you a little curious about what this night might bring you?"

Hinata held her hands together under her chin and sighed .Of course she was, she had only been dreaming of this night since she was 15 and now after all this time... "Of course..." She whispered.

Ino slid a red studded hair clip in between two ringlets and smiled. "Wallah! All finished! Look—you're beautified." She turned Hinata around in her seat and watched as her friend stared in wonder at herself. Ino nodded, yeah she was that awesome. "Sooooo...Do you like?"

Hinata stared open mouthed in the mirror and nodded slowly. "Y-yeah..."

"Good-" Ino reached over and grabbed a slinky red dress off the bed and tossed it into Hinata's lap. "-Now, go get sexyfied!" She said as she nudged the shy woman toward the bathroom. "Hurry up, you've only got and hour till it's Naruto-time!"

(Two hours later)

"I just can't believe you let Ino, of all people, mess with your hair!"

Hinata smiled and nodded shyly between a mouthful of cinnamon buns. "Yeah, me either." She said after she swollowed. "D-does it look nice, N-naruto-kun?"

Naruto smiled brightly and nodded, "Of course Hina-chan, I was just surprised. I mean, when I first saw you it was like BAM! And I was just like Woah!" He rubbed the back of his head and laughed nervously when Hinata ducked her head down and blushed crimson. "Hey...Hinata..."


Naruto pushed a lock of hair behind her ear and smiled at her. "You really do look amazing tonight, I'm really glad you decided to come out with me again."

Hinata blushed again before smiling, "Thank you. I'm glad I am too..." Her eyes widened slightly before closing as Naruto leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. "Naruto...kun..." She whispered as his hand came around to cup the back of her neck. Hinata remembered the first time they had kissed and every single time after that. They were engraved into her brain.

"Hinata...Are you ready to go to my place?" Naruto asked as they pulled apart. Hinata nodded and Naruto took her hand to lead her to his apartment...