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Yamamoto gazed at Naruto's new form, but mostly at the black nodachi that was sheathed at his waist.

"That sword." Said Yamamoto.

Naruto's left hand touched the grey hilt of the sheathed nodachi. "Yes, this sword, the reason why Soul Society had taken me to the Muken. After all these years you see it again but don't worry old man, like I promised you, I'm not going to use it."

As he said this he remembered that trial.


Naruto sat before the Central 46 bound in his chair his zanpakutou in his Bankai state. The two blades one white, the other black. He kept his eyes on them as he heard the voices of his zanpakutou in his head. It was always disconcerting to hear two voices. When his zanpakutou was sealed there was only one, however, fully released brought out two.

One of the voices was crying, the winter sword, the white blade. It pleaded him to take her back into his hands, her voice made his heart jerk. The other voice raged against those who dared separate her from her master, the darkness sword, the black blade. It swore to kill anyone until it went back to her owner's hands.

"Uzumaki Naruto." Called one of the forty-six. "You are here today to explain why one of your swords gives off the reiatsu of a hollow."

Naruto gaze was cold as ice. His gaze was serious and did not betray any emotion. "My zanpakutou has always been like that. Ever since the beginning my soul has been exposed to darkness and ice."

"That does not explain the evil presence of the sword. No normal soul has that kind of putrid power inside them." Said another person of the counsel.

"Then let me explain. When I was born, on that night a demon attacked village, wreaking havoc and destruction. That demon had been previously sealed inside of my mother, and it was passed on to me. Because of this demon I was ignored by the village, nobody would help for anything. When I was an adult, people wanted the demon I contained and they used any means to get it. There was a war, in which I fought in I killed the leader of the enemies side but not before he took me with me.

The next thing I know I wake up in Soul Society with a zanapakutou already in my hands. The spirit of my sword told me, years later, that my soul had actually taken months to arrive to Soul Society. In those months, from my soul emerged the spirit of my zanpakutou and it fought against the demon that had become a hollow and was still inside me. My zanpakutou spirit one but at a price, it consumed the hollow. That is why my Bankai splits into two swords, because the spirit does as well."

There was a shift in the air, the counsel was eerie quiet. Naruto closed his eyes and waited for his punishment. He knew that what he had told them had probably made it worse than before. His suspicions were proven correctly and the one who appeared to be the leader of the counsel shouted at him.

"You monster, you corrupted a zanpakutou!" Apparently he didn't get that it was not his fault. "For this kind of villainous act I punish you to the Muken and you will stay there until for whatever reasons, the Soul Society needs you."

The man continued, now ordering the guards. "Take him away! You, over there take the zanpakutou the twelfth division!"

Naruto was tugged to his feet and shoved out of the common room, however, before he left he stopped and looked back at the Central 46. His blue slitted eyes taking an ominous gleam. "You are corrupted, one day you are going to piss someone off, the wrong person, and then they will kill you. As I lay in the Muken I will not suffer for I know that your death is certain in the future."

He turned back and continued to walk, leaving many nervous counsel men behind not knowing how true the prediction would be.


To Uzumaki Naruto, it felt good to be in Bankai. It had been a long time since he felt as such full power but more importantly the connection to his companions was back. The zanpakutou's spirit is something that is always with their shinigami, but without the zanpakutou, it is almost impossible to feel them. So when Naruto felt the two spirits inside him, he felt euphoria.

Mugen Yosamu, we are finally back together completely….

Naruto-kun. Whispered the winter.

Master. Purred the darkness.

Naruto focused back to the Sotaicho who was still in a ready position. Naruto glanced at the dancing flames which were almost imperceptibly coming closer to him. Naruto swiped the white blade and a cold wind that was accompanied by frost cut through the flames. Then Naruto appeared by Yamamoto and sliced at his back. The winter blade was intercepted by the fire covered sword. However the flames started to diminish and bits of frost started appearing.

Naruto's eyes stared at the captain-commander's and he smiled, though it only showed by the closing of his eyes. Yamamoto eyes widened as he felt a presence behind him and the cold touch of Naruto's blade behind him. Yamamoto flashed stepped farther away. He looked at his previous position. There were two Naruto's, one with blood on his sword, and the other one standing completely still with his eyes shut. The latter Naruto suddenly dispersed into snow.

Yamamoto felt the blood escape his shoulders. Even though he did not look at it, he knew there was frost in that wound and it would not melt until Naruto's Banaki was sealed. "I had forgotten about that technique…what was its name again?"

"Fuyu Bushin (Winter Clone)" muttered Naruto. The winter clone was a use of reiatsu that maintained ice, snow, and wind in the form of a clone that was able to defend, attack, and distract an opponent.

Naruto flickered from view suddenly, appearing in front of the elder man. He swung his zanpakutou horizontally then stabbed at Yamamoto. The soutaicho stepped back to dodge the horizontal swing and blocked the stab with Ryujin Jakka. They struggled with each other, Naruto holding his blade with one hand, while the soutaicho used two.

Naruto flashed stepped a distance away, swung his zanpakutou while whispering words Yamamoto could not hear. From the white blade came a barrage of crystal dust. Yamamoto dodge and turned striking at the Naruto that appeared behind him only to feel a blade cut deeply into the other shoulder. The old man turned and slashed only to see nothing behind him. This time a cut appeared a on his arm. Yamamoto snarled and unleashed a typhoon of flames that surrounded him. The flames disappeared showing Naruto miles away. The blond was signed; smoke coming from his front and the right white detached sleeve was burnt but still intact.

Naruto was still smirking at him, though the old man could not see it, he could sense it and the old man's gaze went to the white blade as it twitched at the old man's blood stained the floor. "Koori Squish Shankar (Ice crystal Mirage) is mainly an illusionary technique. The crystal dusts I unleash are used to reflect light and make you see whatever I wish for your eyes to witness."

Then Naruto's eyes turned cold. "I'm stronger than you Yamamoto-soutaicho, so it would be best if you yield."

Yamamoto did not waver. "Don't get cocky brat, I still have not used my Bankai."

"And you forget that I still have one sword sheathed, old man."

"That sword is only allowed to be used against Aizen, that was our agreement and you have never witnessed my Bankai."

Naruto stayed silent for a minute. "Very well, you may have a point but I want to finish this match, so I'm going to take this to a whole other level. Make sure you don't die old man." Naruto's reiatsu flared and the temperature dropped.

Ice started to surround Yamamoto more and more. Taking shape of mirrors. Suddenly the old man found himself in a dome of Ice mirrors. Naruto walked towards one and entered it. Millions of Naruto's appeared then, reflected in the mirrors. Yamamoto was amazed he had never seen this technique before.

Naruto spoke. "This is a tribute to the person who taught me the real reason of why I should fight. Makyo Hyosho (Demonic Ice Mirrors).

Yamamoto gripped Ryujin Jakka harder but before he could do anything thousands of shallow cuts appeared on his body. Yamamoto gasped; he had not seen any movement at all. He felt another cut appear on his chest and slashed in that direction, he only cut air.

"It's pointless; this technique is tiring for me. But against one or two opponents it is the most deadly technique of my winter blade. You have no chance of catching me." Naruto said. There was no emotion in his voice.

Yamamoto swung his zanpakutou and unleashed fire towards the mirrors. For half a second the ice seemed to start melting but it was not to be it was still frozen solid. "Pointless." Commented Naruto.

"Taimatsu (Torch)." Growled the soutaicho. A fire greater than before came from the blaze. The ice started melting, but before they vanished completely, several more slashes appeared on his body.

Finally the fire dispersed and the ice mirrors were now puddling in the ground. Naruto looked at the battle ground. The Sokyoku hill was burned, wet, and the temperature shifted from hot to cold constantly. Naruto's right arm trembled. His clothes had burned away, leaving him in shorts that reached his knees, no shirt or sleeves. The mask was still intact but badly singed. His body had burns all over and he was gasping.

That took too much energy; it has been a while since I've used Bankai anyway.

He was pleased though that the old man was in a worse condition. Yamamoto had thousands of cuts more shallow than deep-Naruto didn't want to kill him-that ran over his body from his legs to his shoulders. If Naruto had been an assassin on a mission, he would have just lopped his head off. All the cuts had melting frosts on it.

Naruto's knees shook but he maintained his posture and looked at Yamamoto's eyes. The soutaicho stared right back. Just before they were about to dashed towards each other a stern voice spoke.


They looked at the direction the voice had come from. Shunsui, Ukitakie, and Unohana were standing there. They had come quickly after feeling the amount of reiatsu emerged on the Sokyoku hill. They had spoken to the other captain's and had convinced them to stay behind.

Unohana, who was the one to stop the match, continued. "You are both injured. I can guess that this was an evaluation and I believe that you, Soutaicho-dono, have the knowledge you needed. Now, you will both come to the fourth division with me, so that I can take care of your wounds. Is that clear?"

The last question had been spoken sweetly, but a chill went over both men's spine. Naruto showed it more that the soutaicho. Both men nodded and sealed their zanpakutou. Naruto regained his shinigami uniform and haori.

They started walking to the fourth division with Unohana behind them.

"Mah, that Naruto always makes things interesting eh?" said Shunsui.

A small smile slipped unto Ukitake's face. "Ah."


That night….

After arriving to the fourth division, Unohana had assigned Yamamoto and Naruto their rooms and healed their rooms; she had commanded them to stay the night. Naruto took his zanpakutou, which Unohana had so graciously left in his room and put it on his lap. Naruto took the jinzen position and Went to his inner world.

Naruto opened his eyes and looked at the world inside of him. When he was alive and the kyuubi was sealed inside him, the place had taken the form of a maze with the kyuubi's jail and the center of it. After he had died and his zanpakutou had absorbed the hollow kyuubi, the place had changed.

Now his inner world appeared as a forest in the night. There was a constant cold breeze that did not affect Naruto, the trees were black and had no leaves. The sky was black with no moon or starts and the light came from the infinite snow that fell and accumulated in the ground.

He looked at a tree were two forms stood. Naruto recognized them as the spirits of the winter and darkness blade of his Bankai. But he was confused, weren't they supposed to be united back again now that he had sealed up his Bankai?

The two figures had started moving towards him and he, as he always did when he saw them, admired their beauty.

The winter spirit looked like a female version of Haku. She had pale, silky skin, black velvet hair, and the face that would make an angel jealous. Her body was slim, athletic. Her chest was moderate size and she stood at 5'4. She wore a simple white kimono. The only difference was her eyes, which were the color of mercury.

The darkness spirit was just as beautiful, but somewhat unsettling. The reason for this is because she looked just like his mother, Uzumaki Kushina. With dark, long and beautiful red hair and a healthy skin tone. She had a beautiful body-which made Naruto uncomfortable-she wore a black cloak that stopped med thigh, with no sleeves. Her arms were covered by detached black sleeves. Her eyes were completely black, sclera, pupil, and iris.

Naruto suspected she had taken this form, because she knew it would bother him. While the spirit obeyed his complete command, it was still a dark spirit.

Both spirits reached him at the same time and before Naruto could say anything, Winter hugged him and burrowed her face in his chest. Naruto opened his mouth to speak when he felt Darkness turn his head and kiss him on the lips.

He mentally cringed but let it happen. Darkness had chosen to look like his mother to make him as uncomfortable as he could be. It was the only way she had found to torture him. Soon Winter's lips replaced Darkness's and he felt better.

As soon as they separated Naruto had to ask. "How are you two still here, I thought you were only separated when I am in Bankai."

Before they could answer him, however, they both glowed and disappeared. In their place was a younger lady that looked to be 15 years old when the others had looked to be in their early to mid twenty's.

"Yosamu." Naruto called her. The younger girl smiled and without missing a beat answered his question. "The reason they were still there is because they can stay separated for at least thirty minutes after Bankai if you did not use your full power in battle."

"Huh, learn something new every day." He muttered. "Well, I wanted to get reacquainted now that we have the chance, what do you say Yosamu?"

"I would love to!" she chirped happily


Tia Harribel stood outside her quarters looking at the fake sunny sky while her fraccion argued behind her. Aizen-sama had returned to Hueco Mundo to stay this time. Meaning the war was approaching. She wondered what kind of people she would fight.

She also worried, mostly about her fraccion. They were competent if not a rowdy bunch, but they were good people. No matter how much they acted, they cared about each other. She cared for them also. However she knew that the shinigami she would face were going to be powerful and she worried that they might not be strong enough to stand against them. But she would protect them, even if it meant sacrificing herself for them.


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