Chapter 1

Author's Note: Heyyyy! This is my fourth Glee fanfiction but my first Klaine! Which is really weird because I adore adore adore adore adore adore them to death. Darren and Chris do an AMAZING job and Klaine is the cutest couple on this planet. Enough raving. Let me know how I do with writing Kurt-CoBlaine for the first time! :)

One more note, I promise you, then we'll get to the story. So, the Finn/Blaine drama is finally dealt with in episode 8! Before this episode, I read quite a few fanfictions in which Blaine is greatly effected by Finn's rudeness but, in some of them, Blaine broke down crying all the time. I didn't think that that was like Blaine at all. And, I thought that what Glee did for him really did his character justice. So I decided to branch off of that. Set between the outburst and before the Finn/Blaine chat. Here we go!

"I am not for sale!" Blaine exclaimed. Sam immediatly pushed the shorter boy backwards. Blaine, worked up and not about to be outdone, shoved the blonde back, just as hard (if not harder). He was not one who got pushed around easily.

Thankfully, before the whole thing could escalate any more, Mr. Shuester made his way through the other kids, stepped in and seperated the two boys. Sam and Blaine glared at each-other with bright, affronted eyes around their teacher's baracade until Blaine got fed up. Turning on his heel, he exited the room with a hiss of, "Fine, whatever."

There was a moment of stunned silence in which no one knew what to say in order to elevate it. Then, after a few heartbeats of hesitation, the glee club crowded around Sam with their support for him and condensations towards Blaine.

Kurt, however, did not join them. It wasn't that he thought Blaine's argument was justified-he knew that Blaine had stepped way out of line-but he didn't like how the rest of the glee club immediatly shunned his boyfriend as if he was an outsider, as if he didn't belong. Why did no one go after Blaine, who was clearly distressed? Their reaction to this simply proved that what Blaine thought was right; the boy from Westerville felt like he didn't quite belong in the New Directions

Well, Kurt wasn't about to let him run off on his own. Who knows what that boy would do in this state! He got up out of his seat and his exit wasn't noticed by the others until he was nearly at the door.

"Hey Kurt, where are you going?" Finn called after his step brother. Kurt stopped where he was and turned around. Everyone had stopped talking and was looking at him with confused and slightly betrayed expressions, as if they knew where he was going and were ashamed for him.

"I'm going after my boyfriend." Kurt stated, drawing exclamations of outrage from some.

"What?" Tina said vehemently, "After what he just said to Sam?" The others nodded their heads in consent with the Asian girl.

"Yes." Kurt said, then faultered a little. "Look," He said softly, coming towards the group. He tentatively reached out to give Sam a small hug, and was relieved when the blonde returned it. "What Blaine said was way out of line and I don't agree with it one bit, okay?" Sam nodded and Kurt stepped away once more, scanning his gaze over his other friends. "But I have to go after him. I don't expect you to forgive or understand him instantly, but that boy's got a lot of stress on him right now," Kurt couldn't resist sending a look to Finn, "And he lashed out. He needs help too, as well as Sam. So I'm going to find him."

With that, Kurt exited the room, leaving his friends whispering and muttering behind him. As he walked away from the choir room, Kurt couldn't help but think that a line in the sand had been drawn. He had shown to his fellow glee club members and to himself who he would stand by if he faced the choice of taking the side of his boyfriend or his glee club. True, he had been through so much of his life with the New Directions, but when it really came down to the hard stuff-bullying, death threats, self-confidence issues, and loneliness-it had been the New Directions who had stood by and ignored the signs of his distress. It had been Blaine who had taken Kurt under his wing when the older boy had been at his weakest point. And, when they had become a couple, their bond strengthened even more.

How could the glee club not see that Blaine's outburst meant that he was in bad emotional shape right now? Did they not know that the normal Blaine would never say something like that? Did they think that Blaine was a mean person? Because, Kurt knew the real Blaine. And he wanted to figure out why angry Blaine had made an appearance.

Kurt's instincts and his knowledge of his boyfriend's habits led him to the weight room. Whenever Blaine got worked up about something, he always went for a run or played a sport; did something physically demanding to take his mind off of what was bothering him and to blow off steam. This was the closest place where those needs could be met.

The door, covered in scuff marks and crude drawings that the janitor couldn't scrub off, creaked a little as Kurt pushed it open and entered the room. "Blaine?" He called out softly. "Blaine, are you in here? It's Kurt."

There came a soft call from around the corner. "Over here."

Kurt rounded the bend to see Blaine sitting on one of the wooden benches, shoving his arms through a zip-up sweater with jerking movements. He had changed into a wife-beater and sweat-pants and he also had that weird tape-like stuff wrapped around his hands that Kurt associated with punching and sports. Once he got the jacket on, Blaine looked up at his boyfriend. Kurt noticed the tense set of his shoulders and how his curly hair was tousled a little. His deep hazel eyes smouldered as they met Kurt's blue/green ones.

"What are you doing here?" Blaine wasn't speaking aggressively towards the boy in front of him, but Kurt could hear the strain in his voice that was a sign of the pent-up anger.

"I was worried about you." He replied cautiously, moving to stand in front of the small lockers, facing Blaine, who still sat on the bench. "Are you okay?"

"Am I-" The shorter boy cut himself off, scoffing, "No, Kurt, I'm not."

Kurt bit his lip. "Do you want to talk about it?"

With a frustrated noise, Blaine stood up. "I'm so sick of how I feel with those guys! I try so hard to be myself and please them, but those two things just don't seem to mix! I don't fit in there, Kurt." He turned to his boyfriend, who was looking at him with a concerned expression. "Why are you even here, anyway?" He exclaimed, continuing his pacing. "Shouldn't you be in the choir room, comforting blondie?"

"Blaine, please don't do this. They don't hate you."

"Oh yeah?" The curly-haired teen threw his arms in the air. "That's news to me! Because Finn appears to, and he's the leader of the pack, no?"

Kurt took a deep breath, "Blaine, it's not like that. You guys need to talk about it and then maybe-"

"Damn it, Kurt!" Blaine shouted, interrupting him. "I'm so sick of this! I can't take it!"

If he hadn't been ranting, Blaine wouldn't have missed Kurt's sharp intake of breath when the other boy snapped at him. He did hear, however, when Kurt said quietly, "Don't yell at me, Blaine. I'm only trying to help you..."

"Well, you're not!" Blaine shouted and, on complete impulse as he vented his anger, violently punched the red locker beside Kurt. Instinctively, Kurt flinched away from the noise that he had begun to associate with pain, the action that brought forth unwelcome memories. He looked up, startled and frightened, into his boyfriend's eyes.

Kurt watched as Blaine's face transformed from fury into immediate guilt. Even with that observation, Kurt knew that he had to get out of there. He moved from his place against the lockers and walked by Blaine towards the door.

Before he could reach it, the panicked voice of his boyfriend and the desperate grip on his arm forced him to a stop. "Kurt, please, I didn't mean to, don't go!" He sounded so vulnerable that it nearly broke Kurt's heart.

Kurt stayed where he was and didn't turn. He did, however, gently place his hand over Blaine's where it was fisted in the fabric of the arm of his sweater. "I'm not mad at you, Blaine." He said calmly, "And I know that you're not mad at me." He dislodged Blaine's hand and brought it up to his lips, gently kissing his already-bruising knuckles. "But you need to vent out your anger. Get it out of your system and then find me so that we can talk, okay?"

He glanced up long enough to see Blaine nod. Then he gave him a small smile and left the room.

Author's Second Note: So, here I am. Sick. Missing school. Trying to take a nap, but can't get to sleep. Too lazy and tired and sick to move, but have an idea for a fanfiction in my head. So, I type it out on a million text messages that I save in drafts and then later type out on the computer. Yep. There's a sick-day in my life. Please let me know how this fanfiction went!

Take care.
-Patricia Sage