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Burt Hummel was not happy to be woken up at 6:30 in the morning by a knock at the door. Now, it was a very timid knock, and wouldn't have woken him up by itself, but his son had been up for half-an-hour doing God-knows-what with his hair and face, so he was already half-awake when the disturbance came.

He heard Kurt scurry down the stairs and answer it, but both voices were too soft for him to distinguish who it was and what they were saying. Now, Burt was a lovely combination of miffed, tired, and unbearably curious. Who was the person at the door? It seemed like whoever it was had been invited into their home and Burt still didn't know who was alone with his son, under his roof.

Groaning, Burt made the difficult decision to leave his warm flannel sheets, and rose as quietly as he could, so that he wouldn't wake his sleeping wife. Though, Carol, like her son, slept like a rock, so Burt didn't have much to worry about there. Still, it was a sentiment that he went through anyway.

Putting on a blue robe that Kurt had given him for Christmas one year, Burt eased the door open and made his way down the stairs.

As he got closer to the middle floor of the house, Burt heard the hushed voices a little more clear. He recognized the distinctly high voice of his son (because he was eighteen now and it still hadn't changed, both Hummels realized that Kurt was going to keep the voice, and neither of them minded). After a few moments of listening, Burt also recognized the second voice. It was one that, for the last while, had been heard around the Hummel-Hudson household quite a lot. It was a voice that was usually cheerful and polite. Now, however, the voice was anything but cheerful. It sounded damn near broken. It was the voice of Blaine Anderson.

With this realization came a torrent of emotions in Burt Hummel. Mostly, he felt a whole lot of anger. How dare this kid lash out at Kurt only the day before and just waltz in here and talk to him? Kurt was going to forgive him no matter what and Blaine deserved to suffer a little more, to realize the concequences of his unacceptable actions, before he could be forgiven just because he has the endless love of his boyfriend.

When Burt had heard from his son that Blaine had come close to hitting him in a fit of anger, Burt had nearly loaded the shotgun in his truck and rode to Westerville; only the dismayed expression on Kurt's face had made him stay. Now, Burt wasn't sure if he would be able to hold himself back again.

Storming towards the door, about to slam it open and give that kid a piece of his mind, Burt was stopped once again, this time by the voice he was raging against.

Blaine was crying.

Burt stopped his rampage and settled for listening in on their conversation.

"I should never lose control with you like that!" The boy was saying. Damn right, Burt couldn't help but think, wanting to storm in there once more, but held himself back. Because Blaine didn't sound angry at all, just broken, and a part of Burt wanted to hear him out.

"I was so angry, but you were only trying to help and I-"

Then, Burt heard his torrent of words come to an abrupt halt. He didn't know what caused the silence, but then Kurt filled it with comforting words that Burt wanted him to take back. That kid didn't deserve his son's love and forgiveness.

To his surprise, Blaine seemed to subconsciously take Burt's side of the arguement, and the older man stopped his internal ranting to listen to what he had to say. "It won't happen again. Ever. I've decided to look into some anger management classes or something like that. It won't happen again, I promise you."

In that moment, most of Burt's anger ebbed away. Yes, he was still completely pissed that Blaine had lashed out like that in the first place, but the kid seemed to understand the imperitivity that his actions held. What Kurt had said the night before was proven right; there was nothing that Blaine regretted more than doing that to Kurt in a fit of anger. The fact that he immediatly decided to get help about his anger management showed both Hummels that this relationship was probably going to stay a healthy one.

Burt respectively left the doorway and also left the two boys to have their moment. His kid and his boyfriend were going to be alright. With that knowledge, Burt thought that he could maybe actually get a good sleep...it wasn't even seven in the morning, after all!

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